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1 Concept Game on Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:49 pm


Prince of the Squirtle Squad
I remembered a couple of random <insert something here> generators I know of and thought "hey, there's a game in this."

Take one of these three websites and get a randomly generated something out of it.




Now, you have to write about what you get in more detail: Who is my rock star? How did he get amnesia, and why can his stripper friend see dead people? If it's a game, what genre is it? How do you play? How many ramps do you jump off in your action movie?

Who knows, it might be fun.

Here's my first attempt:

Satan's Internet Phonics: This is an educational game teaching you about internet trash-talk. Join Satan on a blush-worthy trip through Teh Interwebz' seedy underbelly, dodging racial slurs and clicking on examples of proper spelling and grammar. Except since Satan is your host, your score actually goes down if you play the game properly: a stunning commentary on player agency and willingness to obey orders.

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2 Re: Concept Game on Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:47 am

So it's pretty much just the biggest middle finger possible to grammar nazis? I like it.

Panzer Spider DJ: A music game definitely meant to be played at parties, Panzer Spider DJ Has a bunch of musical notes coming down the screen in lines, much like guitar hero, and the controller is a row of 6 plastic, squeezable spiders. You squeeze the spider for the corresponding note when it's at the bottom of the screen, much like Guitar Hero also, but here's the fun part. Every time you miss a note, you get shot with "Spider Silk" from a hole inside the controller. The Silk is originally just harmless silly string that you can buy from a dollar store or some shit, so when the controller runs out, you can just fill it up with more. Or, if you're in a college dorm or some shit, you can fill it up with other, non-liquid substances to make the game even more fun and challenging.

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