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Ok so this is my first blog so lets build a house.

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First off I work with a plumbing company and we are finishing up a huge house. If I thought about it a long time ago I would have pics from the very start, so you are going to have to make do with what I have available.

Somethings you need to know.

This house has been under construction for almost 2 years, it is going to be home to a doctor who is married to another doctor. So this is a really nice house. It is 6 and a half bath pulls over 1,000,000 BTU on natural gas, and it's address is #8, yes #8 the house across the street is #2. So yeah not many houses in this neighborhood. Speaking of neighborhoods, this is a gated community that is located inside another gated community. So they can keep those upper-middle class ruffians off their lawns!


*Added master bed and bath, fireplace in main room and shots of neighborhood and back yard.*

Lets take a tour.

Click to view front and main entrance



Another view of the front, the other house you see was just finished not to long ago.

Right inside the front door, this is the second floor balcony/mezzanine-ish thing

The main entrance from the inside.

Shot from right inside the front door, fyi that is a 30ft ladder collapsed to its 15ft state.

Main staircase to the second floor.

Main fireplace.

Shot of the backyard from main room, note that is going to be a outdoor gas-fired grill.

A very nice view of.......a car-wash.

Click to view kitchen and main dinning.


Kitchen, you can't see it from this angle but the stove is almost commercial sized, sorry it is so dark and you can't see well but lights aren't working yet and that is all black granite.

Another angle on the kitchen.

From where I was standing before, and yes the stove is build right into the cabinet, same with the microwave to. Can you see it?

Another angle, catching the dinning room and bar. See the broom? I didn't get pics of it but it is sitting inside a walk in pantry the size your average bedroom.

The bar!

The main dinning


Ignore the scaffolding please

Just pretend it isn't there.

Another angle.

A small utility room off the main dinning room.

That is about a $350 Delta brush satin nickle kitchen kitchen sink faucet with pull out spray head. Inside the utility room.

Click for, garage and bathroom next to garage.


Just your standard 3 car garage, they could have had more but you know, don't want to go overboard now.

Construction crap stored in the garage, those doors aren't quite ready to be installed yet. They still need molding and are drying from the painting.

This is where those doors are going to hang, I'm guessing some kind of storage closet that happens to require double doors.

A storage room under the other staircase in the house, yes it has another staircase.

Toilet inside the half bath next to the garage, dusty no?

A vessel bowl lavatory with matching faucet. Just run out and get you one from Kraus Faucets it'll set you back about $680.

Close up

Another close up, doesn't it look like a little satellite dish?

Click for guest master bath


The guest master bedroom.

Walk in closet.

Guest shower, there is no tub here in this bath.

Another shot.

Someone order a wrapped toilet?

Click for second floor,


Top of the second set of stairs

Second floor balcony


View from balcony to dinning room.

Door leading into soon to be rec room over the garage, the room is the same size as the garage.

Doors drying in the rec room.

More upstairs with balcony.

That door leads to a second floor patio.

Second floor shot of main stairwell


And more.

Click for second floor bedrooms.


You may not be able to tell from looking at them but these bedrooms share a "middle" room that has a lavatory and the bathrooms are separate from those.

Second story patio

One of my favorite views.

Sorry I moved in these

Could be my favorite room in the whole house.

Click for master bed and bath.


Closet right outside the Master bedroom

Toilet in the master bath, it sits in its own little closet thingy.

Jacuzzi tub, this particular tub will run you close to $2,000

Close up, the tub has been here for better than 6 months so its a little dirty.

Tile work on the master bath floor.

The master shower, I should have taken pics inside it because it is larger than it looks. Opposite or the hand held spray on the opposite wall is 4 adjustable spray heads by Grohe Faucets

The "His" of a his and Hers vanity counter.

"Her" vanity bar. You can see the entrance to her walk in closet.

Some working lights in the bathroom. One of the only (currently) working lights in the whole house.

Inside her walk in closet.

Another angle.

And a fold out ironing board.

His walk in closet,.......notice how it isn't nearly the size of hers.

Peak around the corner.

And another.

Master bedroom *Mexicans not included*

Other shot of master bedroom *Mexicans still not included*

Click for shots of neighborhood


House next door.

Closer shot of the house.

House across the street,.......and CONGRATS TIM!


#5 Under construction, we are not the ones doing the plumbing tho,

And #6

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour of this new home! I'll be sure to try to catch another house from the ground up so you can see plumbing in action!

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Wow, it looks really nice! Also, down with the middle upper class! *waves pitchfork*

That's a beautiful house you worked in, I'd kill for one as nice. *Adds torches to Jonny's pitchfork* Can't wait to see more pics!

Nice house, but I'll save my molotov cocktails for big oppressive international CEO's and such, if you don't mind

how much does it cost to include the Mexicans?


That's so cool! Plumbing's cooler then I previously thought. Can't wait to see more!
(Does this make your part Crocoduck, part Mario?)

It could.....

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