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Born in an underground world and brought up close to her family, little mammoth peaches lived with a herd that consisted of various other kinds of animals, all brought together out of care for one another.

For its sense of adventure with both the personal traits of a mammoth and of a possum, Ice Age fans love it crazily and rush to make a mammoth peaches toy one of their ice age stuffed toys. Both a little mammoth and an adult mammoth are attractive to those fans. The innocent lovely image of the little mammoth is popular for its cute figure and an adult one for its brave characteristics....

by simonlevi - Comments: 2 - Views: 1209
This is a blog I will be writing to describe atheism as I know it and I will do my best to provide a narrative and share my views as well as share my personal experiences. I will provide links to sources and literature. This blog will most likely be under construction for a while so please feel free to ask questions in comments or if you need me to clarify statements you may ask those as well.

Atheism by definition :
Atheism by definition the absence of a belief in deities or god(s)....

by Samiam - Comments: 4 - Views: 579
Hello fellow Apature Science testers! I am deep undercover(as in hidding in an airshaft with a laptop, trying not to make too much noise because Cave was too cheap to even let me have a costume) on a paralle Earth inhabited by praying mantis men(where, saddly, my blueprint for the PTI ended up going).
I'm in need of people to control the robots testing this. The chamber is under development still, and I need it finished and functioning before the company can steal it back to our universe. This is where you, my friends come in. I can't control both of the bots at once, the delay would mess...

by Katls - Comments: 2 - Views: 560
Hello fellow Treehousians(?), someguy here, and this is a nice little blog showing my time over at Rare's wedding! Just a quick heads up: all of these were taken by an Ipod Touch, so don't expect amazing quality. Also, forgive my bad diction and fast talking in the videos. That is how I sound like.

Let's start with the basic: you see this picture?

Blogs Img_0015

Now, then. Burn 326 dollars and stare...

by someguy3657 - Comments: 7 - Views: 1023
HEY I decided to write a blog about some stuff. Feelings and whatnot. Reading it now, after I finished, it turned out pretty introspective and teenagery, but if you still wanna read it, go ahead.
Today I checked out one of my favorite blogs, Hyperbole and a Half(you should read it, it's awesome). The article on the main page right now is pretty inspiring, from a depressive's point of view- not the part about the hate for...

by Ziggles - Comments: 3 - Views: 782
Hello Ladys, Gents, Queens and Overlords, to my newest atempt to make a Let's Play. I'm not a good player, so this game will help me learn to play better.
First part: Game Settings
First I browse the map chain slection. Then I realize that the ladder game is probly all of the maps, so I stat from the begining map, called Dicovery with one oponent throughout the entire ladder: A Terran while playing as a Zerg.
Something weird happened...

by Katls - Comments: 18 - Views: 6660
My sister is pregnant, she'll turn 18 this month.
This is going to get really hard. I appreciate you guys understanding.

by Ziggles - Comments: 12 - Views: 875
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Another game post?

Alright, being a big fan of Rare's pokemon post, I kinda want to do my own "Let's play this game" post. I'm not trying to steal Rare's popularity (I'll never make it anyways), and I know I probably won't be as good as her. I just wanna do one for shits and giggles. However, I wanna know if you guys would mind if I do one.

If you don't mind, please suggest a game I should do. It's best if it follows these 3 rules:

1. Not a Pokemon game. We already have one.
2. It would be best if it's a game with multiple interactions, and the chance to name your character.

by someguy3657 - Comments: 16 - Views: 4470
This diary was found in a wrecked house:

Diary of AwesomeMedic.

October 7, 2009.

I don't know where I am, but its perfect. I decided, after hearing a lot of stories about it, to search for Herobrine. Some stories say that we can see him in the fog or in some mine. Also, its said that he create some weird construction. Anyway I need to build my house.

October 7, 2009.

by AwesomeMedic - Comments: 8 - Views: 2344
Instead of taking up space in the Random Thoughts thread, it might be a wise idea to start up a little blog for things I do!

--Trip to France; 5-part Extravaganza!--

[spoiler](Short Version at End. If it's a bit 'TL:DR' )

So, just to answer 2me's question in the Random Thoughts thread; I got there by train. In fact, several trains!

Firstly, we had a bit of...

by Guest - Comments: 25 - Views: 7271
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DND comics!

welcome to dnd comics!
ladies n gentlemen be amazed by my coloring that does not make sense!
critics are always welcome!
copyright: my dm who doesnt want his name revealed.

Blogs Dnd

NOTE: text is to be read from uppermost to bottom most!

by Tacoline - Comments: 48 - Views: 6538
So, basically, just to outline what this is - for years and years, I have written poetry. Most of this poetry has never seen the light of day, most never gets opened again once I finish writing - so it all seems a bit pointless. Working with friends and other people, I am in the process of putting together a little book of poems called "Tofu Cannot Scream". For this, I need a collaboration of poetic (and graphical) works to include in the book alongside my own work.

Therefore, I am going to use this blog for those who would be willing to submit some material. I cannot guarantee...

by AJ - Comments: 2 - Views: 1131
I decided to add this on the blog section because it would be too long for any other threads.


One night a girl was in her room she was going to sleep in her bed but a bat came and it wasent just a bat it was dracula the hardest vampire on the planet he bited the girl and she to became a vampire so the 2 vampires went in draculas cave it was spouky and dark in there there was a skelleton it was a vampire skelleton because that vampire died by fire and a thig that not a single vampire or personne can thik what it is or...

by someguy3657 - Comments: 5 - Views: 7764
Well as anyone reading this knows, my house caught fire and burned down. Let me try my best to walk you through everything that happened.

Well I was at home on my computer playing gemcraft when I smelled smoke. Not smoke from a cigarette or anything but heavy smoke. I got up to find where it was coming from to see smoke coming from my brother's bedroom. I open the door to see the mattress for his bed is on fire. Not smoking or anything, IT IS ON FIRE. The curtains are on fire to and I am hit with a wall of smoke. I get out of the house and called 911 (like 999 for the UK) I thought...

by Samiam - Comments: 12 - Views: 3396

So, after you guys said I can do this post, and after most of us chose a game, it is time for us to play

Blogs Title_10

I will try to update as often as possible. And yes, the pictures will be this big in my post.

Oh, right, will contain swearing and stupid...

by someguy3657 - Comments: 24 - Views: 9999
For all those looking for a career in the fast pace, constantly evolving customer oriented industry. Lets have a look at how your second street McDonalds is like


First off, McDonalds itself is not a bad company. It does have a lot of opportunity for advancement and marketing. It in and upon itself is very centered on employees. To bad none of that applies here.

So you want to work the Drive Thru,

Customer pulls to the COD (where you place the order) where they are greeted by you the employee. You on the other hand are greeted by a very...

by Samiam - Comments: 9 - Views: 2952
Welcome to one of my newest games and my first ever Lets Play!
I'm not very good at this game, and the game won't let me stop and open another window in order to save the screen shot without closing it. This is going to be a long Lets Play.
Moving on!
Contains censored language and stupid humor
Part One


by Katls - Comments: 6 - Views: 4189
So here it goes, you have all probably noticed I have been absent for a while and for that I appologise. I hope you haven't been missing my dark, distasteful ways too much.

Anyhow, so, basically, after all the bitch ex-girlfriend crap a while ago I got a little depressed and stuff so I haven't really been around to sit on these forums, but you will be glad to hear that I am much better nowwww. I'm hopefully off to Uni at the end of august, I get my results back on the 19th (not long now!!). I've just found another job to help me get some money, working as a cleaner at an old peoples...

by AJ - Comments: 0 - Views: 764
Ok so I am starting another blog in order to show you a house from the ground up. I have nothing for you yet but I might as well get started.

We will be starting with what is called a rough-in. It is where you install the underground plumbing in a house for drainage to the sewer.

by Samiam - Comments: 1 - Views: 1489
Yes, it is the first blog by me! I have been avoiding this altogether but I suppose it is no longer possible.
The reason I have not been active all that much lately is because I am stressed about some things. My grandmother is dying of lung and brain cancer, as you know. Her condition is steadily decreasing and my mother quit her job to move to Colorado and take care of her and my high-maintenance grandfather. I have never liked either of my grandparents and as I find out more about them I find myself despising them, not helped by the fact that my mother is forced to move away from her husband...

by Ziggles - Comments: 4 - Views: 1335
First off I work with a plumbing company and we are finishing up a huge house. If I thought about it a long time ago I would have pics from the very start, so you are going to have to make do with what I have available.

Somethings you need to know.

This house has been under construction for almost 2 years, it is going to be home to a doctor who is married to another doctor. So this is a really nice house. It is 6 and a half bath pulls over 1,000,000 BTU on natural gas, and it's address is #8, yes #8 the house across the street is #2. So yeah not many houses in this neighborhood....

by Samiam - Comments: 7 - Views: 3779
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Ranty ranty rant.

Ranty Ranty Rant.

I have had such a crap day, I can't not even begin to find any way to release so, so I'll write an endless blog thing to let off steam and hopefully gain a few ounces of sympathy. Firstly, I would go out and play sport, go on a run or whatever I'd usually do, but I pulled my hamstring playing football at the weekend so I am basically a cripple for the time being.

Right, here's the background, basically, there's this girl I love, a lot. We were together nearly...

by AJ - Comments: 11 - Views: 1124
I was looking over some of my old books, and I picked up my copy of Betrayal, by Harold Pinter. It's a play about three people who have various affairs. It is also quite possibly the dreariest, most boring and pointless book imaginable. I suppose it's the type of play that takes most of its drama from implicit understandings and messages. But as is often the case, I feel as if I'm searching for messages that might not even exist and so as a result the whole thing just comes across as dull, dull, dull.

However, this is a play that was met with critical acclaim, and the writer won the...

by Jonny - Comments: 0 - Views: 616
It's now 7:30 AM local time, 1:30 PM at home and I'm in Washington DC
I can't talk much right now because I have to go soon.
Arrived yesterday (We got quickly through immigration (although my dad tried to fill in the required forms several times, he failed constantly until I had to do it))
I report about today and more about yesterday later

by Packie - Comments: 6 - Views: 770
So, this blog is in the running for Oddest Blog Post of all time. But I have never been entirely satisfied with any version of Alice in Wonderland. I thought about this blog post because Alice in Wonderland is out on DVD now, and I went to go and see it on my birthday at the Imax, and I remember how disappointed I was with it. Still, it's OK because I got Fantastic Mr Fox which more than made up for the day.

Anyway, on a superficial level, I like Alice in Wonderland very much. The mad tea party, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen and her army of playing cards are wonderful. Upon closer scrutiny,...

by Jonny - Comments: 1 - Views: 955
Gah, so I'm frantically going over everything that I've revised for my exam tomorrow. I have been so stressed you would not believe.
Still, let me forward you this email I got after putting a query to my teacher on the exam.


by Jonny - Comments: 2 - Views: 794
Apparently at the time of Galileo's death when they moved his body some people took souvenirs nothing big, just a few fingers and a piece of his spine.

His right thumb and middle finger are being displayed in a museum in Florence.

With todays robotic technology this seems like the perfect opportunity for the museum to allow him to wander the museum giving each piece of artwork either the Thumbs up or...


by Dog Breath - Comments: 3 - Views: 1318
It's exam season in my school, and in two days I have my Philosophy and Ethics and exams to look forward to.

This means that I have to sit in an exam hall for about three hours (with a break in between) and write about concepts that are by definition unverifiable. They are by definition unfalsifiable as well. This is problematic. Still, I've put the work in and we shall invariably see what happens come August or so.

Still, I did win the Most Dedicated Student Award yesterday, so that acts as a confidence boost.

In lighter news, two major(ish) purchases recently....

by Jonny - Comments: 5 - Views: 766
This is a continuation of my original blog that has been on hold for quite some time now. I will enlighten you about my progression to making a working copy of either Tetris or Pong, hopefully by the end of the summer.
Programming games is harder than you might think. Do you ever think about why you're not running through the wall while playing Call of Duty? Do you ever consider the possibility than by changing one value, Mario would never jump again? Of course you don't, otherwise you get either shot, eaten or a little of both. (Most likely by gun wielding zombies.)

It gets worse...

by Gorgro - Comments: 7 - Views: 1088
When demolitions experts bring down a building they look at the architectural drawings, hall of records building site plans, measure the building etc...

If the building is 200 feet tall you can assume they set up their command center lets say.... more than 200 feet away?

Apparently this sort of planning is not taught in veterinary school since this Vet tranquilized a horse and stood next to it waiting for it to fall over.


by Dog Breath - Comments: 5 - Views: 597

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