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Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat

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1 Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:35 pm

Miscellaneous background posts from Strike of the Beecat

Prolwer woke from a troubled sleep. It was bad enough haveing to wake up to that cell Rare was keeping her and her friends in, but the nightmares were getting worse nightly.
Prowler was a cougar +Anima*, and her friends, also +Anima, where the closest thing to family she ever had. Before all of this happened back in the Victorain Era, they lived in a forest called the Oaken Plain. They had a small camp that that always welcomed wandering +Anima into it. Then the camp was attacked, that explsion that distroied the town that they were kept in, and misterusly, even after more then 100 years, they hadn't been ageing at all.
Several humans with black hooded tunicks were also in the cell. Hunters, they used to be a street gang, now hired guns for Rare. One of them was sitting directly accross from Razor, a badger +Anima, the only one that was shackled to the wall. He earned that when he mangaged to kill one of the gaurds, even with the handcuffes on. He and that Hunter spent their time just watching each other. Sometimes they'd talk, but those confersations always turned into firece argumaents. Most of Prowler's "family" had handcuffes and iron balls chained to their ancles, like her. Banshee, a bat +Anima, also had a sound-proof mussle because of her namesake abilty, an ultrasonic screech.
The only two that weren't bound were Hunter, their leader, and Angel, a dove +Anima. Hunter was the strongest of them, but Angel was his greatest weakness, and the guard outside the cell always had a clear shot at her. Angel was a fantastic fighter, but her +Anima only gave her the power of flight. That didn't cut it for fighting the Hunters.
Prowler heard voices echo down the coridor.
"Great, Emma's turned against us, she's become fully apart of that gang."
"What did you expect? Asign a double agent to work, give them 5 months and they'll turn agaist you and join the enemy!"
"Ether way, she failed to capture Charles and we need a plan B."
"I already do. Hey Draven."
"Yes sir?" the voice of the warden echoed.
"You heard what we were talking about?"
"You know what to do."
Footsteps echoed down the halls as Draven walked down to the cell. When he entered every one grew tense. He was a human, one of the Hunters, was wearing gnaralled armor and had a large exicutioner sword by his side.
He gestured to one of the guards and that guard took the restaints off of Prowler. Draven ordered Hunter up. Everyone feared for the worse, because the last time Draven took someone out of the cell, it was for an exicution.
As they walked down the halls, they saw the toucure chamber, but the took a left and enter the interagation room.
Prowler and Hunter sat down almost imideatly.
"You don't need to sit down. You aren't staying for long," Draven said as he was opening a footlocker on the far side of the room.
He came back with 2 large, thick, gold-plated bracelets.
"These are your new restaints," Draven said while he snaped them on Prowler and Hunter. "They will be our way to contact you and if you cross us, they have C-4 packed in there, so you can kiss your butt good bye."
"Alright, lets cut to the chase, what are you going to do to us?" Hunter said with a gruff tone.
"Why, I'm simplely extending an offering a chance to free you and your little family," Draven said with a suprizily smooth voice, dispite his aggressive disposition.
"What is it?" Prowler asked with eagerness.
"I have missions for both of you. Prowler, you mission is to use you hunting skills to find and capture this man," Draven said as he handed her a picture of Charles with a small tuff of hair papercliped to it. Prowler knew imidatly why that was there, sent tracking.
"Hunter, you are to follow this map to the Keltsrain's** underground base and kill everyone there," Draven said as he gave Hunter a map. Someguy had dropped it when he fleed that house.
"Who's the one that would inkure shouch wrath?" Hunter asked.
"This woman, Emma, is a traitor and she muyst die," Draven said.
"Can't I just kill her? I'd rather not get deeply involed with this war of your's, I just want to be free, and I think that killing her would be enough," Hunter said.
"Fine, you can do that."
"I knew you'd be able to reason with you."
"Alright, out with ya 2," Draven said while gessureing to the door.
(*= for more information on this subject, look on the Steampunck Dinos thread
**= Bell and Emma's gang, not apart of the rebels... yet.
Someguy, your in trouble, big time.)

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2 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:59 am

Nattratus stirred. Everything was pitch black, and the entirety of his body ached. The last thing he could remember was a huge explosion. There was incredibly hot and dry. It felt as if he was missing a few body parts.
"Ah there we go, you're awake," a rough voice said.
"Where am I? Who are you? What do you want from me?" Nattratus asked without hesitating.
"First, you're in the Underworld. Second, I Manalus, soon-to-be King of the Underworld. Third, nothing at the moment, I just want to help a fellow scourge," the voice said. Nattratus grunted. He was what some people called a scourge, and this Manalus claimed that he was one too, but how could he trust him?
"Ok, how are you helping me?" Nattratus asked.
"Why, I brought you back to life," Manalus answered.
Nattratus, for the first time in his "life," was speechless. Was he really dead? He didn't remember anything of the afterlife.
"How do I know you're telling the truth?" Nattratus asked.
"Well, how about the fact that you have no eyes?" Manalus said in a flat tone.
Nattratus brushed his foreleg against his "eyes." Sure enough, they weren't there.
"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!?" Nattratus screamed.
"I didn't do anything other than try to find them and other parts of your body. It drains too much energy to conjor new body parts, and it's easy ot make improvements to you when I have more energy. You may be blind, but do you remember how strong your other scences where before you died?" Manalus said.
"Ya," Nattratus said with a questioning tone.
"I've made them even stronger. Try 'closeing your eyes, not littaly, just block out what is left of the sight center of your brain, and focus on a different scence."
Nattratus chose touch, and what he "saw" took his breath away. He could map the area around him persfectly by felling the many vibrations that echoed throughout the ground. He could map the inside of Manalus' body. Then he tried hearing, and he could hear the light footsteps of an assasin sneeking up on an Underwolder about half a mile away. Then smell, as you could imagie, was incredable, but that kind of backfired with the sulfer and all. Then Nattratus tried combining them all. It gave an even picter picture then sight ever did! He wonderd why he had relided on sight so much.
"You know, I know who killed you," Manalus said, puncruing Nattratus' ponderings.
"Really? Who?" Nattratus said with a seirous tone.
"A member of the Childern, named Rare, or at least her anseter.
"Ansester? Good Lord, how long have been dead?"
"A looooooooong time."
"Nerver mind that, what is she?"
"Right now, she's a Mew."
Nattratus narouwed his "eyes" and said "A legendary, huh?"
After a momnet's pause, Manalus said, "Ah, now I remember now, you hate all but two legendaries because they saved Arceus from you, didn't they?"
"Yes. Ans that the revlation, I have new motovation to kill her."
"Just to let you know, she's not THE Mew, she's just one of it's speaces."
"I know, but it's the perfect vendeta. And I might as well kill the Childern as well for allowing her to kill me."
"Do you want to go now?"
Manalus said a few words, and Nattratus was back on Earth.
(For those who don't know who this is, it's Nat from the Steampunk Dinos RPG. And yes, he is a zombie now, and a fast and stong one too. To get an idea of his curent condition, go to the desktop background thread.)

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3 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Fri May 06, 2011 1:06 pm

Zekrom forced his way out of his stone prision that he was placed in by Arceas(sorry I can't spell his name right).
That... thing has just freed me by putting on the damage that was the straw that broke the cammles's back, maybe I can use him to my advantage. Zekrom thought.
He walked outside and looked at the being. The being was no doubt tarrified by him, which normally he wouldn't mind this, but he had, for once, to act freindly.
"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you," Zekrom said calmly. He was exilent lier, but for once, this wasn't a lie like the other times he said it. He won't yet at least.
"How can I trust that?" the being said with a shakey voice.
"This," Zekrom said while walking towrds the being. Once he got to him, he kneeled.
"You freed me, and I now owe you me life," he said. Now he was lieing.
Arceas scenced Zekrom awakening and he pondered who was more important to keep an eye on, and then he heard a famliar scream. Mew-Two!
Mew-Two let out that scream as Drakri slashed his claw against his torso. Mew-Two kicked Drakri to stun him for a moment and he was running again.
Darkri shook it off and whent after Mew-Two. Mew-Two let out a cry of shock as he looked over his shoulder and saw Darkri was right at his heels. He pushed forward, but it was too late. Darkri gave Mew-Two's leg a slash, and a sinuw snapped like a broken guitar string. Mew-Tew fell and let out a painned wail.
"I have you now," Darkri said." Time to punnish you for me, Crestsila, and everyone else that you harmed out of you jelusey!"
He brought his claw up, and prepared to bring it down on Mew-Two's neck, but voice boommed "Stop!"
There was Arceas, disending to the two.
"You are standing in the way of justise!" Drakri yelled.
"He has been forgiven by me for his crimes, and he has changed his ways. And it was you who turned Crestlia against you with your lust for vengence and your beatings, not him! Leave him be. Why don't you just go back to her and ask for forgiveness? She has been talking much to me about how she just wishes for you to be by her side, but in order for her to be willing to do so, you have to stop this nonscence!" Arceas said.
"I was wrong for beating her, I agree with that, but this crimonal must be punnished!"
"He not a crimonal, he has his price paided, now leave him be."
"And you wonder why I don't stand beside you! You wonder why I didn't help you in that fight with Nattratus! I swear, by the end of this week, I'll have Mew-Two dead, and anyone who will stand inbetween me and him goes to Hell with him!"
Darkri fled, sceathing with rage.
Mew-Two was so sceared that his words made him sound pathetic. "Y-y-y-ya won't let him kill me, right boss?" Mew-Two forced out.
"No, right now me and the rest of the Ruleing Brotherhood have ot worry about two greater threats, Rare and Zekrom," Arceas said while he used Magic Leaf on Mew-Two.
"Zekrom!?! Do Palkia and Dalkia know?"
"Not yet."

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4 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Sat May 07, 2011 4:05 pm

Nattratus stalked along, following a scent trail. His nose was in the snow as he sniffed intently. The sound of a Dark Pulse charging made his ears prick up. He lept back as the Dark Pulse hit a nearby tree and the tree almost fell on him.
"You're a terrable shot Darkrai," Nat said with his fur brisling.
"What? Oh, your here, I wasn't aiming for you, I just needed to distroy something," Darkrai said back.
Nat relaxed. He could feel Darkrai's anger, and he had a good idea why.
"Mew-Two got away again because Arceus saved him?"
"Yep, but next time I'm not going to stop, I'm going to kill him and anyone inbetween."
"Even... Cresselia?"
"NO! I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!" Darkrai screamed, his rage renewed.
"Whoa, calm down, it's just my nature to ask questions like that," Nat said, not a single sign fear showing.
Darkrai's rage left as suddenly as it came.
"Did you fell that?"
"I think I do..."
"ZEKROM!" they both yelled in unision.
"Do you know where Giratina is?" Nat said without missing a beat.
"No, but he'll know soon, we've waited decades for this, and he's been the most vigulent in keeping a lookout for him being released," Darkrai said.
Both of them let out laughter, for they knew that victory was at hand. The prophecy of the Great Battle was about to be fullfilled. Their laughter deaded as they remembered one part of the prophecy that deeply worried them.
Many years ago
The place was the forest that Celebi lived in. It was the Great Gathering, the week that all of the Legendarys set aside all of their differences and just get togather. Celebi sat on her alter, meditating while the other legendarys spent their time togather. Some rivils still kept the aggresive spirts in some ways, like Palkia and Giratina were racing across the sky, trying to see who was faster flying, wihle some just shared tails with eachother, like Groudon, Rayquasa and Kyogre, who where telling eachother of their great adventers after their fameus fight.
Darkrai was talking to Cresseila. This was the closest he's been to her in years.
"Come on Darkrai, just forget about him, it's not worth it. I want you back, but you've got to leave the past behind," Cresseila said, her words lined with worry as Darkrai leered at Mew-Two, who was sitting beside Arceus with Mew sitting on his shoulder.
"I can't, he's done to much for me to forgive him, but my greatest worry is why you don't hate him as well. Did you hate your family?" he said, his second sentence holding an angery tone.
"You know I loved them almost as much as I love you..."
"Then why?!?"
"I feel empathy for him. I know most human's dreams, and I bring good dreams to some of them, and I know many people who have many bad dreams because they feel soborinated by their older siblings, and some of those dreams they wake up from and the next night they don't even live long eonough to go to bed bed or they go to bed with that sibling dead because of they killed them," Cessila said with a tear slideing down her cheak, thinking about those lives that where ruined by extream actions resulting from that feeling.
Darkrai was about to say something but Celebi called for everyone attention.
"Heaven has spoken to me," she anoucned.
Everyone fell scelent at this.
"Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Dakrai, and Zekrom, step forward, this message involves you derctly," Celebi said.
They whent to the front of the crowd, Palkia and Giratina landed alongside their respective groups, Palkia with Dialga and Arceus, Giratina with Darkrai, and, as of the result, Zekrom.
"Heaven telles me that there will be a great battle between the Sun, Arceus, Time, Dialga, Space, Palkia, and the Night, Darkrai, the Paranormal, Giratina, Death, Zekrom, and Doom, who Heaven sayes is not born yet, but will be infamus amunst the Legendary Pokemon, and yet not be a legendary," Celebi said.
This made a roar of outrage come from Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Darkrai, and the rest of the crowd, but not Zekrom, who actually seemed to be amused by this ominaus message.
"We would never turn against the Ruleing Brotherhood! I think you might have misheard Heaven," Giratina said, in refernce to him and Darkri, but in refernce to Zekrom, for he didn't know about him.
"Heaven also said that Doom will cloud your minds and make you truely evil," Celebi said gravly.
The crowd was begining to get out of hand as Celebi meditaed again.
She called for attention again. But only Groudon heard. He stompped his foot, causing minor tremmors to scelence the crowd.
Celebi thanked Groudon said,"There is more. The Ruleing Brotherhood will not stand a chance alone, but a smothed light will save them and Earth."
Everyone exept Zekrom pondered what that could mean. Zekrom laughed darkly and stood.
"Think Heaven isn't right, as if it ever was," he said to Celebi.
"Heaven is never wrong! The Creator lives there, and he knows all-" Celebi said before being cut off be a blow that knocked her off her perch.
"Shut up, I find your voice and your 'propheces' annoying," he said as Jirachi, Azelf, Mespirt, and Unxie rushed over to Celebi.
"How dare you!" Arceus boomed.
"'Heaven' was wrong because there will be no Doom, Night, Paranormal, Space, Time, or smothed light, just you and me Arceus, right now!" Zekrom said right before lungeing at Arceus.
Arceus let out a puff of breath as Zekrom rammed into him. He fell on his side and Groudon didn't hesitate to use Sand Tome on Zekrom. Arceus turned the sand stone into rock, imprissioning Zekrom for many years to come.
(Rare, you have your prophecy, I have mine.)

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5 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Sun May 08, 2011 10:20 am

(I'll make sure to include her and her gang in the next RPG, and Hunter as well, but I will have Draven fight you guys somewhere in this RPG, I promose you that.)
Draven tapped his fingers on the metal table, waiting for his spy to report back. The guatlet made a small clang with contact with the table, leaving small imprints.
The spy finnally returned with a look of fear in his eyes. Draven saw this and was imedditly angry.
"CHARLES IS STILL FREE?!?" he yelled, his voice rattleing the concrete walls. He slammed his fist onto the table and it boke into two peices. The spy tryed to run out of the room, but it was to late. Draven drew out his exicutioner sword and cleaved the spy in half.
"Rare is taking to long to punnish him! If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!" he said with discust. He felt that scence he was the warden of Rare's prision, all conficts where his reposiblity.
He called for his personal troop of elite solders that used to be his advisors back in the days that the Hunters where just a street gang.
When they got in, all they had to do was look at the dead spy to understand what was going on.
"Get the troops ready. Tell those bee things that they can gaurd the place insted of just sitting around all day," Draven said.

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6 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Tue May 10, 2011 2:58 pm

Zekrom asked, "Where are we?"
"We're somewhere in Canada," the being said.
"What is your name?" Zekrom said, trying to hide a dark grin that was coming on because this idoit actually belived him.
"Um... Nightwing," the being said, he's been wandering around for so long without anyone else that for a moment he forgot his name.
"Well Nightwing, do you know what my nickname is?"
"DEATH!" Zekrom yelled as he stabbed Nightwing in the lower torso with his claws. Night wing flinched and pushed Zekrom as he relaed away. Zekrom was surprized at Nightwing's strengh, for Nightwing looked like noughting more that a teenage human.
Nightwing picked up Deathwing's mask and onw second after that Zekrom saw what Nightwing actually was.
One second a human stood before him. The next in an isotainus transformation, a dragon with silver scales with back leathery wings.
Nightwing took of and asended quickly. He thought about putting on the mask and fighting Zekrom, but he realized that he was too weak even with out the gash on his lower torso and the wask being on would not help to much because he still didn't know exacly how acsess the powers that the enchantmet jewls that where in the helmet.
He let out a wail of pain as claws racked his sides.
"3 melleinum, and and being stuck in a statue hasn't changed me a bit! Hahaha!" Zekrom said as the white energy died down from his claws.
He grined with sadifaction as Nightwing plumited down... down... down...
Nightwing faught agains gravity and his injered wing he got from Zekrom. He realized that he was unable to fly. He though fast for a way to get out of this mess. He saw a campground below.
He left his dragon form and into his human.
He yelled the spell that when by the name of Retorgrade. He wasn't sure what it did exactly, but he was told it work well for most emergency situations.
He felt a strange sensation as he crashed through the kitchen window. It was a good sensation, what ever it was. He tumbled across the floor, unharmed. He felt he torso and didn't feel wound. There was tears in his cloughthing and bloodstains, but no wound. He fainted from shock.

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7 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Sat May 14, 2011 9:09 am

Palkia swore as he awardly stepped on the small platforms that hung above an endless sea of nothingness that was broken by floting objects.
How the f*** did I get here anyways? But what is here? he thought as he strugled for balence. The platforms where barely largeger then his feet.
He heard a famliar battle cry.
Of cource, the Distorshion World. he thought as he swivled on his heels to face his opponent.
Giratina smashed into Palkia full pelt in his origin form.
"Have you lost you mind?" Palkia exclamed as he fell. His fall curved into the shape of the tail of the letter J as the Distorshion World's strange gravity forced him into a nearby floting wall.
Giratina didn't waste any breath talking. He just swung his tail at Palkia's head. Palkia swore as the tail struck him and lashed back with Spaceal Rend. The pink claw wave didn't come close to Giratina, but insted flew in an absollutly different derection. He let out a cry of shock as it made a U-turn for him.
Palkia lept off of the wall and began falling. The wall that he was once clinging onto was nothing but dust. He looked up and saw an Aura Sphere coming at him. He used DragonBreath and dispursed the Aura Sphere. What he forgot about was the bit of land he was about to crash land on. With a loud thud, he landed on his back.
He got up and began to break for it, but it was too late. Giratina was already giving him a killer's embrace around his neck with his coils. Giratina draged Palkia to the ground and stuck him with like a cobra on the arm. Giratina gave a delighted trill to the taste of Palkia's blood.
"Nobody can save you now," Giratina said with triumph. His arch enemey was finnaly in his grasp.
"Not if I can say anything about it!" a voice bellowed. A bright white bolt soared through the air and expoded on the back of Giratina's head. He let out a screech and released Palkia.
"Why do you always have to interven Dialga? This is between him and me!" Giratina snaraled at Dialga.
"He is of the Ruling Brotherhood, so he is my ally," Dialga said bluntly.
"Let's go Dialga," Palkia said while looking over his shoulder at Giratina, his mandables still covered in Palkia's blood. This is the most voilent confruntaion that they had ever had. He wondered why Giratina would go that far.
"See both of you on the battlefeild," Giratina said omonusly.
Dialga and Palkia flew off and whent through a nearby portal.
"We need to tell Arceus about this," Dialga said.

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8 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Sat May 21, 2011 4:30 pm

Arceus saw Dialga and Palkia lumbering over, their faces sullen. Arceus knew that something had happened, expesatly with Palkia's bleeding arm wound.
"Giritaina, he've flipped. He almost killed me," Palkia said before Arceus could ask what had happened.
Arceus felt a pang of fear in his heart. This was a sign that it was almost time for the Great Battle, and he still didn't know who the smothered light was.
Zekrom landed in the clearing. He saw Darkrai and Nattratus.
He looked at Nat and said, "Doom I presume."
"Yes, that is the name you would have known me by before this point. My name is Nattratus," Nat repiled. Zekrom had heard Nat's voice in his dreams, calling him for desteny for a good part of his life, and the dreams had been becoming more and more vivid over the ages, and the night before it was hard to belive that it was just a dream.
"Now that we know eachother, shall we go into battle?"
"No, we must make sure that a certin part of the profecy that will be our doom if it comes true. Darkai, relay to Zekrom what Celeibi said the night after Zekrom impisronment."
Darkrai said that Celebi told Arceus that Heaven would reveil to her who the smothered light was on the verge of the Great Battle and that Arceus would have to convence the smothed light to help the Ruleing Brotherhood.
"Now Zekrom, this is our first order of bisness before killing the Ruleing Brotherhood. Zekrom, you are to go and force Celebi to tell you who is the smothed light, and after she telles you, or she refuses to tell you, figure out if she has told Arceus, and then kill her," Nat said.
"Why me? If I go there, every legondary will know. They will hunt me down and kill me," Zekrom said.
"I can't go there, I'd take to long and Arceus will know for sure by the time I get there, we don't know where Giratia is," Nat said before adding, "and unlike Darkrai," he shot a meaningful glance at Darkrai," you are willing to kill someone whoes only crime is knowing to much."
Zekrom nodded and flew off.

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9 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:47 pm


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10 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:07 pm

Nattratus paced back and forth, grumbling. Why was it taking Zekrom so long?
"Where have you been!? Unless Celebi had backup, it shouldn't have taken that long!" Nat yelled at Zekrom.
"Sorry boss, something happened-" Zerkom said before being cut off by Nat.
"What happened was that you've been doing dope! You reek of the s*** you d***head!" Nat yelled as he struck Zekrom down. Zekrom landed on his stonach and spat out blood. he tried to get up, but he was slashed across the face with Nat's claws.
Darkrai and Giritina watched in fear as Nat soundly pounded Zekrom and swearing in varius languages.
"Let that be leasion to you! If you f*** up, I beat you while cussing you out. Expesaliy if I find you doing drugs. Understand?" Nat said to Darkrai and Giritina while aggesivly sliding the claws on his left forepaw menicingly. The two nodded.
"Good, now we move out. Get off your a** Zekrom!" Nat said while walking away, "We're gonna pay the smothered light a visit. You know who it is Zekrom, tell us."
"Yeah, about that..." Zekrom said while rubing his neck.
"Of course, but she wouln't talk, but I did find out that she hadn't told Arceus."
"Awlrighty then, it's time then. This battle will be the greatest moments of your lives!"
And the last, of coarse, Nat thought will a chuckle. They where going to die with the world, he will be the only one to leave if everything goes to plan.

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11 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:09 am

Arceus's head throbed with pain. He was suddenly in a human body and standing before a door. He opened it without thinking.
The room was almost pitch black, and the only light in there was something under a thick cloth and whatever it was, it was small.
Before his eyes could penatratie the darkness, black clawed hands draged him in and threw him into a wall. As he tried to get up, he was clobbered back down as his assalent cackled at him. It jeered as he swung his first at the source of the laughter and only got air.
His tormentor slamed into him, knocking the wind out of him and bowling him over.
He kicked and screamed as he was being draged across the floor. He felt himself be lifted off the floor and spun in a circle. The hands let go, and he flew across the room and landed next to the light source. His tomentor all the while cackled, hissed, jeered, and growled. In despratie attempt to see his assalent, he ripped the cloth off the light source.
To his surprise, the flame of the candle that was benth burst up into the air and took the form of a Mew.
Rare! Arcues thought as the flame surged into the darkness and distroyed it. He relized that it wasn't being in the darkness that was attacking him, it was the darkness itself.
The flame lit the room. He saw four chain links on one of the walls. The where close to the candle. Without warning, the chain swung down and knocked the candle over. The flmae died down until it was barly big enought show the chain. The link right before the link at the front, which was the one that hit the candle, broke. As the first one hit the floor, it shattered.
The flame stayed small for a moment, then it bust up again, as if nouthing happened.
(Arceus isn't going to wake up until Rare gets there. See if you decode his dream in the meantime.)

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12 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:29 am

A voice sounded out, saying something in a strange langauge.
A bolt of elceticity struck a few of the beedrill and they fell to the Earth, fried. The beedrill turned to see who cast the spell, they where met with a great roar that sent a chill down Dewmann's spine with remebernce.
A large black dragon crashed through the beedrill and stood next to the group. His eyes were entily white. Katls.
AM was about to ask who he was, but Katls said that the intoductions would have to wait.
The person that had cast the spell, Luna, was already in combat with some of the beedrills, fighting them with her iron war staff. One of the beedrills felt the full fury of that staff. Luna stabbed it in the thorax with the staff's war spike, and then after the spike was forced out, Luna followed up with a skull obliterating blow with the other end of it, which had a encanted sphere of iron on it. Spareing you the more gory details, the beedrill had no head afterwards.
Kalts roared and slashed a couple of beedrill with one swipe. He got one in the adomen only, and it's guts spilled on the ground as it squweremed in agony. Luna and Katls would not hold back from the more unconvtnal forms of fighting. They aimed to kill.
(Katls and Luna are back!)

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13 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Sat Jun 25, 2011 6:34 am

Nightwing dreamed. His dream was of a meomory locked away by age.
The emereald scaled wyvern made it's way into the den. He found what he was looking for, a cluch of dragon chicks.
Their origonal caretaker was gone, out hunting for the cluch.
One that was sliver scaled with black wings looked up at him. It was exited to see the wyvern.
"Hey Nightwing," the wyvern said while kneeling down so they could talk a bit more confortably.
"Hey Whitefang," the chick said with it's small voice that would grow to be a great roar one day.
Nightwing's cluchmates noticed that Whitefang came. They scampered over to him, swamping him with greetings and questions alike.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, one at a time," Whitefang said amussed. No one in the Hive was ever this exicted to see him.
"Where's Mom?" a chick with grey scales that had an abmormaly matrue voice.
Whitefang hesitated to say anything, and finaly he said, with a heavy heart, "She's still on Mars Ironscales."
"Aww, we never get to see her," said a female chick with yellow scales and orenge talons.
"I'm sorry Sunclaw, you know that your mother is always busy," Whitefang said.
His heart grew heveyer with every word. His heart grow even heaveyer as his eyes rested on a grey scaled and white winged chick that hadn't moved an inch sceince he got here.
"Ghostwing, what's the matter?" Whitefang asked.
"Mom isn't coming back, is she?" the chick asked in a sad tone.
"I promise, someday you'll see her again," Whitefang said while moving over to Ghostwing to confort him.
"Why are you here, anyways?" Nightwing asked inocently.
"Your mother had sent me to take care of you," Whitefang said.
"Yay! Whitefang gonna stay!" Sunclaw declared.
Whitefang smiled a little, but on the inside he was crying. Luna was dead, and her childern current only hope to see her is if they see her in the afterlife.
Everyone fell silent as footsteps sounded in the den. A black dragon with white eyes had entered.
"Grandfather!" Nightwing exclamed while runing to the dragon.
"What are you doing here Katls?" Whitefang said while moving his wing to block Nightwing.
"I'm here to see my grandchildern, why else?" Katls said while moveing Whitefang's wing out of the way so that his grandchildern could come to him. Even Ghostwing got up to see Katls.
Whitefang glared at Katls and growled.
Katls shighed and said, "Kids, go outside, I need to talk with Whitefang alone."
The chichs obayed and they ran out of the den.
"Demon, I'd kill you right now if we were't here, not with the Queens kids," Whitefang growled.
"You can't belive everything that is fed to you," Katls said calmy.
"It was becose of you," he paused to make sure that the cluch wasn't litsening" that she died!"
"I didn't kill her, Jonny's men did."
"Get out."
"Get out."
"You have no right to foce me to leave."
"I dug this den, I helped Luna take care of the kids while they where still hatchlings, I have every right."
"I will stand my ground Demon."
"GET THE F*** OUT AND STAY OUT UNTIL I LEAVE!" Katls roared, not careing anymore if the chicks could hear.
Whitefang cowered at the roar. He was to sacred to move.
"GET OUT!" Katls ordered.
Whitefang ran out. Katls followed him out to let the chicks back in.

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14 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:14 am

Nightwing "woke" up in the den that he grew up in. His mother Luna stood beside Katls and the two where talking.
Nightwing looked around and saw Deathwing's helm for the first time. The grey metal mask was studed with jewls that had a luster to them and they seemed to glow. It was by Katls' side.
Nightwing's baser intincts to horde tresure got the best of him. He snuck over to the helm and tryed to remove a ruby from it, but it wouldn't budge. He pulled again but it still held fast. In frustation he banged his head agaist the helm. He was left dazed. He rested his head on the helm, his forehead touching the ruby.
He scutled back in fear as his vision filled with red. He heard laughter and the words, "Your son just rubbed the Blood Ruby the wrong way. Go thing he didn't sit there, he'd never get thouse images out of his head!"
"Father, show some pity. He almost saw the suffering that his grandfather caused. Do you have any idea how much damage that could cause to his mind?" Luna said stirnly.
"He'll see it some day anyways, but hopefuly he'll be ready for it then. He will proply understand why he did those things then."
"I hope so."
Meanwhile Nightwing had crawled under the helm to hide from his grandfather. He saw runes on the inside of it.
He didn't understand them then, but now that he could recall what he was tought by Whitefang. Nobody in his family then knew how to read runes, but he had learned them.
The runes read: "He who is of his blood in time of need will find the spirt of Deathwing by their side."

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15 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Sun Jul 03, 2011 8:02 am

(Yay! A long post and the bringing back of a villan that I had mentioned eariler this RPG!)
(Ok, Manalus, Sidney and Prowler are the only caracters that I will bring back, I promise. And I will not add new caracters)
Manalus paced back and forth. This was a terrible situation. Rare had abandoned the plan to become a God and is going off to help the Ruleing Brotherhood(Just to remind you Ruleing Brotherhood= Arceus, Palkia, and Dialga). Sidney was growing more and more powerful by the second and will be comeing back to take the Underworld back.
The Childern are going to prevail agaist a threat that they wheren't even aware of!
He had to do something about this fast. He figured this is what he needed to do:
1) Kill Sidney and maybe Prowler
2) At least stall Rare or the Ruleing Brotherhood.
3) Elimate Charles
4) Kill the Childern that are on Rare's trail
5) Send Katls and Luna into the Eternal Plane
6) Kill Nightwing
He had to do all of this fast, and some of this will be chalenging to do. All he needed was the right troops and monsters to hunt them he figured.
He hurried to a cave on the outskirts of the Underworld's capital city. A shade, a powerful warlock, was standing over a pit of darkness.
"How is the shadowling spawning going?" Manalus asked the Shade.
"Exedingly well sir, we have spawned 300 of them so far today, and even better, three of them have morphed into shadow beasts. This is the best spawning day in the entirty of recorded Underworld history," the shade replied with great pride in his work.
"Good, very good. Now show me the shadow beasts."
"Yes sir," the shade replied as he walked across the room and grabbed a bag of some red powder. He walked back to the pit and threw the powder into the pit.
Three loud screeching roars echoed in the cave as the shade and Manalus stepped back. First a large spindly spider leg dug into the ground in front of lip of the pit. The rest of the body pulled itself out of the pit. The great spder the had crawled out disalved into a man-sized shaples mass of shadows with glowing red eyes that glared that dim light in the cavern. This was shadow beast. A great serpintie crawled out of the pit and did the same as the first shadow beast. A flap of wing was heard and a great black bat rocketed out of the pit and did the same as the two before it.
"Good. Let me take these with me and go back to your work," Manalus said the the shade. The shade nodded and returned to whatever it was that he needed to do. The shadow beasts saw that the shade had taken nonthreatening orders from Manalus, so they obyed his will. shadowlings and shadow beast must have a master or they will die. They imidatly bond with thier creator. But they will reconize if their master has a master and become loyal to their creator's master.
Manalus face the shadow beasts outside. He knew what to do with them.
"I have assingments for all of you. I want you to memorize these faces," Manalus said while conjoring pictures of all of the current RP's exept Manalus and Nat and his cohorts.
The shadow beasts quickly understood what they had to do. They where to elimenate all of them.
"You can not work together, at least at first, because all of you will be transported to differnt areas. I expect you to kill them quickly, because even your stongest target will weak compared to you," Manalus said to his new minons. He will discover that he had underestimated The Childern later.
(Btw, is it night or day in the RP?)

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16 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Sat Jul 09, 2011 4:10 pm

Arceus was shooken awake by Palkia. Arceus knew what he had to do. Without a word, he charged off, not saying a word to the others of the Ruleing Brotherhood or Mewtwo. They deducted that he knew who was the smoothered light. They raced after them.
Nat paused. He could fell that something was not going into his favor. He reached out with his scences and "saw" that Arceus was on the move and was moving fast.
"Let's go! They must know who the smothered light is! We kill them before they get to their salvation!" he yelled to Darkrai, Garitina, and Zekrom.
Darkrai had two terrible feelings in his gut. Guilt and worry. The guilt was that he knew that Cresselia would hate him for this. And he was worried by two things, what if they fail to kill the Ruleing Brotherhood and what would happen if they did kill them.
He had to push them aside. One of the main resons for him to fight the Ruleing Brotherhood was that they where guarding Mewtwo, the monster that killed his and Cresselia's familys. The second was the pomise of power that Nat had given him if he helped him kill the Ruleing Brotherhood.
He contiued on with his dark mission of revenge and greed.
(For those who are to lazy to look back in the RPG, Cressila and Darkrai where lovers, and Mewtwo back when he was evil killed both of their familys. Darkai had sworn to kill him, but Cressila could only feel epithy for Mewtwo. This made a rift betwine the two and Darkrai further hated Mewtow because he blamed the rift on him.)

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17 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:47 am

Arceus' heart stopped for a moment as he saw the white light in the distence. Then it raced. He flew faster and faster, knowing that it was Rare. He thought with Rare now being a God, she could stand a chance against Nat. Little did he know that Rare's godhood would only make things worse.
No body knew why, but Nat stopped. He wasn't looking at the white light, but staring off into space.
"Boss, are you alright?" Zekrom asked.
Darkrai didn't show it, but he was seeing something too. But it wasn't what Nat was seeing. First, he had a vison of Cresselia on the ground with horrible wounds. That vision lasted for a second. The next was a Mew with her chest torn open. The third dissturbed him the most. His claws where bloody and Nat on the ground before him.
Nat saw Arceus pinning him to the ground. The second was him englufed in flames and surrouned by darkness. The third was Darkrai standing ovr his body with bloody claws.
The two exanged stares for a moment and for a second their eyes where locked as enemys.
Silently they agreed that they would settle this later. The contiued on with out a word to the other two.

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18 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:35 am

"F***, we're lost." Prowler said in exapration.
"We are not, it shouldn't be long before we find a trail of some sort," Sideny said firmly.
"We don't even know how we got here, and the fight between you and the shadow beast has left you injored, and it's about time before this Manalus guy's men find us again."
"Fine, we're lost and we're dead if someone doesn't help us."
Dire wolves howled in the distence, and they could hear greeblers scralbling at tree trunks nearby. Dire wolves growled at them from the shadows. They could see shadows moving fast around them.
"Shadowlings?" Prowler guessed.
"Yep. Not as strong as shadow beasts, but they're fast. Real fast. It's been nice knowing you freind," Sideny said while sitting down, waiting for fate to claim her and Prowler.
As the growling insencifed, Prowler became so terrifed that she grapped Sideny's arm and closed her eyes shut tight.
There was sounds of a strugle, but Prowler didn't feel anything, and Sidney hadn't moved any.
Prowler opened her eye a crack to see a long red blade coved with fresh blood glint from the treeline in front of her.
Greeblers cried out in pain, dire wolves where yelping, and Shadowlings didn't make a sound as they fell down in half.
Sidney and Prowler both stood up for different resons. For Prowler, it was to try and get both her and Sideny out of there, but Sidney wouldn't budge. There was a smile on her face.
A dire wolf manged to get into the clearing, and then started to run at Sidney and Prowler.
It's didn't get far. A man in dark blue jagged armor lept from the treeline and landed opon the dire wolf.
The dire wolf howled and howled for help, but none would come.
The man jabbed the sword into the ground next to him. He took out two daggers and said "No body messes with my wife," before driving the two daggers into the wolf's neck.
(I'll give you three guesses as to who this is.)

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19 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:00 am

(Main group: Inside the church in rocket landing
Sdiney, Prowler, and New guy(karma to who guesses who he is correctly): Somehwere in the forsest
Katls and family: loscation unknown
The Ruleing Brotherhood: Enrote to Rocket landing
Nat and gang: Same as the Ruleing Brotherhood)

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20 Re: Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:43 am

(Yay! A long post about Sidney and Co.Post has no real importence, just saying where they are now.)
Meanwhile, Sidney, Prowler, and Blutegel made their way through the forest.
"There's a town nearby, I can smell the humans there," Prowler said. Her sence of smell was acute due to her +Anima.
"Us too," Blutegel said. Both he and Sidney where vampires, so they had the peridtoy sence of smell as well.
"Maybe we can get some anwsers as to where we are," Sidney said as she began walking in the derection of the scent.
"I told you that we where near Quebec," Prowler said in annoyence.
"We don't know where Quebec is, we aren't from this demention," Blutegel said.
"Right, you're from the Underworld," Prwoler said.
"No, nether of us from there, we rule it, but we came here through there from a deferent demention."
"Can you tell me if there's a gaint diference in the geography of Earth?"
"In our demention the Earth is split in two, and internal segragation has made most humans flee from the second half, leaving the other humanoids, and the racal tentions between huamns and the other humanoids made even more tence."
"Whoa, that's wwwayyy differnet then here. Do you know where Canida is?"
"Yes, it's just above the USA, that's in our demention, but I don't live there, that "belongs" to the humans."
Prowler slowed down and looked at both Sidney and Blutegel. Sidney looke visibly human and Blutegel's armor suggested that he was human, but now she had here doupts.
"You and Sidney aren't humans?" Prowler asked, confused.
"Sidney is, I'm not, well, at least not in my demention. Somehow I found myself in a human body with my armor likewise when I entered your demetion."
Prowler was more confused then before. They where maried, but both of them not only where differnet spease, but they both apeared to be teenaged. Then she remebered. They where both vampires, so that made scence that they apeared and sound to be so young. That didn't solve the former though, but she disided not to press it.
"You know, I wonder what I look like under this armor," Blutegel said. Useing his vamperific reflexes, the armor was off in a flash.
He was indeed young looking, he couldn't be more then 12 if he was human. His hair was a rich midnight blue, emerald eyes with the same red tinge that Sideny's had, a charteristic trait of a vampire. His cloths where robes that you're advage European king would wear, minus the cape, that was colored with crimson and black.
He used magic to form an ice sheet juting upwards so he could see his refection.
"Hmm. Well, my hair is still the same color as my fur," Blutegel said while podering something.
Prowler caught that and was a bit more surpised. Just how differnt where the two in their demetion?
Blutegel and Sidney suddenly became alert. Before Prowler could ask, Blutegel snapped off a piece of the ice sheet and threw it into the treeline.
They hear someone swearing in French. Prowler didn't know the owner of the voice, but it was ovus that Sideny and Blutegel did.
"Oh s***, I think you killed him," Sidney said with her hands trembling.
"Don't worry, I made sure that is wouldn't kill him," Blutegel said while walking to the treeline.
Prowler and Sidney followed him. There was a man with black hair in black clothes. The ice chunk was in his arm. He managed to pull it out. Just as they got there.
"Êtes-vous fou? Vous auriez pu me tuer!"the man yelled at Blutegel.
"Vous devriez le savoir maintenant que vous ne pouvez pas se faufiler sur moi. Alors, c'est là où vous avez été tout ce temps?"Blutegel said without a tint of emotion.
At first the man could only glare at him for a moment. Then he laughed.
"Il est vraiment vous Blutegel! Longue durée ne vois, je vois aussi que nous avons le même problème avec nos bodys."The man said.
"Je n'appellerais pas ça un problème. Sidney ici aussi. J'ai aussi un nouvel ami, son nom est Prowler," Bultegel said.
"Long time no see Sideny," the man said. Prowler and Sidney didn't know French, so both of them where glad that he wasn't talking to them in French.
"Same here Black," Sidney said.
"And This must be Prowler," Black said while faceing Prowler. Prowler got a better look at him and was shocked to see what he had on him. He had a French military issue FAMAS assult rifle strapped to his back, a HK MP5 on his belt line, and a HK USP pistol in a holster.
Black ignored the statled look on her face and walked over to her.
"My name is Black and from my demetion, I'm a part of the French military. I'm actully a clone of the greatest warrior on the planet, lertaly born to serve my contery. But I live aa civilan life too, Blutegel is one of my freinds, so you have noughing to fear from me," Black said to Prowler.
Prowler was still a bit uneasy. She had a hard time trusting someone armed to the teeth.
"Hey, I can take you all to a shelter. We're have some trouble dealing with some kid covered in tatoos, he's perisoner right now, but we don't know what to do with him," Black said.
A kid covered in tatoos... I know him. Hunter. Prowler thought.
"Take us there!" Prowler yelled at Black.
"Whoa, calm down. Do you know him?"
"Yes, and I better not find a scrach on him!"
"No more then what we had to defend ourselves. The guy treid to kill my leader. The kid determened to do so, one would think a differnt life was on the line."
"You idot, there was more then one! He is the leader of several +Anima refuges!" Prowler said while bareing her fangs and claws.
"Calm down! Black, I recomend that you listen to her. She will tear you up without a second throught. Now, take us to the shelter, then more can be explained," Sidney spoke up.
Prowler calmed down and let her +Anima form to retreat. They all canged their coarse and followed Black, who was moving in the derection of Quebec.

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21 Secret Documents on Strike of the Beecat on Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:24 am

Arceus shook his head at the distruction before him. Inosent blood was spilled my Rare, so he wondered if the King had made a mistake. Palkia and Dialga felt the same way.
But hey couldn't waste time. They could practicaly hear Nat's breathing behind them. They had to make it to Rare before he did.
They rushed in to try to conince Rare to help them.

The being survayed the cavern.
"So this is where grandfather lived," he said with a amazed tone. There was a large pile of treasure that almost dazzled him in one of the far corners of the cave. He was temptted to take some of threasure for his own, but he rembered that he promised himself that he would only take his birthright.
He looked around again and spotted it, a helmet made for a dragon. Not just any dragon, the one that was made for his great grandfather Deathwing, whitch was handed down to his grandfather Katls, but he did not bare it for he saw himself as a failure to what his father worked for. His mother, Luna, was a female so she was not allowed to bare it, so now for the first time in many years, the mask of Deathwing will be worn by someone of Deathwings bloodline.
Stated to walk when something that caught his eye. It was a statue of Zekrom, in such deatail one would think it was the real thing if wasn'r oviusly made of stone. He looked away from it and grabbed the helmet. He would've put it on right there, but for some reson, he didn't want to stay there. There felt like if a anougther being was there. He walked hurriedly outside bubing into the statue. He let a small cry when he felt how warm it was. He stared at it for a moment, then ran outside.
There was a drak laughter that filled the cave. Zekram had awoken.
(So I have grandson, what do you think? Also, if you don't know what Zekram lookes like here:

Zekrom was about to give chase but he felt something that was strangely haunting that called to him.
Doom... he thought, hereing an eirie echo within his mind, calling out to him. In a dreamly trance, he spread his wings and ansiwed the call. After all these years, after all dreams with this same echo, he was on his way to fulfill a prophese that was as old as the stone that impriend him.
He was going to war.

Celebi was still outside on her alter, even with the rain falling on her head. She was far from the origin of the storm, but it had steached out across the Earth.
"I know he's comeing, but will gladly die to keep them from knowing, they'll kill her... before she has to die," Celebi said with her eyes closed. A few seconds later, she let out a laugh and thunder rolled, as if Heaven was sharing in her laughter.
"Boy, is Zekrom in for a surprize," she said after opening her eyes. A few seconds later lightning flashed as Zekrom landed.
"I won't tell you anything. And Arceus doen't know, he will learn tonight," Celebi said before Zekrom could speak.
"As much as I would like to say interigations are over, I can't. You just brought up something that is very important. How will he learn?" Zekrom said.
"All I'll tell you is that you'll have to kill Arceus in order to keep him from learning, there is no other way to do so."
"I think that Nattratus will take that as an answer," Zekrom said while baring his fangs.
"You shold know, it will be one of your own, a weak link, that will distory Doom, not the smothered light," Celebi said.
But Zekrom didn't hear it over a roll of thunder. His claws glowed white, and in a second Celebi was dead with giant gashs in her neck and torso.

Heaven had also placed anoughter being to do the same for Arceus. It may had been one of it's enemys, but he was perfect for the job. Like the beedrill, Zekrom didn't know why he was attacking his target. All he knew was that he was going to attack.

Sidney watched Rare closely. She had full trust in her, but she was performing something that seemed rather... pagan was the best word she could think of. She shook her head, why would she be blessed by Heaven if she was looking to seek power greater then God?
Because I have a different plan for her, a voice echoed in Sidney's mind.
My King? Sidney thought.
I am he, the voice echoed.
Father, what do you mean? Sidney asked mentaly.
She does not know it yet, but the world fate rests upon her sholdiers. When she was fist spoken of many years before she was born, she was called the smothered light. Evil domonaties her, but I will revele to her the good in her, but her job will not be an easy one. In order to save the world, she must be delt a mortal wound in the Great Battle to make a weak link in my enemys turn on his leader and save Arceus. She will live, but she will not know this, for this is a test for her to later understand why she endured it. The darkness that surounds her is to great for her to listen to me, but it can only be there while she is awake. It is risky, but you must take Rare down, but just knock her out, I will speak to her in her unconcusness.

Zekrom moved fast and attack effectivly, with one Flash Cannon, Arceus was on the ground, alrady unconcus. Zekrom was hesitant to kill him, and he found him suddenly far away from Arceus, and he had no clue where he was.
He felt something in his hand. When he looked, there was a green leaf in his hand.
Wow, I need to lay off the weed. Wait, how the h** did I get this? Zekrom thought while taking off.
He was always gulable, the Father said on his throne.
Sidney didn't wait a moment before charging Rare. With one swing, Rare was unconcus. Her bees swarmed Sidney, and Sidney took out a good number of them before she was subdued. They thought that they had killed her, so they thew Sidney out into one of the tunnles.
Sidney swore as she brushed off the dust from her cloughes. She being an imortal, she survived the worst of the stings. She knew what she had to do now. She ran down the tunnles, hopeing to run into Charles.
(Nightwing and Arceus will have visions, while Rare will have a more intactive encounter with Heaven, a covsation with the King.)

Now that you question is answered, Darkri, Giritaina, and Zekrom are under the leardership of the undead absol Nattratus, who has declared war on all universes. Soon he will aembt to kill the Ruling Brotherhood, Arceus, Palkia, and Diagla. You are to fight along side the Ruleing Brotherhood. But your ability to fight will not matter. Nattratus and his servents togather are too strong for you and the Ruling Brotherhood. You are the key to the world being saved for what you will stir within one of Nattratus's servents that will win the battle. There must be only two blows in that battle, the one delt to you and the betaying blow to Nattratus. You must put yourself before Nattratus and recive the blow. The part that will be difficult is the knowlage that the blow... is a mortal one.

Manalus aproched the old door. It had runes carved into it that read "Within here you will be judged and if you are not worthy Lady Death herself will rise to stike you down."
"This is the place. The home of the great Armtulain, the great warrior. He will only serve a king," Manalus said to himself.
He slowly opened the door and looked inside. The chamber was filled with red light. In the center a suit of armor was rested on a chair. After a few moments the armor moved. It stood without a sound, not even a creak from the hidges moving. The hemet was red and black was twisted and had no viser. The rest of the armor had a simlar apearece. The fingertips of the gautlet where spiked.
"Who dares destub my slumber?" a growling voice from within the armor asked crossly.
"It is me, Manalus," Manalus siad while having second doupts.
"Manalus? I've heard about you. You're Blutegel's adviser. Why are you here? Speak quckly or I'll rip your head off real quick."
"I come for your service."
The creacher in the armor(who wias Armtulain if you haven't guess already) was silent for a moment, then the walls echoed his laughter. "Your here for my service? You are a general, not a king! Ha ha ha ha ha"
"Now I am! I sit apon the throne!" Manalus snapped.
"Oh my, has Hell frozen over? Ha ha ha ha ha! Butegel's father had made sure that even if his family dies that you wouldn't make king." Armtulain laughed.
Armtulain became serius fast. "Your serius? What tradity has befallen our beloved Queen and King?"
"They have been overthrown," Manalus said.
"Are they still alive?"
"Not if I have anything to say about it."

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