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Lets Play Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Outcast

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Welcome to one of my newest games and my first ever Lets Play!
I'm not very good at this game, and the game won't let me stop and open another window in order to save the screen shot without closing it. This is going to be a long Lets Play.
Moving on!
Contains censored language and stupid humor
Part One


Since I'm to lazy to watch the stupid brief and make a couple of screen shots of it, I'm using just going to tell you the scenario.
Your playing as Kyle, an agent of the New Republic and are about to investigate a possible Remnant (surviving Imperial troops) outpost. In the opening scene you b*** about how this is a "blue milk" run. Then your officer sends you a garbled intercepted message meant for the Remnant leader.
Once you land Jan(your partner) says "Shh, I think I saw someone."
Yeah, I saw someone too after getting off.

I hope that isn't a bad omen

Sorry that it's so dark, It'll get better when we get inside.
After killing two Stormies who were talking about changing stations and taking their rifles, we encounter who's probably the dumbest person in the game(other than Jan), Officer #1, who comes out from the shadows and calls out "Is some one there?"
Of course someone's there, there was f***ing blaster fire.
And to add to his stupidity, he comes out without his blaster drawn.
After brutally electrocuting him with a stun gun (not shown), we go around a corner and spot this:

This gets kind of interesting here.
After we give the Stormie in the center a good shot to the head, we rush in and open fire on his fellow Impreal rapests troopers.

There's also a Stormie on a balcony above(not shown) that keeps moving back and forth and is extremely hard to hit, but when you kill him most of the time he falls on to the platform I stand on with a satisfying faceplant.
Jan, show us how stupid you are.

For those who can't see it well, she is shooting the door with a blaster rifle.
Now we just have to figure out how open that door. Help will be much appreciated.

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Well, I like the game, but it would easier to follow if you had screenshots up =P

Needs moar cowbell

I do have screen shots up.

Oh I see the images now C:

Use the same thing I used in my game post!


Post on Mon Aug 16, 2010 12:31 am by Jonny

I think I had the first one of these games once.

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