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Let's play a few Starcraft Ladder Games and other tid bits from other games!

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Hello Ladys, Gents, Queens and Overlords, to my newest atempt to make a Let's Play. I'm not a good player, so this game will help me learn to play better.
First part: Game Settings
First I browse the map chain slection. Then I realize that the ladder game is probly all of the maps, so I stat from the begining map, called Dicovery with one oponent throughout the entire ladder: A Terran while playing as a Zerg.
Something weird happened with the selection screen when I pasted it on a paint file, so I'm going to try Roxio.
*30+ minutes pass* I now have the free version of Fraps!
Now we start!
My base at the beginning:

This will not do with for war I am going to fight, so my main objectives right now are:
1. Exsatplish a saturated resource route
2. Make a Spawning pool, Evolution Chamber and Hydralisk Den
3. Hope that the enemy doesn't attack until I am ready to defend myself
First things first: send three drones to gather minerals and have the fourth become an Exractor to alow the next three drones to harvest Vespine Gas.

Now that we have a steady suply of gas, lets make more drones to mine more minerals.
You know, I don't see what these materals have to do with makeing organic units with no techwhat so ever, but I'm only playing the game. Whatever.

Oh no! Mister Overmind says that I can produce more drones because I only have 1 Overlord! Easly fixed. The only reson I mind makeing the things is that they take a while to spawn and it makes my life difficult when my games end with my base being attack early and my overlods are killed.
It's fixed and I have 12 drones working on recorse gathering, so now the problem is making my military, which starts with a Spawning Pool.

Rise my servent, be ready to rise to glory! For you will be the cornerstone of the army that will devore the flesh of these pathetic Terrans we will fight!

Now you will take a new form, one far more valuable, for you will be the one bring in the beginings of my great army!

Now your transformation is complete! Soon you will see the first of your childern! They will be weak, but do not dispare! For almost all of the other Zerg units can't exist with out your new form!

Now your childern are spawned, they are the humble beginnings of the greatest-
Zergling 1: Hi Mama! I'm on TV!
Silece! So much for the dramadic voice over...
Ugrh. Well anywho... I have to go and turning some books for the libray in, so I'm saving and loging.
See you later!
And now we're back to LPaSLG!

Now as you can see, I am makeing a Zerg Hydralisk Den, which alows you to spawn one of the most important Zerg unit in this game, the Hydralisk. The only Zerg ground unit who can attack air units with a derect attack(defilers don't count).

As soon as that's done, we can build advaced structures like the Spire, only building to alow any actual ofencive air units, the Queen nest which-

F***, thery're here early. Luckly, I was smart enough to save most of my drones useing burrow, but I later find that I acsidentaly made a few Zerglings burrow too.

The aftermath of the attack, I lost almost all of the drones on gas detail, so that's my next consern. Looking back, I sould have also make a sunken colony, that would make things a little better. But I don't hink anything I could make in a short time could stand aginst the next wave, not with the tech tree I had.

Firebats, f***ing firebats. They counter 'lings like nobodys bisness. I'm dead.

No hope. At. All.

GG= Good Game. Standard thing to say to you're oppent at the end of the game.

Yep, I can't make any units now, my central building is down.

Blizzard made the match setup interesting, my personal opinoun is that as long as you have an ecinomic unit and enough minerals to make a new central building, I think that the game could still continute. However, Bilzzard makes it so that when your biuldings are destroied/ killed, you're out. It doesn't matter in this situation, I didn't have eather, but there are times...

Yeah, the first part of the game is over, but don't count me out yet, there are several more to come!
Now on to the River Styx!(or so I thought)

We have the same starting set up as before, but now we have a differnt brood color, white. The enemy will without doupt have a differnt color, but probly not a differnt statagey.
I disided to give Gorgro's idea a try, parshaly. I disided to just to wait until I have a Spawning Pool before looking for gas, but I refuse to do a Zergling rush. I find them rather... I'm not sure how to discribe it, but their far to ineffective at times, i.e. bunker couters, mass firebat, mass air ect. ect.

Evolution camber early, just in case.

'Lings for early defence and scouting, Scourge and Overlords will replace as scout when I have the Spire.

Yeah, they attacked but rereated, but what can I say, I have this habit of getting blood lust...

I killed a two of them and my 'lings went in persut of the other two. sometimes the best stagey is to hit them while you can before they get too strong. With my hatchery on hot key, the Zerglings embarked on a jorney which would be the most important of their lives.

After taking a wrong turn and geting back on track, my Zerlings find the same marines going down the path to my base. They made short work of them, but they had some firbats with them, who they also killed a few of them.

My base bunkers down, ready for attack.

After my newly placed defences burtalated the rements after the enemy got there, my new problem is getting defeces back up. I'm not going to hold long with attacks like this happening as often as they have in the past.

Hydralisks are in order, Zerglings up front, distsacting the ememy from them while they work in joint effort to kill the enemy ground troops, but this will not be enough. A Spire must be made as well.

Now that that's underway, my defence needs some updates.

Bull F***ing S***. There are actually three of them, on of them desiding to stop at the first turn. They killed the majnority of them.

Finaly, a reliape scout, one that is A: Fast B: Airbore C: Fully Expendable.

That just totaly made my night. That was the ememy base that my Scourge found. I think a hello is in order, as soon as I can get some Ultralisks...

One step closer to having the Ultralisk and and Defiler.

Found the front line of the ememy base, Scrourge are suide units, so I damaged on of the dropships with the second of the Scrouge scouts, the first one died from the marines in a bunker shooting it.
The Queen will be my next unit to produce, for it has the ultimate spying apility of them all, the Parisite!
You see what the ememy unit you tagged sees, I belive you can tag biuldings too, but I have to prove it later.
A hive is the only thing I need now to get the Ultralisk Cavern.

Oh f***.

At least next map, my base will be easy to defend...
So while my base get udderly destoried, lets talk about some other things. For example, my birthday cake, which will be served at my birthday party tomorrow(family issuses stood in the way of it last week), on my side of it(which is red velvet btw) has the Zerg Swarm Emblem on it, the emblem is also shown on this shirt:

I'm a geeky nerd and I'm proud of it.

Yeah, not much I can do.
Let's also say something about geeks and nerds. Geeks are those who are socal outcasts who are take pride in being academicaly smart and having a high(ish) IQ, and nerds are those who are also socal outcasts, but are exeptionaly smart in a few areas. for me those areas are video gaming and science, particaly biology.
The last time I took an IQ test, I had a score of 98, which may be avage for a an adult, it was high for a an almost 13 year old. That what the teacher said anyways, but hey, it was prasie form my 2nd favoret staff member in the scool, who was I to argue?
The Overmind said that my base was under attack. No s*** Shurlock.

Oh well, maybe next time.
Further we pluge into the chared landscape(and into a swift a** kicking)!
I will save you the boredom of the early game parts, so I do my usal thing. Esatblish reasource routes, get the spawning pool, hydralsik den ect ect

Tr-r-r-ripple Overlord Spawn!
Seamed more funny at first...


This is not happening to me this is not happening to me THIS IS NOT HAPPENING TO ME.

G** F***ing D***it this is happening to me.
So much for that...
I'm not even going to bother doing further on this map. That was rediculus.
I think I will NOT do this ladder again. Solar Platform is next!
Now to a new adventure! to be redone at later date
And so we begin!

So now I must make a dision, who will I fight?
Terran= Good ground, s***y air, with the exeption of the Battlecruser, buildings can burn down, turrets can only attack air, pethtic spying tatics, peice of s*** caster unit.
Protoss= All units have armor and energy sheilds, buildings a resillent and also has shields, basic unit stongest in game, expencive and leghty production of units, turrets can attack both ground and air, large air force and 2nd best spy tactic in the game, strong caster units, expenvie expansion and control sturctures(but they can survive a friggn nuke).
Zerg= Good air, large ground forces, almost all ground units can hide from enemy(burrow), two turret tyoes, each focus on ether air or ground, so you can easly divie up the two to have an effective both aiti-air and anti ground without overlasping fire, best scouts in the game, almost flawless spying ability in the game if you use it right.
I know who I'm fighting!
Terrans, and here I will grind them down to the ground!

And now with guest comontary from... drumroll please...!
*Large drum rolls across the floor*
...Wtf? Anyways, now we have Princess Luna doing guest commentary!
Luna: Nice to meet you all. It's been a while scince I've done something like this, so I promise that I will get better with my commentary as I go along.
???: HEY! Aren't you forgeting someone?!
Oh no, not him...
What do you want Verbia?
Verbia: I'm your adviser! I'm geting tired of stating the obivous all the time, 'the primary hive cluster is under attack', or 'not enough minerals', or 'spawn more overlords!' I want to do some commentary too!
Well everybody, this is my personal adviser, Verbia. He a jacka** half of the time, but I can just tell him no, he'll never, ever let me hear the end of it.
Luna: This should be intersting. A teenage Starcraft player who has never won a full game agaist the AI before, a fully anoying adviser, and me. This could get ugly.
Now we begin the game, and sept into the best Starcraft starting point in the maps I've played.
Now Luna and Treehouse members will see what I mean for the first time.
Verbia: It's so easy to just explain it I mean, it a bowl-
Luna: Ow my ears...
Sorry 'bout that. Now while we wait for the drones to get a some more minerals, let me show you why I love this map's starting point so much.

Now watch the minimap on my next screen shot.

What do you notice about it Luna?
Luna: Ummm... I see-
Verbia: That you need to spawn more overlords before you can get that thrird drone! I mean, you've done this before haven't you? Or do you just like the sound of my voice? Look at the control counter, LOOK AT IT.
That will be ENOUGH Verbia. Now, what was it going to say Luna?
Luna: well, I see a gray line around the area of your base... What does that mean?
That's an elevated platform. There isn't a ramp that can lead up to the top it or down from it. The AI can't throw a screwball at me arealy, because in order to even get out of the base they have to get dropships first, and I'll be ready for them when they get here.
Gas is expealy imortant in this map, so I grab it early. Hydralisks are the best zerg units for GA fighting in the origonal version, but they are the only Zerg ground unit that can fight air units, they can take quite a licking too. Need Mutalisks and a Lair to get out of the bowl that I'm in.
Luna: That extractor being built looks increaly like a beating a beating heart.
Yes it does. All of the Zerg stuctures look like that when the drones are metamorthsising.

Evolution chambers are needed to make the Zerg AA structure, so that is being establish right now. Soon I'll have a denceive line ready.
Soon aparnetly being tomorrow. I have to go to bed.
Good night everyone!
Luna: Good night! Don't let the bedbugs bite!
Verbia: Nighty Nightmares! Heh heh heh heh.
See you tomorrow!

Well, I will now make up for the lost progress by doning something differnt: A map that I'm not only Terran, but it's a campain level that I like somewhat.
Let's begin!
So the idea of this level is to survive for 30 minutes agist the Swarm.
The mission starts out with you having two bunkers with Missle Turret acompanyment at openings to the base.

A mement ago, that bunker was on fire. That SCV repaired it. The intersting thing about the idea of the Terran buildings burning down is it will only start to do so when it's health reachs red, yet it was have flames on it well before that.
My least favoret unit in the game is a cursal part in this, but it's not the unit itself that bugs me. It's how he treats you, his commanding officer.

He really, REALLY p***es me off.
???: Whoa, watch the langauge there.
...Dash? What are you doing here?!?
RD: I was in the nougbor hood and I heard you, so I though I'd say hello, and walked into what I now know is your recording studio. What are you doing anyways?
Playing Starcraft and make screenshots to add commentary on.
RD: Why are you doing it in your recording studio? Doesn't sound like you would need it, it's text commentary isn't it?
I record what I say so I can use it later when I'm typeing. Hey would you like to join me?
RD: Sure! My sceadule is free.
Have you played Starcraft before?
RD: I've played it some, you don't need to explain anything to me.
That's good, Luna was having trouble earlier understanding what was going on.
RD:Luna? You mean THE Luna? Princess Luna?
RD: Wow... How's she doing now adays?
RD: *Shakes head* So what's happening now?
It's the Terran mission where you have to hold your ground until help arrives.
RD: Oh that one. How far are you?
Just started.
RD: Ok.

Why aren't you filling up the entirety of those bunkers?
Well, I'm saving space for a fourth unit that hasn't been produced just yet.
RD: A Firebat?
RD: Useful for the countering of Zerglings and most other melee units.
Boy do I know that. I'm a Zerg player, and those Firebat used to kick my rear all the way from here to the northern most tip of Alaska. I've gotten better though. I used to shy away from using Hydralisks, but I realize just how useful they are now.
RD: I'm a Protoss player myself.
That reminds me of something I found on the internet once, "My life or Aiur, my love for you."
RD: *chuckle* Sorry, your not my type, but "your always on my Overmind."
"H***, It's about Valintime" that you told me.
RD: Good times, Blizz makes some of the funniest game promotions.
*shows her the following video*

RD: Wow. But we're getting off topic.
[strike]Yeah, I think you'll have to come back tomorrow. I have biesness to attend to.[/stirke]
Is this thing on? Yeah, it's recording. Me and Dash are back for anougher part of this single level walkthrough of Starcraft.
RD: Yep. And this time we'll try to stay more focused on the level.

RD: Building mores SCVs to get more rescouces right?
Yep, but I have an intersting staege for non-Zerg workers, I have one of them on hotkey and he'll work as both a miner and a builder.
RD: Nice. Protoss' contruction has a great advatage over the other two races, we warp buildings in, so while it's being warpped in, you can have the Probe do something else, unlike the Zerg and Terran, who have to be there while it's being built, in the case of the Zerg the worker is becomeing the building.
Eeyep. But do you know is one thing Terran have above the other races in contruction?
RD: What?
If you have to cancel for any reason, the incomple structue is still there. You can go back later and finish it.
RD: Hmm. I didn't know that.
The more you know.
*a little later*
RD:Your under attack.
I know, it's just a few Zerglings.

RD: Now Zerlings won't be a problem, right?
Yep. Their exsaly good when you have them in bunkers with the rest of the slots being marines. They'll rip Zerglings right up.
RD: You might want to look at the your resouces...
Game: Build more Supply Depots.
*facepalm* Fine. You know, I should start nameing my reserved SCVs.
RD: Why don't you call this one Eddie?
That sounds good. *hits 2, Eddies's hotkey*
Eddie: Yes sir?
Build me a Suply depot... here. *click*
Eddie: Right away sir.
He's waaay more respectful then the vulcure piolts.
RD: I know, that is one of my least favoret thing about playing Terrans. They drives me nuts.

RD: You should move that guy back, Hydras are going to get realy comon realy soon.
Eddie: Jobs' finnished!
Good job, now get back to mining. *click*
Eddie: Affermitive.
So loyal, I would turn him into a vulture if I could and still keep that respect.
RD: Enough of that, you need to make a dission, are you going to stay in your base the whole time, or are you going to take the fight to them? I don't know. I should probly do some scanning soon. I'll make my dission after I see what's going on.

Wow, them some stupid Hydras. They walked up to the freaking bunker, which has firebats in it, and to top it off, they're ranged units.
RD: Wow, who would of guessed that their brains are so small, those Zerg?
RD: I'm just messing with you.
Eddie: I read you.
Fix that bunker. *click*
Eddie: Right away sir.
Eddie: *few seconds later* Reporting for duty!
Fix the misle turret.
Eddie: Yes sir.

That early? Oh well, at least I'll still get a little from it.
RD: I know, I mean, it's depleated right? Why can you still get a little form it with each trip?
I should use the exxess gas for something useful...
Eddie: Yes sir?
Build me a factroy. *click*
Eddie: Right away sir.
*little later*
Eddie: Job's finnished.
Good, now fix that bunker that just got damaged. *click*
Eddie: Right awy sir.

Firebat full house. That'll hold the Zerglings back a little.
RD: Nice, but your forgeting something.
RD: There'll be a few Mutas coming to your base soon, and they don't have to move around the walls. They'll head straight for the commad center.
Thanks. I'll get a get a missles turret built. EDDIE!
Eddie: Reporting for duty.
You keep your respect even when I yell at you. Make me a missle turret here. *click*
Eddie: Yes sir.

Just a little late.
RD: The marines should kill it.
Yep, it's dead.
Eddie: Job's finnished.
Yep, that pretty much sums it up. I have some work to do, I catch you later.
RD: Ok, see ya later.
Sorry I haven't been updating much, at first it was me forgeting about it, then something going wrong with Starcraft and it suddenly working again and I still don't know what the f*** happened. So here I am again, enteraining a few people.
Anyways I've been dissigning a few not-so-great maps and I think I might have a decent map or two(one done and under beta testing and one currently being perpared for beta testing)
I'll have the beta testing for both recorded, the second one first due to the first's proven difficulty(Terran and Zerg vs Protoss on Hard AI setting with a few tricks up it's sleves that I will not mention yet).
I'm almost done with the draft for the second map, though I might skip making the breifing and just go strait to gameplay.
I'll update later.
Jedi Knight Outcast 2!
This secton is to be expaned at a later date, I have a few issues to iron out with screenshots and recordings.

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Be honest guys, am I wasting time with this one? I could do something esle you know, but be honest about this, I don't want to put effort into this if I am going to not going to entertain you guys.

Build some unit too! The AI is a b**ch when its for attack.

You sent your drones to gas way too early. Look at your resources, you have over 1000 gas stockpiled. That could have been minerals, which could have been zerglings. Since you don't need that much gas at the start of the game, I suggest going pool first, and only then getting the extractor. In case the zerglings have a speed upgrade that requires gas (I didn't play broodwar, only SC2, where they do have this) take your guys off gas when you have enough for just the upgrade, then overrun his marines and maybe even the firebats if you can surround them.

I don't have the Brood Wars expasion, but the reson why I jumpped for gas is because, at least in Starcraft 1, is the most gas consuming race of them all, and it's good to have a large stockpile of gas for later uint production, exspaly hydralisks, and my favoret, the scrouge.
I do my best to balence the too, and in the map Space Platform if I get the starting point that I want, you'll see a lot of resource gathering by defalut, minerals being upfront at first, then gas second. That pit is perfect for defence, expesaly air defence, so evolution chambers and and hydralisk dens are imeadate, and then spawning pools will happen so I can expand my tech tree, expeasly with my air units.

Okay, the results are in, and the results say that I will comtine with this. Now would a mod or our great admin remove the poll. I can't do away with it due to the fact that it's been voted upon.


*Grabs popcorn and reads blog* Well, pretend popcorn anyway. I can't eat real popcorn yet.

As I have noticed, the ladder works differntly then I thought, so now I will have to wait to show you the awsomeness of al least the first map of the Solor Platform.

I've stopped wasting time on the ladder I was on and expand this to my personal game blog!

Can you get banelings in SC1? Because even though they're suicide units, they're fantastic against anything biological, like marines and such. My favorite unit in the game, even though I I play Protoss.

Nope, only Starcraft 2, but I've been reading about Heart of the Swarm, and I have a cool idea for the use of two evolution consepts, the Swarmling and the Spliterling.
Swarmling are an evolution of the Zergling, they replace them and are not only a little bit stronger, but also produce in threes for the price of two.
The Splitterlings, as their name sugests, after a Splitterling is kill, two meadum sized ones are spawned and the both do half of the normal Baneling damage. Then when they are killed, two small ones spawn from each, and do a quarter of normal Baneling damage. Basicly, if a whole Splitterling hits a target, it will do THREE times the damage of a normal Baneling in under a second. But the best thing about them is that you would have to have a force SEVEN times larger then the the Splitterling force in order to evenly distrbute fire on the the swarm and all of the smaller Splitterlings that will spawn. This makes it more likely for the Splinterlings to reach their targets. And then when you combine the Swarmling's produce ablitly and the Spitterling's increadble damage potental, and throw in a few Queens on spawning duty and a s*** load of drones, you can have an army that no ground force can stand up to.

The evolutions will only benefit you in the single player campaign though. Wings of Liberty has stuff like medics, science vessels, firebats and all kinds of fancy upgrades in the single player campaign but not in multiplayer. (mostly because terran is already ridiculously overpowered as it is)

I have no idea whats going on but I like it ;3

Hey Gorgro, I know something that you can do in the SC1 brood war expansion in muti player.
3 on 3. Your side's configurations:
Any race(Zerg is best for this build)
Your enemy's configuration doesn't matter.
The prmary Zerg player's army is the attack force. The Terran player is to get the medics ASAP. The thrid player will make defences for the group and can contibute to the attack force.
The plan is to have the Terran player mass build medics and micromange them throughout the confilict. The reason for this is that everything Zerg is boilogical, so they can keep all of the Zerg units and buldings alive while they fight and use their granade launcher to blind the enemy(make sure you have Optic Flare, Restoration and the enery upgrade). The reason that the defence team is best to be Zerg is because, like I said earleir, even the structures are organic, so haveing Zerg as defencive is a major boost to this stratagey, but SCV's will work just fine for the others. But if your fighting a Protoss oponent who has Dark Templars at his desposal can mind control a SCV while it's on it's way to anougher base and he can expand his slection of units by building Terrain buildings.
If you have a Z-T-Z set up and nooughing pervents travel to the base by foot from the Terran base, you want the Terran player to evenly distrubte the medics at each of the bases and the 2nd Zerg plaer to get to work on overdrive to gather resources and the Spawning Pool and Evolution chamber. The 1st Zerg plaer can of course build defences of his own, but the Terrans need Zerg defencive structures. Both Zerg plaers could theroticaly work to gather on makeing the begining defencive structures, btu after that it's best if the 2nd Zerg plaer does defence.
That's all for now. I may expand this idea later.

A storm has passed over my house and it did right when I hit the send button. I think I may have to start the adder over because I lost al of my progress.

Updated for the first time in ages!

Hey guys, I think I figured out how to record Starcraft matches so that you can see them in video form from my Youtube acount!


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