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The Quest for Someguy's Sunglasses or Strike of the Beecat

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"I'll hold the charge for as long as I can! Good luck!"

Stef was still worried when he saw ewman land perfectly on the beast.

"I wish I could help but my battle armor got destroyed when I fell. I'm useless now Rita..." he said. "All I know is healing and make crazy explosions and stuff aND IT'S AWESOME- err....yeah, I mean, I can't really fight- WWWAAAAAIIIIT A MINUTE!"

Stef, in his usual habit to look around when worried noticed Rare and Esbiate coming toward him with smiles on their face.

"OH SHIT INCOMING! INCOMING! RUUUUUUUUUUNNN!!!!! WE ARE SCREWED- HI TACO!" said Stef when when he saw Taco. "HAI!" she answered.

"Don't worry Medic I'm not against you now." said Rare.




"Seriously Medic, we'll need your assistance to destroy that beast. Are you able to split your beam on two seperate person with your current medigun?" asked Rare.

"Technically no, logically no, but yes I can!"

"Well...this is gonna harder than I thought....." said Rare while glaring at Stef.

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Dove in the Moonlight
After a very long writers block I finally make my post. I wanted to get this posted sooner than later so we can continue. Let me know if there are mistakes. I'm still not happy with the post but I can't keep delaying it.

Beautiful slivers of sunlight soaked through the thick tree branches, bathing the battleground in golden rays of renewed hope - the morning light coming out so normal, so surreal and uneffected by the skirmishes of the past months, that it almost seemed like a dream.

It's good to see you again." Esbiate managed to say, blinking back his tears that revealed words unspoken. Rare fought the urge to collapse as emotion overcame her, and instead looked out solemnly at the assembly of gods and fighters who watched her with judging glances, with one in particular catching her eye.

Standing several feet from the near collision of the Castle of the Gods, which now hovered barely off the ground, Charles himself, leader of the Resistance, commanded attention in his blood and grit soaked judos outfit, The Sunglasses of Power positioned over his tired eyes.

Rare felt grief and guilt wash over her instantly as the man she had spent several months pursuing in an attempt to annilate his very existance gave her a slight nod of understanding - he didn't know what had occured, but it was clear she was no longer overtaken with the evil that treatened to destroy her as well as the kingdom she hoped to control.

The tired mew trembled slightly as she took one step forward, her old friend Esbiate following her lead, the two heading into the last chapter of their adventure.
What the fuck was I THINKING!?

Nothing evident was controlling the new monstrosity as it moved at its own volition, shouting pitiful screams of anger as the human warrior known as Dewman held onto its fur, his own shouts of desperation echoing in his ears. The red of the creatures eyes flashed dangerously as it reared back and nearly avoided another attack from the Dewpillar, almost knocking its human rider off in the process.

"You have five minutes tops before this thing blinks out!" Medic's voice just barely audible over the various sounds of chaos that exploded around them. "I wish I could help but my battle armor got destroyed when I fell. I'm useless now Rita..." Medic trailed off as he felt the grips of panic as Rare and Esbiate approached his location, the mew looking like she was standing on the last of her nine lives.

"Don't worry Medic I'm not against you now." said Rare, her voice a light breathless tone as she inhaled sharply, the pains that were kept away from her madness now shooting through her nerves. "Are you able to split your beam on two separate persons with your current medigun?"

"Technically no, logically no, but yes I can!" Medic flashed a grin, which Rare failed to return.
"Well...this is gonna harder than I thought....."

"Rare!' The mew turned to the voice, a young dewy-eyed bayleaf who pranced quickly over to the small group. Approaching the mew, who was considerably now more graceful and impressive in appearance than the bayleaf had thought, Rita kept her careful distance, weary eyes never leaving the other pokemon. "Is it true, what the Tacobot says?"

"I wouldn't give much weight to what my robot says, but just know I am on your side." Rare glanced up at the mottled beecat, who was crying out in its raspy voice, Dewman barely holding on the creation. With a few more violent tugs, Rare feared the human would be sent tumbling down, possibly to his death if the Ubercharged faded.

"We don't have much time. Medic, how much longer does Dewman have?"
"Three minutes, if lucky."

Somerabbit was was startled for a moment, until he realized the Rare that had recovered from the vorpal blade's attack was Rare the White Queen, her strength ebbed but holding steady. He stood tall, trying to look as formal as he could, and spoke loudly and clearly to whoever would listen - that is, to say, noone at all bothered to listen as chaos exploded almost immediately with the return of the proper queen.

"Taco! Taco!' Somerabbit gave up the appearance of formality as he jumped and waved his tiny hands in the air. The robot only barely caught his attention as she thrusted her blade into the skull of another beedrill, grimacing at the goo that collected on the edge.

"CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO HOLINESS. Or something. I heard that in a joke, once." Tacobot landed with a loud and heavy metallic THUD next to the rabbit, who nearly fell over from the force of the landing.

"Taco there is something important I must tell you!"

"DEFEATED ARE THE MONSTERS, I HAVE DONE MY PART AND SAVED THE TREEHOUSE." Taco posed heroically, obvious to the cries of help and dismay coming from her dying teammates around her.

"There's one last thing you must do!" Somerabbit removed his tiny glasses and held them out for the Robot to see. "You will know when to use these, until then I must take leave."

Taco pocketed the glasses (although Somerabbit was SURE she didn't have pockets last chapter of the roleplay) and frowned her uncommon robot frown. "Leave? But you just got here! Hey, how did you get here?"

"We are nothing but data, code, pulled from your systems. An antivirus, if you will. And right now I'm needed back inside your mind, like how your Charles is needed here." For once the robot was quiet as the Somerabbit spoke, and he was unsure how to proceed with the change.

"Well, we both did some things and said some things that you are surely to regret, but it's time for my departure. I'm already...very late..." Taco watched as the small rabbit dissolved into code, and faded away into nothing more but a memory.


"This shit be cray!" Dewpillar found himself using Awesome Hatter as a mount as they charged up the caste exterior, focusing their energy on distracting the mutated Beecat as Dewman struggled to grapple the beast.

"I still say we need a better plan than this!" Door Rita squeaked as she dodged another plasma ball that was unleashed from the Beecat, feeling the scorching heat just barely missing her.

"I FORGOT I'VE GOT NEW FEET ROCKKKEETTSSSS" Taco shot past the group with such force that the castle seems to creek and moan. With her newly upgraded software, Tacobot was now 100 percent more or less the same as before. That would be silly, to assume otherwise.

"Where is she going?!" Dewpillar shot another bolt of lightening towards the beecat, grazing its head and making it rear back with a sickening screech.

Rare calculated their options for a moment, her mind piecing together the strategies that would benefit them, her lips silently moving as she muttered under her breath. She knew, in the back of her mind, she had little strength left.

"Looks like we need to team up once more." Rare said quietly, feeling herself grow heavy with fatigue and remorse as she aacknowledged Charles's presence.  He arrived on the scene covered in fresh beedrill blood and coated with another gleam of sweat.

"So it does." Charles replied, his own body very near its breaking point, with so much more left to do. "So it does."


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And then the good guys won and everyone lived happily ever after



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oh man it was totally leaving me hanging, that old ending. thank you so much for the clean finish dew. lol

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