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The very scary story. By my youngest sister, Sabrina

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I decided to add this on the blog section because it would be too long for any other threads.


One night a girl was in her room she was going to sleep in her bed but a bat came and it wasent just a bat it was dracula the hardest vampire on the planet he bited the girl and she to became a vampire so the 2 vampires went in draculas cave it was spouky and dark in there there was a skelleton it was a vampire skelleton because that vampire died by fire and a thig that not a single vampire or personne can thik what it is or no what it is.
The 2 vampires was making a plan to bite all humains for they can be vampires but they do not want to be like the vampire that died so they desided to bite the humains at night. At night the 2 vampires went in 20 houses and bited 30 personnes in 1 night in 30 nights they finaly made it to bite all humains on the planet but 1 girl made it to hide from the vampires and not a single vampire sawed that girl she was hiding in a very very big pot and in that pot there was water and 9 dirty towels she was under the 9 towels and at the day all the vampires was gone to the vampire cave she went out of the pot and went to get somethig to eat . In the cave dracula think that he goted all the humains so he disaided (decided) to do a party this night because he cauted all the humains on the planet . So they did a party but there was some vampire gards that was in the entrance and the girl was walking for a walk for air but the vampire gard sawed the girl so he went to sait to dracula and went dracula went outside he sawed not a single personne so he said that it was his imagination and went back to the party . the girl that was intelleginte went to a potion shop and found a potion to put the vampires to humain she desided to take 100 and it caust 100 dollars and because there was not a single personne there she put the money on the counter and she allso buy a potion for long and pointy teeth and a potion for fake holes in the neak for the vampires can think thet she is a vampire so she went to the party and all the vampires thaut that she was a vampire and went no one was looking she put all potions in all the vampires mouth and they became all humain but not dracula dracula was a vampire all his life and never a humain so the girl quickley put fire on a stick and burn dracula befour he bites her and she went to take a gun and shut dracula on the head and she ran out of the vampire cave and in the vampire cave there was a explosion of blood and there was onley draculas bones left so the builders bloked the door of the cave for no one gets inside of the vampire cave. All the humains on the planet is safe in there house because of that small girl the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Did your sister write My Immortal, by any chance?
Acutally, no. She didn't fuck anyone to death. But still...
No offense.

None taken, Bowen

-finds this at 5 in the morning-

-Laugh like a STONER-

Wtf is that?

"because there was not a single personne there she put the money on the counter"

I admire integrity.

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