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Esbby's Blog :3


Instead of taking up space in the Random Thoughts thread, it might be a wise idea to start up a little blog for things I do!

--Trip to France; 5-part Extravaganza!--

(Short Version at End. If it's a bit 'TL:DR' )

So, just to answer 2me's question in the Random Thoughts thread; I got there by train. In fact, several trains!

Firstly, we had a bit of a silly moment, as we took a train from the station closest to the school, to the next station on the line. This particular station is only about 5 minutes away (by car) from the former. So, we took one more train than necessary, but it was no problem. I quite like trains. Less the dodgy figures who may get them, however ;_;

After going from there to St. Pancras International (which is a very pretty, old station), we got the Eurostar to Lille-Europe, in the Centre of France (a bit north-east of Paris). Upon arrival, we had about 2 hours free time in the big shopping centre just outside the station. Much fun was to be had there, as 4 of my friends and I were discussing where we should get food;

Friend: "Here (Carrefour Supermarket), the Quick Burger Restaurant, or Subway?"
-Much arguing-
Me: "It comes down to this. We buy something in Carrefour that will last us the trip to Besançon, or we go to Subway and get a Sandwich, OR we go to the burger joint."
Friend 2: "Is there a Kiddy Plaything at Quick?"
Me: "I believe so, yes".
Friends Ensemble:

So after fun at the Plaything at the Burger Joint (from which no Burgers were had, apart from one of our group who had two :S ) We left to the SNCF (French Rail) Station, and boarded the TGV (Transport du Grand-Vitesse - High Speed Train ) straight to the Station in the Correspondant's respective town!

(So Tuomey, there's a long-winded answer to your very short question :3 )

So, after having returned from an uneventful, yet pretty Cheese Factory, I had lunch with the family. Another interesting conversation between the sister and my exchange occured:

Corres: "So X's Sister" (Bear in min, 'x' isn't the name, but it'll do for now XD )
Sister: "X has a sister?! Wow. Is she pretty?"
Corres: "No, she looks like a cow."

(X could have actually been her name, now that I think about it :S )

Lunch came and went, and after about an hour in my room on Warioare: DIY (with which I've made a Battle starring Yours Truly, and a Space Hero called Wind Squid), We left for Laser Tag! There, we split the Teams to the 5 English and 6 French. It looked a bit like this!:

And we won! Sweet Laser Tag Battles!

Short now; Got home, played Kinect (He got it for Christmas, it was fun!) and then Call of Duty! Yup, that's about it!

(TL:DR: Trains to France, Nice Family, Cheese Factory, Lunch, Fun at Lunch, Laser Tag, Games, Home)

AZERTY French Keyboards are slow to type on ;_;

Thanks for Reading!

Part 2; Reasonable Chocohockey.


Today, we all had agreed it was the best day so far (Two days out of Five is enough to pass judgement :3)

In the morning, after having a speaking exercise with our exchanges (about aliens, Feline Armies, Blastoises, Ninja Confederations AND CHOCOLATE PUDDING) We left for the Ice Rink! I haven't been skating in a while, but as you can imagine, a Pokémon on Ice Skates looks ridiculous :S But anyway, I had made awesome laps of the rink (and didn't fall over once during the skate! :3). I even managed to get a slow, gliding 'Gentlemen?' to my teachers who were watching. That, there, is style (Something I'm well acquainted with)
*Scratches butt whilst blogging*.
Having left the rink (Not wet, I'm proud to say :3), we went back to the school and met up with the correspondants. From there, I went with two other friends (plus their exchanges) to the local Subway! I love Subway. I could live off Subway, it's Fresher than the Prince of Bel Air! Stop the Subway Propoganda! They'll eat me!

I would have had a Meatball Marinara, but I got rushed into ordering, so I just had Steak and Cheese. Which was nice enough, I guess... ;_; But then, after having eaten my Sandwich, we left to catch a bus back. There were two buses. We ran to try and catch the first one, but we missed it. Then we went for a second one. Maybe Two-Hundred Metres away, stuck at a Stop sign. It was the most Epically-Winning Bus-Catch that has ever happened. Ever! It was a bit like this!

So after having been awesome. ]Stricken for Modesty >:3] we got back to school and met up with everyone else. From there, we were told we were going to a chocolate Factory! The following conversation ensued after a briefing:

Teacher: "So, that's about it everyone. Any questions?"
Me: "Will there be Oompa-Loompas?"
Teacher: "I'm afraid not, my dear chap. Sorry."
Everyone: "Awww :("

Fast-Forwarding to the Chocolate Factory, we found that it wasn't really a huge, Willy Wonka-esque Emporium of Wonder, but more a small lodge with a petite lab at the side. Upon entry, we were taken in to the factory, and shown a short film about how Chocolate is made. We then saw a demonstration (in the lab), on how the beans are seperated, and how they were decorated. The two people working in the lab were apprentices there. One was a female, very mundane and silent. Not smiling whatsoever. The other was a much more perky, young man, who greeted us with smiles and overenthusiastic thumbs-up.

Not dissimilar to this.

After that demonstration, we then got to the 'Dégustation'. The Tasting! There were three types we had; All were quite similar, in the sense that they were filled with Hazelnut Praline (like Kinder Bueno!), however the latter contained Spices like Ginger & Pepper. (The eccentric Indian in our numbers got very angry that there was no 'Curry' Flavour, as a joke of course. He brings it on himself, the fact that the group finds him an ethnic Stereotype. Very friendly nonetheless :D)
The Boutique (Gift Shop) however, was very expensive, and I decided not to buy anything

The final leg before heading home, was going to a large 'Carrefour' Supermarket. It's like Wal-Mart, but French. All the stuff is sooooo Cheap! I got myself a Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser, and told the little group I hang with, not to question me, or they will be beaten.

So, uneventful heading back to school, then heading home after meeting up with the Correspondant. We were driven home by his sister's friend, and they were delighted to know that I knew of Tron's 'Daft Punk Soundtrack', and the exploits of Rémi Gallard. Now home, ate Yoghurt, good day!

Thanks again for bearing with me!

Part 3: Mustard Capers, Manakins and Soirée Bowling!

Many Hello's to you all.

Today was a semi-glorious day of visiting the local city of Dijon! Most famous for it's Mustard, and Burgundy Wines!
The Morning consisted of heading to the station, and hanging about there for about 15 minutes before getting on the train. In that time, we went into the 'Tabac', and I noted the huge amount of Magazines that were on Sale. They ranged from 'La Jeune Africain' (Young African), to several 'Erotisme' Magazines, and one that I thought was the Furries bi-monthly (from the Art on the cover), but turned out to be the cover of a Magazine based on a popular French RPG called 'Dofus'.

They're set for a film in 2013, or so Wikipedia says.

So anyway, after finally boarding the train, we had a carriage to our group of 15. This was nice, as I was certain not to sit next to a potentially dodgy French bloke, and/or his equally dodgy wife.

Very unlikely, but still possible.

The journey itself was about an hour, so in that time, I managed to cram some Hendrix, Metallica S&M, and Joe Cocker! It was a Musical delight!
After exiting, we found ourselves walking into a very pretty city. Signs of Mustard or wine, yet unseen, but cool nonetheless. An hour's free time was on the cards, and it appeared that half of us went to the French Burger Joint 'Quick', whilst the others innovatively found a cheaper 'McDonald's'. At 10 in the morning, I personally wasn't in the slightest bothered for a bun, but most of my friends were, so there you go. :L

Upon return, I remembered my faithful 'Hello Kitty' Pez Dispenser! (Don't judge me >:C) and cracked out the Pez, which I was forced to 'Partager' with my 'Amis'. From in front of a glorious Red Telephone Box, like in London;

(Isn't it Beautiful?! :3)

We met our tour guide. A slightly plump, yet very pleasant Woman of Spanish descent, who spoke with a very, VERY, strange accent; A result of being brought up in Peru, learning English in San Diego, and living in France, as well as having learnt Portuguese during her time in Brazil. Nonetheless, nothing of much interest occured during that time, apart from a conversation between me and a friend, reciting the Bowser & Peach sketch in 'Brawl Taunts'.

Friend: "You know Peach, you're the kind of Woman that sets Women's rights back about A hundred years."
"You bitchslap opponents"
Me: "You pull Vegetables from the ground"
Together: "And your most powerful move: Is your ass!"
-- In the meantime, Peach hits Bowser with a Frying Pan, enraged by his comments --
Friend: "Where did you get that frying pan?!"
Me: "Ummmm... In my kitchen?"
Friend: "You see?!"

After leaving the tour guide (who was very friendly, and wished us individual goodbyes), we went off to a p'tit shopping centre. It was... disappointing. :C We found that the typical short, plump security guard, and his lanky colleague forbade us to sit down in an open space in the middle of the shopping centre, alongside our teachers and other members of the pubic. So instead we stood there in Silent Protest.

This is the best picture I could find. Just imagine that they're both men, have stubby facial hair, and sound silly

But leaving from there (disappointed I hadn't bought a McFlurry Ice-Cream - I'd tried one of my friend's, and it was delish :3... Probably for the best, however), we went to 'La Musée de la Vie Bourgeoise' (The Museum of Bourgeoise Life - Life in Bourgogne). This was fairly interesting. The upside was that there were recreations of shops during the Victorian Era ('Seconde Empire', in France), but the major downside was that there were Manakins. Creepy, creepy Manakins :C It's like Taco and Clowns: We don't get along. But after not having run away to the slightly exaggerated subject previously mentioned, we left (Full of Knowledge...) and went back to the Dijon station. No Mustard was bought, but we learnt a lot about it.

On the train back, I was in a booth of 8 people, and many Harry Potter 'Hogwarts Express/Prisoner of Azkaban' references were thrown about.

Gooooood Eeeeeeeveniiiiing >:C

The ride back was slower, due to more stops being made, but it was all good, what with music and the Hilarity Bunch alongside.

Upon arrival at the school, my Exchange and I were whisked away to a Friend's apartment (this was a friend of my exchange's sister. Very nice lady). There, I found it was the single, most awesome 'crash pad' I'd ever seen. The whole wall was covered in drawings (Most of them animals; Littlest Pet Shop and whatnot), several figurines, a Mini Sofa, TV & Wii, plus several animals, such as Gerbils, Hamsters, Fish, and a Cat who lived in a box beside the sofa! :3 He'd claw his misery away at the side of the box, and come out all happy.
After spending half an hour there (eating Chocolates, talking about stuff and admiring their palace, we left for the 'Soirée Bowling!'

The place was a huge leisure centre, called 'Ducky'. A huge, Neon light hung above it flashing between 'Duck', and 'Ducky'. (I managed to get the whole car - which was a hippy Camper van owned by the lady I mentioned earlier - to chorus 'Duck-y!' It was fun!

It took about 10 minutes after arrival for everyone else to arrive (this was a scheduled event).

YOU - Are obligated to have Fun - OR ELSE.

And as all arrived, we split our lanes, and had a game of bowling! Our teacher had hyped us for this 'International Fixture', and that it was of great importance that we show them what we're made of:

Jelly-related Substance.

I managed to (with an aggressive style of play) bowl a game of 98; the highest in the lane! We didn't calculate who won however, because we were two busy having (for me, my first of the trip) Burger!

Tasty Burger!

Now I'm back home, after a very good day overall! :3

(But only quite annoyed due to the fact I did my back in whilst doing Circuit Exercises yesterday :C)

On a light note, that's all for now!

Part 4: All disbanded from One, but not our Spirit!

Hello Again! Today's events started veeeeeeery slooooooowly with a 'Gras-Matinée', which is their way of saying 'Lie in'. In fact, since I wasn't bothered to do much in the morning, I lay in for an hour, or so. It passed slowly, which made me very happy. Not much of interest happened until after Lunch (where I met the Dad, and found out he's a proud geek!).

Possible Exaggeration.

I found that my exchange's little brother is part of the 'Scoots' (which I later found actually meant 'Scouts')


... and he had to go camping tonight (hence why he had a hugely oversized bag on his back as we got in the car). After dropping him off, we went to an indoor Sports Centre. There, I met one of my friends, and his exchange. We discussed Team Fortress and Youtube Poop (which he is about the only other person in my school who knows of itDelicious!
Another pair of Exchange and friend came, but that was all (apart from three dodgy-looking, but also friendly French People who came along to join our game). The teams were mixed British-French (so numbers didn't ensure a 'French' Victory... Memories of Bowling and Laserquest fresh in their minds >:3). Just a fun game, nothing much else.


Back on topic (as if this ever was on topic, we left from the Sports Centre, and walked beside a Motorway (not my choice :S) and headed for the bus stop. (One of the exchanges politely set out the idea that we should cross the motorway. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed, and we didn't end up like Pancakes.)

Or you know... Crepes. Because it's France.

We got to the bus stop, with a Win in store, as the bus came seconds after we arrived!

After taking the back of the bus (with some less-than friendly Algerians), we arrived at the centre of Besançon. We paced up and down streets, and my Exchange bought me a Nutella Panini. :D. Whilst Nomming said Panini, we sat down on a silly Marble bench which was horribly disfigured. But luckily, I spotted one of our teachers walking through the Plaza. We stopped him, and had a nice chat. And then from there, he attracted a large amount of our friends (he stood out in his puffy jacket and big Decathlon Bag). We found that they had seen 'Love, and other Drugs'. (One of my friends informatively told me that because they wouldn't understand most of the film, they decided they would see it purely on the basis that it has girls in it. Wise men.)

Women; Men like Women.

We hung out in the plaza, but this was only for 10 minutes, as from there, we had to leave to find his Dad.
On the car journey back, I managed to take him down memory lane, by mentioning that I liked the French band 'Trust'. (For him, his two favourite bands when he was a child were AC/DC and Trust).
However, 'back', actually meant a quick stop at the Audi Dealership. Nothing much interesting. Managed a laugh by saying that the Minivan he was looking at was way too small.

It was actually this Badboy :3

But after having come back, my Exchange and I rocked it up on Call of Duty, ate Pizza and watched this Simpsons. Now I'm writing a blog here!

Thanks a lot for reading! :3

Part 5: Endgame; A Conclusion

Not much to go into this final chapter. Anticlimaxes are always a shame :C However, what happened today can be encapsulated in the words; Bowling, Go-Karting, and Goodbye.
I've gotta be up at 4:45 tomorrow to catch the train from Besançon-Viotte to Lille, then the Eurostar from Lille to London.

As it ends, the final exchange and less travelling for me; this was hands-down the best School Trip I've ever been on. It was as close to perfection as an exchange can be: The Family, the Activities the learning incentive. The acquisition of Plutonium etc.

Thanks to everyone who read the blog, it was quite fun to write.


A Wonderful, wonderful... Essay!

Boring Alert!

Just finished a big essay assignment on Gustav Stresemann's Diplomacy in the Weimar Republic during 1923-1929.
If anybody is interested in History, or Germany, or big, boring things, I'll upload the Essay in three parts down there ;D

Warning! My handwriting isn't brilliant :S





Easter Egg Review!

Happy Easter, everyone!

I hope that everybody received some form of Chocolate today, and that chocolate resembles a large Avian Offspring Case!
In other words - as the title suggests - I am going to review the two Easter Eggs that I received!

'Wispa' and 'Twirl' Eggs!

Both Eggs are a product of Cadbury's, that famous British Chocolate company (I think Kraft owns them now; Thus becoming the 'Super Anglo-American Confection Confederation!'), and both are wrapped identically.
The Packaging is very similar, with a more 'eco-friendly' appearance. I was impressed by this attempt to cut down the usage of Cardboard and plastic, but quite sad that the big, obnoxious packaging was gone - Many fond memories of huge packages containing delicious chocolate weren't relived. However, opening the package, one finds that the eggs themselves are no less smaller, and that it's always a pleasure to open that familiar foil wrapping.
I was particularly pleased by the corporate message 'Happy Easter from Cadbury's', scribed on the egg itself.

Now the taste...

The Twirl Egg tasted a lot like the standard Dairy Milk bar. It was pleasantly unexpected, but for some reason, not the one that I was hoping for. I was hoping more for a Galaxy-esque (Dove, being the American equivalent, I believe) taste. But since Cadbury's/Kraft/Superconfectionconglomerate were in charge, it was Dairy Milk. All in all, not dissatisfied, in fact, I was quite happy. Paws up!

The Wispa Egg (which I have yet to finish :3) was larger. And since I had put it in the fridge, was now a colder, more pleasant confection C: It has a slightly less-sweet taste than the aforementioned egg, but it had something which hits the spot just right. I am quite pleased with this plus-sized, plus-taste egg, and give it 'paws + tails up!'

The only criticism I have is that the eggs were not solid. That was very sad :C

Overall, this made for a very pleasant, yet more mature and refined Easter Sunday. Thanks everyone! :3


'Wario Land: The Shake Dimension' Review!

Hello, everyone!

Despite having a few exams which have been keeping me down, I felt it was high time to try my hand at reviewing a Video Game!
So, to get things underway; Let's go for: Wario Land: The Shake Dimension!

Yes, our favourite Byronic, bulky Hero returns for another round of Treasure-Grabbing, Princess-'Napping, Wii-Remote-Shaking Fun!

Gallant Wario here is approached by a little green guy (a 'Merfle', for those technical, name-remembering people like you) and is told that his Princess (Princess Shokora - Strange name. Wonder what parent of hers chose that :S) has been kidnapped by an Evil Monster known as the Shake King, who has also acquired the 'Bottomless Coin Sack' - with which every shake releases a fortune's worth of Gold in coins. So, like a Gentleman, Wario agrees to help (but only because he can get the Treasure along the way like the greedy, lovable Oaf he is).

All mine!

So, the game is a Platformer in which Wario must traverse 5 Worlds (each containing 5 levels and a Boss to boot) before facing the Shake King in a Battle to end all Battles, saving Shokora, and being able to sleep on a pile of money that would be rightfully his!

So! What differs this platformer from those we enjoyed in our Youths, like Mario Brothers and Bonk's Adventure?

The Wii Controller! Or is it?
I'll elaborate! : The game isn't called 'The Shake Dimension' for nothing; when you find an enemy, a Money bag, an impassable pillar, or a switch, you can shake the Wii Remote to either unleash a tasty Ground-Smash (with your hand, no less), or you can get a hoard of coins from Giant Money Sacks.
Yet despite the placement of 'Shake' in the title, this isn't the main orientation for getting the game (unless if you really like to shake things.)

Get it? I typed in 'Shake', and it's a Milks-... Never mind. Don't quit your day job, Ess.

Anyway, as I was saying; What more to the game is there than Shaking?
Well; Let's start with the Levels:
They're incredibly diverse, and wonderfully designed (an elaborate hand-drawn-style, type-thing). They certainly don't skimp out on locales; from the Lush forests of Foulwater Falls to the Glitz of Neon City, there are no shortage of places that our dungaree-porting portly Plumber hasn't visited.
In every level, the goal is to get to the end of the level, rescue the Merfle, and get back before time runs out (lest you lose all your treasure!). However, during the course of the level, there are several secondary objectives which you can choose to complete. These can vary from getting through the level without taking damage, to destroying all the stone blocks in a level. Needless to say, past the Gameplay time you have completing each level and beating the boss, you can get a lot more challenge out of these little blighters.

(Blighters was underlined as not being in the computer dictionary. I am disappointed!)

So, in short, no shortage of things to do.

So Gameplay, Design and and Story have been covered (albeit not as well as I could if I were a more experienced reviewer person, like Spooks, Someguy or Taco).

"I'm better than you, and I'm a foodstuff!"

So let's cover Music!
This is without doubt, my favourite aspect of the Game. Quite sincerely, the variations of Country, Acid Rock, Classic Rock, Jazz, Funk and Blues set this apart from many other platformers. And the best thing is, if you complete all the challenges in a level, you can unlock the Music Track for that level! Hooray, I say!

So, let's make a conclusion before teatime;

As a whole, I love Wario Land. It's one of the most wonderfully-humoured and pleasantly-playable games that I've played in a while. The Music, addicting platforming and challenges all put the gameplay way above standard. On the other hand, if you really want to push through the game, you can get it done in around 5/6 hours, so in that respect, it's quite short. Furthermore, it doesn't have all the kooky power-ups that the previous ones offered. But don't let that detract, this is a fantastic, uber-fun game, and I would urge you to give it a go if you like silly adventure games staring Burly Italian-Americans.

It's-a-me! Wario!


Average White Bande-Dessinée!

Hello again C: Since there was a lack of Internet (sort of) in Holiday-land, I got to work on a surreal comic that I called 'The Average White Bande-Dessinée'! (see, Average White Band, and Bande-Dessinée make a Portmanteau!) ...
Don't quit your day job, Ess :C
Anyway, I thought that I'd upload the two comics that I made here. I might even make more, if people like them of course C:


Heavy Weapons Guy




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Post on Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:06 am by Jonny

If you have a pain in the tail you should leave it alone for a few days, Esbby.


Post on Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:11 am by JT_the_Ninja

So how are you going to mod if you're off defeating Ganon in Koridai? []

Post on Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:36 am by Guest

I will with my epic aura mind control thing!


Post on Wed Jan 05, 2011 7:27 am by Gorgro

You can switch between keyboard settings by pressing alt-shift. I have an azerty keyboard as well, so i can verify that this works. (This is also a great way to confuse people, just do it when they're not looking for added effect.)


Post on Wed Jan 05, 2011 7:37 am by someguy3657

Aw man, seems like you guys had a lot of fun.


Post on Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:37 pm by Tacoline


Post on Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:46 am by Guest

I'ma Firing my Lazer! :3

New Post! Chocolate Factories, Ice Hockey and Bus Catching!

Post on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:55 am by Guest

Another Chapter added, if anyone's interested: Hope so :3


Post on Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:57 am by Tuomey

Essby wrote:
We found that the typical short, plump security guard, and his lanky colleague forbade us to sit down in an open space in the middle of the shopping centre, alongside our teachers and other members of the pubic. So instead we stood there in Silent Protest.

Grarh. Security guards.
I and my friends who are the same still get shit off of the security guards in the shopping centre town for being "young people hanging around" when we are all 1) over 18 and 2) actually shopping.
I do not like security guards.

Some of them can nearly be thought of as human beings who just have a job to do, the majority (in my experience) seem to take it as a killing personal insult involving family, race and creed that someone carrying six shopping bags should even dare to think about sitting down on a bench provided for that purpose.
Their personality can basically be inferred from that.

Post on Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:37 am by Guest

Walking in and out of the mall, we must've seen them about 5 times in all :S They just appeared, man. They just appeared. ;_;

But I agree. I went to a Dentist's once, just to ask if I could use a telephone to call my Parents to come and pick me up - The attitude she gave me... :C

Post on Sat Jan 08, 2011 9:28 am by Guest

Edited! Chapter Four; Football! Women! Minivans!

Post on Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:32 am by Guest

Final Chapter's up. Little to read, so it's not too much a matter of endurance, I hope. :S


Post on Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:57 am by someguy3657

Hope you had a lot of fun during your trip, SB!

Have a safe trip home.

Post on Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:55 am by Guest

I did, thanks Someguy. Just very tiring :S

Post on Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:10 am by Guest

Blog updated with 'The Average White Bande-Dessinée!'

It's a silly comic for Silly People! Let me know what you think!


Post on Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:17 am by Packie

silly indeed, which is indeed a good thing


Post on Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:56 pm by Tacoline

lol poor guy, he has pupils

Post on Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:16 am by Guest

Updated with a new Comic! This one's about a Leprechaun C:

Thank you for all the positive feedback!


Post on Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:54 am by Bowen

Well, it made me chuckle.
Nicely done, sir.


Post on Mon Aug 15, 2011 4:06 am by Hollyღ

Lazy wannabes, tricking me out of a balance breakfast >_>


Post on Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:46 am by Katls

Good loard that last one made me laugh, something a lot of webcomic fail to do. Well done.

Post on Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:19 am by Guest

Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback C: I feel inclined to do more :3

Post on Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:23 am by Guest

Update with #4! It's about Jobs, and it's the biggest one yet! Stay tuned for partial excitement! C:


Post on Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:53 am by AwesomeMedic

I will not say what happened in the blank spot...

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