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The Quest for Someguy's Sunglasses or Strike of the Beecat

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"oooooo this feels funny!"
"probably because you're a robot, and therefore psychic energy... um... you know what F it, its magic."
"somerabbit, you swore a no no word!"
"no i said "F", that could mean french fries or Flippers... or something."
"Hatter it think that we should probably keep focus."
"what makes you say that march riolu?"
"because the castle is now sideways... and falling. i'm detecting a decrease in altitude, THIS IS FUN! best roller coster ever!" taco cheered
taco's friends from wonderland either sighed or cheered with her, depending on their sanity.
hatter looked over at the other people who had appeared with this castle, well most likley he and his friends had appeared from wonderland, but whatevs.
"hey... nice gun!" the awesome hatter pointed at the guns that awesome medic was holding.
"thanks, i made em myself!" he replied pridefully.
dewpillar, was lost, somewhere else, he thought back to his days of training and tried to envision a way to escape the psychic trap. one of the "others" a man with a hatchet in his hand was doing the same thing. they caught eachother's glances and nodded.
suddenly a bright pink-white mew appeared, although she seemed somewhat ghostly and see-through. but for the first time, she was visible to the others. she looked over her shoulder as the other mew, the red mew, laughed at someguy's fall.
"it seems my counterpart is stronger than i thought,
perhaps i cannot seek what i have sought.
this structure crumbles sideways and down,
perhaps screaming will make a large enough sound."
taco shrugged, "i've been in worse falling places."

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(we need someone to post to continue the rpg)

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Dove in the Moonlight
(Sooorry! Making my post now)

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Dove in the Moonlight
(Is a little rushed at the end, sorry about that, but was running out of ideas in how to end his post so wrapped it up before I got frustrated).

"There once was a God named Prometheus. He was punished for giving the gift of knowledge to mankind."
"You’re in no condition to lose your only friend in the world.”
"If the fall doesn't kill him, this castle's grand entrance will."

Dewman had only barely noticed the words that sounded silky smooth but oddly sterile, echoing in his head, reminding him that Rare was still present. His fingers gripped his axe tightly as if holding on to security, his body frozen in shock.

Rare smiled slightly and took pity on the human. He did not carry on him the sense of pride and self worth that most men did. He was not confident in his actions, he did not look determined. But he fought not because he wanted to, nor because he thought he would be victorious, but because he had to. She mused and found Charles to be the same, and thought, although noble, these creatures were incredibly and naively stupid.

Charles felt and heard the screaming of air around him and the cold, unforgiving stabs of rain molecules as he tumbled helplessly towards the ground, and wondered where it all went wrong. He touched his face gingerly, feeling the dried dirt and blood that cracked and caked his skin, and reflected briefly on past events. Just how long was the journey - a day? Two days? A week? Fog - things were foggy now. He watched in awe as he fell through the cloud cover.

The castle gave off the appearance of being alive as it roared and breathed heavily with its own decent, slowly resisting the need to stay afloat. The Medic stared hard at the Mew, who now sat calmly on the throne, small and tiny on the seat, and undeserving of such position. He knew she would watch until she could no longer. The Gyphon watched him in return, daring the doctor to attack. The bird's large talons flexed eagerly, digging into the stone flooring and tearing up the red carpet. Stef casually lowered himself, head in hands, his large robotic form struggling to stay upright as the castle lurched and rocked.

"Lower yourself to my height. Pretend to be mourning." Stef whispered, hoping the Tacobots acute hearing would pick up his words. She fell quickly and without warning, facedown and embedded slightly into the stone flooring. Stef sideglanced towards Rare, who looked amused, but not alerted to any suspicious activity.

"Are we pretending to be morning now? Can I be nightime!?" The robots voice was muffled through the floor.

"We are going to rescue Charles." Stef wisely ignored his friends misinterpretation of his words. Tacobot somewhat rhythmically began to nod her head but if she were agreeing or simply nodding to the tune of a song that played in her head, Stef couldn't tell. Stef spoke quickly, knowing Rare wouldn't allow them to stay grouped for long. She would suspect. She would know.

Dewman felt the blisters on his hands press against the axe and relaxed his grip - the wood was nearly splintered and each swing cut into his palms. But the weapon was one constant in the disorganized ray of events, and he clung to the familiar feeling, the, perhaps false sense of security he felt when wielding it. He allowed his eyes to wonder, and felt Stef watching him. The larger robotic form was crouched next to the smaller Tacobot, with her face smashed into the floor. Stef darted his eyes towards Rare before returning his gaze on the human. Distraction? Perhaps. For what? Stef pushed several buttons that were attached to his wrist and waited.

Dewman twirled his axe in his hand and casually began to walk - his body screamed at him to rest. He didn't want to move in this state, shocked, angered, damaged. His skin cracked from the burns suffered back at the church. How long ago was that battle? Yesterday. It had to have been a mere day.

Rare cocked her eyebrow and motioned for the Gryphon to stand down as the human slowly approached, looking everywhere but at the Pokemon. He admired and studied the remaining architecture of the castle, tracing the detailed carvings on the pillars and entrances.

"You've had everything planned." Dewman finally spoke, cursing himself for allowing his voice to break slightly from fatigue. "You really thought of everything."

Rare held up her hands, palms facing outward, and smiled. "Please, you flatter me. But I can't take all the credit. You and your team were so useless and naive you practically handed everything to me."

"Oh, yes. We really didn't take into account your large swarm of bees, and your.." He paused, eyes landing on the Gryphon. "You're majestic guards."

"You finally admit defeat? It is to late to plea for forgiveness. This castle will fall with you on it."

"And I'm glad we are on it! To see such a wondrous sight before we die...it's really nice that Gryphon flew us up here. But you seem to have forgotten, or perhaps you didn't notice...not all of us needed the guidance of Gryphon to reach you."

The mew frowned and curled her paw into a fist. "What do you speak of?" Gryphon looked flustered, and shifted uncomfortably. "Gryphon, what does he mean by this?"

"W-well, my queen, I must have forgotten in all the excitement, but-"

"But, WHAT?"

"I think the little robot flew..."

"That's right." The voice now came from behind Dewman, and Stef stood with his partner in justice Tacobot beside him. "You think we would just sit here and wait like sheep for slaughter?"

"I LIKE SHEEP! Oh and we are going to rescue Charles. Kthx!" With that Taco jumped and activated her rocketboots. Stef activated his own packs, which settled on his back and were now fully charged.


Without looking back, the two robots were out of the castle and rocketing towards their falling comrade.

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The sounds of the jets propulsing from the android and the scientist soon faded, leaving Dewmann alone against a furious Rare. While such circumstances should have caused himself to fear horrific pain and death, the way those circumstances came about left him chuckling.

"So tell me again how we were the naive ones. How we handed everything to you."

"This changes nothing. You and all of your comrades will die, and the rest of your kind will either do the same, or recognize me as their God." Rare hissed as she glared hard enough at Dewmann for her hate to almost seem corpreal.

"Even if that comes to pass, it still doesn't change the fact that you're not as perfect as you make yourself out to be. Even after attaining Godhood, you're still flawed like any mortal being. Just try to keep that in mind when you enslave humanity."

Before he could get another sentence in, Dewmann was slammed onto his back, unable to move much more than his eyes, as Rare floated over him, her eys flashing barely contained animalistic rage.

"Hold your tounge before I rip it out."

Unable to so much as get the last word of the conversation, Dewmann strained to raise an eyebrow in the hopes of looking as incredulous and as insolent as possible. He needed to keep Rare's attention, and make sure she was not focused on the fact that in moments, she would again be forced to fight it out with Charles, with the fate of the world at stake.

At least, he hoped that Charles would be back in moments. Dewmann didn't have much more time than that.

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"Off we go!"

Stef and Tacobot flew off the castle in search of Charles that was still falling. The gryphon was following them

"Hey gryphon! Guess what?"



Stef pushed a button on his arm and a sombrero came out. Hitting the gryphon in the face.




"Hey it's somewabbit!"

Tacobot pointed a black dot downward. Stef nodded and went near him.



"Relax dude! Everything is fin-"

Suddently, Stef's rocket stopped completly.

"Um....this look bad..."

"Do something! And quick!"

"Ok lemme check...Gun...Water gun....Clown burner....You in the shower.....Cupcake...."

"Wait what?"

"...Cookies....Balloon....Emergency Rocket! Alright!"

Stef pushed the button and a new pair of rocket appeared on his back. He grabbed Charles and flew upward to meet Taco who was messing with the gryphon.

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(sorry if it seems a bit rushed)

Trying to ignore the strange content of his friend's inventory, Charles looked up from the hard, metal grip of AM's robotic suit at the gryphon and the robot, flying around in circles, watching each other and apparently speaking, but he was too far to make out anything. He then looked towards the Castle, crumbling apart as it kept going straight down. The only reason it wasn't down by now was probably because the Gods inside were still vainly trying to stop it, but only managing to slow it down. He had to do something. But what? This was a death trap, about to kill hundreds, if not thousands of people.

A revolution...history will mark it down as the beginning of the reign of the Mew...

He shook out this awful thought from his head as he concentrated on the Castle, thinking that perhaps he could use the help of the two Almighties inside to teleport everyone to safety. They might have lost the battle, he thought bitterly, but they haven't lost the war just yet.

But, just then, Stef's rockets began sputtering and throwing out a lot of black smoke. Both Canadians stared silently before AM remembered:

"Oh, right, of course, I always fill the emergency rocket with apple juice, in case I get thirsty!"

"You know, Stef, if I didn't want to strangle you right now, I'd probably be laughing..." replied Charles as both of them began to fall like rocks. Stef desperately tried to keep a hold on Charles, thinking the suit could protect both of them, but he couldn't hold on to him, and, thanks to his added weight, he fell much more quickly than the ex-glasses bearer.

The wind kept howling into Charles' ears as he saw AM fall past the clouds below him at great speeds. Meanwhile, he was doomed to slowly fall, before splatting down onto the solid, unforgiving ground. He screamed Taco's name, hoping she would come for his rescue, but perhaps she was too busy with the gryphon to come.

Dear God, this is it. This is the end. I'll never see my family again, I'll never get married, I'll never have kids...I'm going to die.

When this thought finally concluded itself into Charles' mind, he closed his eyes, offered a quick prayer of repentance (although he doubted the Gods would forgive him for, you know, bringing Hell on Earth) and tried to relax, not daring to open his eyes and preferring his death to come as a surprise to him.

After a few minutes of falling, which seemed like years, something Charles never expected to happen happened: his descent began to slow. Wondering what it could be, Charles slowly opened his eyes, only to see green vines all around him, cushioning his fall. He looked down to see that he was only 10 feet away from solid ground, where Rita was there, stopping his fall. But she was no longer a small and cute Chikorita. She was now much bigger and stronger, and her green skin was now replaced by a bright yellow. The leaf on her head was bigger an sharper looking as she flashed the boy a smile. Gently placing him down on the ground, she told him before he could recover from his amazement

"I guess now we're even."

Charles didn't know what to say, so all he did was smile. He noticed someone coming towards them, and his grin grew wider as he saw Stef, his face now back to crazy yellow face. He was a bit dizzy, but otherwise OK.

"Gonna have to build other robot..." he said as he pointed off to the scrapped remains of his suit, a bit off in the distance.

Charles quickly looked around. They were in a big, empty grass field. The two men and the Pokemon looked up at the Castle, still a growing dot in the sky.

I have to stop it

But how?

Running past his friends, Charles positioned himself underneath the Castle. He had no idea if this was going to work, but it was worth a shot.

Concentrating all of his demi-God powers, the boy closed his eyes and quickly raised his hands into the sky, trying to use some sort of psychic energy to slow the Castle's fall. The moment he raised his hands, it felt like an enormous weight just fell onto the boy, and he screamed in agony as  every bone, every muscle of his body was suddenly placed under extreme stress. His legs shook underneath the boy, but he gritted his teeth and kept his position, hoping, praying, that this would slowly but surely keep the building from crashing into Earth.

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taco's wonderland friends had disappeared for the moment, it was perhaps possible that there existence faded in and out in accordance to some chaotic law of impossibilities. regardless it was still funny to call someguy somerabbit, she wondered how long she could get away with it.
the gryphon tore the sombrero off of his head and ripped it apart, he dived after the two humans. two metalic feet stuck his side and sent him terribly off course as he fell through the air. he regained his balance quickly and looked accusingly at the android.
"hey there, BIRDIE pretty birdie!" the robot floated on rocket powered feet shakily as if it didnt have full control.
"how dare you call me a-"
"such a pretty birdie!" tacobot taunted the gryphon.
"stop it!" he soared at the robot and scraped at air as the robot seemed to gain several levels in agility and spun upsidown. its rockets suddenly switched on to a large stream of fire broke out and burned through the gryphons under-feathers and singed its skin. the tacobot giggled as it regained control.
"this is fun." then it looked down quickly as if it heard something.
"i'll show you, robot!" he soared again, scraping claws on metal plating. he tore at some of the paneling and caused a gash that leaked out drops of oil.
"hey, i need that!" protested the android. "its hand suddenly became a blowtorch that it began using on the gash, fusing the metal together.
the gryphon would give the android a chance to heal, he made another pass. knocking the tacobot off balance and it began tumbling downwards, pausing slightly as the rockets would regain control but lose it quickly again.
"where do you think you're going?" he dived, slashing at the tacobot as she fell. he manged several good slices, but the tacobot seemed to suddenly regain control then lose it again chaoticly, making it extremely unpredictable as it barrel rolled around.
"back off, birdie!" he got to close and found a hot stream of rocket exhaust shoot into his eyes and beak. tacobot regained its balance. "scans done! what scan you ask, oh its the one that tell me your stats in this game." it continued as the gyryphon tried to wipe hot ashed away from his face. "you fly really fast, but you lack maneuverability. that means you cant turn or barrel roll or anything. and BARREL ROLLING IS VERY IMPORTANT!" then the tacobot smiled just as the gryphon opened his eyes. "its my turn now!"
suddenly the tacobot was above him.

there was a loud thud that shook thhe earth and left a small crater, in the center of it was a gryphon.
the two humans along with a greenish looking... thing... were staring up at the falling castle.
"HEY GIUZE, whatcha doin?"

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Dove in the Moonlight
(I don't always post replies a month late, but when I do, it's on the roleplay thread)(Sorry if this post sounds stiff - my keyboard is still broke so I have to copy and past all A's and W's. I tried to make the paragraphs short to save myself some stress. I've also been under a case of writers block, so there's also that). (Anyway!) .

A tremor took hold of the keep.

Sprung from the heart of desperation and determination and unleashing itself in a powerful wave, the invisible psychic force strained under the weight and dominion of its task, sending sparks of energy down the humans torso - the castle groaned with the stress of the resistance and slowly, almost reluctantly, halted to an agonizing stop in its decent.

"How did you know that would happen?" Medic asked casually, amusement lining his voice.

"I've seen enough anime to know where this was going." Charles replied with a pained smile as the strain on his muscles intensified. "Dewman...he's.."

"I know, I've already instructed Taco to fly up there. Meanwhile I'm gonna stay down here and pretend I'm Iron Man while I help you. Hey, how large do you think our health bars are?"

"I wouldn't know."

"And how come I act differently everytime someone else writes me in? It's not that hard to keep me in character. Soon I will be sitting by fireplaces reading dramatically as I puff my cigar. That actually sounds pretty neat, actually."

"I hope Dewman is having a better time than I am." Charles muttered quietly to himself as he felt the balance of life and death in his hands.

Inside the falling haven, the enormity of what occurred over the past days aligned with the loss of certainty washed new fatigue over the human Dewman. He felt the heated tension rise in the room as he met the mews eyes, holding her gaze longer than called for, and the hurricane of emotions rose in him without the energy to carry out his need for blood. As if by command, under a broad arch of polished ivory and stone, several bees moved forward in a group, led by the largest of the remaining guards. Seething in silence, the human waited as he was quietly surrounded and pushed towards the Goddess, who in herself also craved the blood of her enemies.

Charles heard the welter of voices surround him, and with high honor, some dozen species of Pokemon grouped in a circle beneath the castle, all of them battle-worn but all of them determined, offering their specialized skill sets to ease the weight set on the human boy. Charles watched as the last remaining guards and Gods of Arceus's reign stood fast, each silently giving their approval to the human as they shared the burden and responsibility of preventing annihilation.

Rita also stepped forward, her beautiful leaves no longer withered and premature, now a strong and confident Bayleaf. She watched in fascination as the devoted followers of Arceus gathered their psychic energies and brute force to slow the decent of the once holy castle, motivated by the courage of the broken and beaten mortals. Rita felt her own newly evolved strength as she unleashed her vines and shot them skyward, and the chorus of encouraging voices and cries drowned out one another as the castle slowly began to ascend.

Gryphon exhaled softly through his beak. His encounter in the air had thrown him off course, crashing heavily against the surrounding cliffs. He felt the icy breeze coming off the ocean on his face, felt the electric energy of yet another approaching storm. He flexed, and opened his eyes to see the large darkening clouds rolling slowly as if attracted by the power being released by both Mew and Human. Gryphon touched his chin with his claw, and felt the sudden flash of anger as he felt his goal for the Mew's power to be fruitless.

Then I shall steal what is left of the boy's energy. He smiled crookedly and untangled his battered wings, gathering up his pride and dignity once more. And once the boy is dead and drained.. He pushed himself off on powerful hind legs and took to the air, riding on the air currents to save his energy, the call of a predator awakening and renewing his sense of purpose.

Dewman's torn attire catching against the increasing wind tugged against his body as he slowly approached the Goddess on her throne. The beedrill guards flew at half-circle around him, continuing their steady pace as the room opened up from beside the throne, revealing several more guards in wait. Oblique light beamed through the massive windows and highlighted the destruction of the throne room, reflecting off the blood-spilled tiles and bodies that piled along the walls.

In an attempt to look at anything but the decay, he lifted his head to the stone carving of Arceus, engraved in the wall that stood several feet high, rested behind the throne as if to protect the room. The feeling of defeat finally settled inside. He felt pressure behind his eyes as he imagined Charles fighting the battle without him.

Somewhere deep within the castle, the sounds of a large clock announcing the time filled the room with its enchanting sound, calling off six times before allowing the room to fall into silence once more. When she shot the small energy beam through his chest, he kept his eyes on the sculpture, ignoring the burning tears that threatened to fall.

"Charles will...destroy you." Dewman lowered his eyes to maintain contact, but when the Mew floated away from her throne at out of view, the human didn't dare to follow with his gaze in fear of falling. Rare didn't respond immediately. When she did, her voice was strained and angered.

"Even after all I have done to prove on your behalf that I am the supreme race, you fail to grasp reality and admit defeat. You fail to submit to survival instincts and bow to me as your new God, to beg for an invested future."

Dewman allowed himself to look out the large triangular windows that opened up to a pleasant enough view of the hillsides. He waited for more from the Mew, but after what seemed like several minutes of uncomfortable silence, he gripped his axe with increasingly shaking hands.

"I don't bow to those like you." Spurts of blood dripped from his clenched teeth as he roared into life, lifting his suddenly heavy arm and swinging his trusted axe into the head of a nearby Beedrill.

Below the castle, Charles gasped through the pain of his burning lungs, as the fine thread of psychic energy pushed the castle haltingly upwards.

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Despite his fear, his fatigue, his sweat, his pain, Charles kept his arms up. Every inch of his body was in pain, his muscles stretching like never before. He looked around him, at the Gods who were helping him out, either by flying up to the building and trying to stop it with their backs, or using their powers to do their deeds. The Gods who couldn't fly or didn't have powers to reach the Castle were still very busy by knocking away the falling debris. Charles then looked at Rita, who, despite still being young, was brave, and helped out as well, no matter how small her help could be. Charles felt horribly weak, and he had a feeling that the only reason he hadn't collapsed yet was because of the red beam coming from AM's Medi Gun gently touching his chest.

Inside the falling building, Dewmann had a last spurt of energy, swinging his hatchet around, unsure and uncaring if he hits anything or not. His only goal for the moment was to try to get Rare. To try and make her shut up about all this talk of "superior race" by sticking a thick, cold piece of metal straight through her skull. He hacked away at any Beedrill that got too close while charging at the Mew, who still stared outside as if nothing was happening around her. As the tired, bloody human came close, she didn't even give him the decency of facing him while she flung another plasma ball at his direction, making him fly across what used to be called a room.

"Don't be ridiculous." she said loudly and bitterly. She slowly turned to Dewmann as he tried to get up again. Esbiate, who had been watching everything from a corner, looked away as Rare sent another blast of powerful energy into Dewmann. "Do you honestly think-" another blast "-that your silly little hatchet-" another blast "-could stop ME-" another blast "-in any possible way?"

Dewmann looked up at Rare. He felt as if his ribs were broken, and it was a wonder he was still alive. He tried to say something, anything, but his mind was dizzy and hurt. Rare saw this right away, and, with a small, cruel laugh, she focused her powers and shot a huge ray of powerful psychic energy, so powerful that it blasted the boy through the stone walls and down towards the solid ground, along with some debris.

Everyone below saw the blast of energy coming from the falling Castle, but it was only when Rita screamed that they noticed Dewmann, his body limp as it fell down with increasing speed. "Stef!" Charles screamed, but AM was already shouting "I got it! I got it!" while running under Dewmann, his Medi Gun aimed towards the sky as the medic repeatedly pressed the large trigger. At the fifth trigger pull, Dewmann was finally in range, and a red beam of health shot from the gun and went in contact with the falling comrade. A few seconds later, Dewmann fell onto AM while some of the Gods stopped the debris from falling on the two of them.

Charles, now in even more pain without his friend healing him, managed to scream out "Is he ok?" Stef slowly got up, laying Dewmann down on the soft grass. While doing so, he could've sworn a small popup with the words "Achievement unlocked: Medical Intervention" along with the picture of a butterfly net catching plus signs came out of nowhere on the bottom right corner of his vision. "He's alright! Just a bit out, he'll come to soon enough!"


With a quick, sudden flash, Gryphon flew down rapidly. Before anyone could even notice his presence, Charles screamed out in pain as large talons sliced and stabbed at his chest. A large, dark red spot kept growing on his sweaty, dirty shirt as he lowered his hands to try and stop the attacker. Rita and a few other Gods quickly came to the rescue, pulling the gryphon away. As Gryphon prepared his killing move, Charles fell to his knees, everything becoming dizzy and his arms at his stomach, trying to stop the bloodflow. Gryphon raised his talons again, but a powerful, white hyper beam came out from one of the God's mouth, passing through the beast and disintegrating him on the spot.

The sudden stop of resistance against the falling Castle from both Charles and the Gods who came to his rescue made it fall down more quickly.

(in case you didn't get the achievement joke, look here. And yes, I did fling Dewmann out of a building and almost killed him just to make that joke. Sorry, Dew. No hard feelings?)

(also, once again, what I thought was a long, good post fails in comparison to Stupid Sexy Mew's post)

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(You don't have to apologize to me man. After all, I'm the guy who at one point was considering putting you in a slash fic full of sex. If anything, I should be apologizing to you. So uh, sorry for considering putting you in a slash fic full of sex.)

It's all over, for me anyway.

Dewmann fell in a daze, cutting a swath through the air, which ruffled his tattered and scorched clothing as well as felt remarkably soothing on his injuries. Every open wound, burn, and bruise was a reminder to him of just how unfit he was to help save the world. He had begun the mission given to him with the utmost confidence in his abilities. After all, it could not have been simpler. He would guide Charles Ferland to safety over the phone for whatever mysterious organization that wanted him safe, and from there would provide him instructions on how to get his sunglasses back. Should anything go wrong, the shady contact from the organization told Dewmann that they would take it from there, and to call them if he needed any support. But then Dewmann was forced to join up with Charles and his friend the Medic, and during the journey, the phone was destroyed. Despite this, Dewmann still orignally felt confident that he could assist the two. He would be a valuable member of thier team in the fight against the tyranny of Rare.

It's not like anything I ever did could have helped though.

But then things got much deeper than just helping Charles and getting the sunglasses back, and Dewmann's self-image of some kind of intelligence agent was shattered when it became evident that he was the least knowledgeable of their situation. What was more was that when compared to a boy who could gain the powers of a demigod, an eccentric genius with numerous gadgets, and various Pokemon with fantastical abilities, Dewmann was also the least powerful. It didn't help that during every skirmish, he was the one who took the most hits. He was always the one in the worst shape when the fights ended, physically and mentally, due to the inhibitions he held regarding killing, even if it was all in the name of saving the world. Dewmann's heroic traits were far and few between when this quest started, and they only became scarcer as it went on.

I'm not hero material. Any doubts Charles has about himself could be solved just by looking at me. That is, if I'm even recognizable when I hit the ground.

But now it was done, and Dewmann was moments away from a messy demise. There was one thing he could be proud of in the end, and that was that he was facing his death with the least amount of fear possible. But even then, the act that caused his death was telekinetic defenestration through the stone wall of a floating keep; still another example of just how weak he was when compared to his allies and enemies.

It would have been smarter if I had refused their offer. Just hung up and went on with my life. I didn't make a difference anyway. The world will be saved or enslaved regardless of my influence on the outcome.

As his contemplations began to fade along with his consciousness, Dewmann heard a scream, followed by a humming noise that, in his hazy state of mind, he couldn't quite place. Right before he completely blacked out, he flet slightly better physically, only to suddenly feel a jolt of pain before darkness overtook him.

["How is he?"
"He's largely uninjured. Unfortunately, he's catatonic, and that's what worries me."
"You should have seen this coming. He's just a boy, and you put him into a combat situation."
"We had no way of knowing that there would be an ambush-"
"Stop. Just stop. That kid might never be right in the head again because of you. Stop justifying it and face what you've done. Hell, if it weren't for alpha team's timely intervention, he could have been even worse."
"I understand quite well what I've done, and am in the process of redeeming myself."
"How are you planning on fixing this? Thanks to the mission's Pyrrhic success, we could lose a substantial amount of resources. Not to mention what, and who, we had to sacrifice in order to even be able to complete the objective."
"However dwindling our resources are, they're still above and beyond those of most governments. We could make it so that the boy never remembers anything that transpired within the past few days. We could even go so far as to completely rewrite his entire life. We could give him the life of any other adolescent, and he'd be none the wiser."
"So that's your plan? Just absolve yourself of all the wrongs you've done to him by forging a new identity and letting him go?"
"With how unlikely it is for the Children to last much longer than a few more years, did you have any better ideas?"]

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(probably going to update soon. Feel free to do it as well)

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Dove in the Moonlight
(I will be posting in the next few hours)

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Dove in the Moonlight
(I just wanted to say, this has to be my favorite line in the entire roleplay:)

He hacked away at any Beedrill that got too close while charging at the Mew, who still stared outside as if nothing was happening around her. As the tired, bloody human came close, she didn't even give him the decency of facing him while she flung another plasma ball at his direction, making him fly across what used to be called a room.


Esbiate watched silently, eyes glistening in the torchlight like a pale golden moon, bright and smoldering with heavy emotion. His mistress rose from her throne, her red silky cloak gliding from her shoulders and landing quietly on destroyed foundation. Without the shock of color, the Goddess appeared ghostly as she approached the last remaining arched window and peacefully watched as the sun began to cast its orange hues as it set for the night. The ragged chorus of cries and despair that echoed from below grew weak and pained as the castle began its steady decent once more, virtually uncontested. Less than two hundred feet stood between The Castle of the Gods and humanities last hope for survival.

The castle shuddered as the last remaining resistance against Rare's tyranny pushed through enemy lines and took to focusing on slowing the decent of the stronghold. Gaze lingering heavily on his mistress, Esbiate retreated the throne room. The anubis' thoughts grew heavy as he entered the gallery and moved silently into the night, bracing himself against the sudden shock of cold draft. With a mournful howl, the Riolu abandoned the castle, leaping from the railings to join the resistance's cause.

Rare was elated by the turn of events. The scent of death and fear grew stronger as the enemy forces steadily fell to their deaths at the hands of her bees - warriors who knew nothing more than to fight and die for their queen. Her keen eyesight picked through shadows of movement. The growing hunger for bloodlust quickly took over as the mew could no longer wait for her minions to finish the job. The fight would end tonight, and she would be queen and God of the new world order. Without a word, the mew teleported from her decrepit throne room and onto the battlefield below.


(Short post today, just wanted to push the plot forward without messing up anyones plans for their characters).

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(AWWW SHIT! Are we gonna finish this rp? If so, I'm totally posting later on.)

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Dove in the Moonlight
(I do believe this is the last chapter!)

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Charles was gasping for air, the blood flowing out of his stomach from the sharp talons of the now late gryphon making him dizzy. He screamed for AM to come heal him as he desperately reached up, trying to use the power the Gods have borrowed him to stop the descent, but even trying for a second increased his pain a million fold, so he quickly gave up. "I'll just wait until Stef heals me a bit before trying again." he thought as he watched his friend leave Dewmann, who was slowly regaining consciousness, and rush towards him.

Unfortunately, before the medic could reach his friend, Rare suddenly appeared in the middle of the battlefield, accompanied by the horrified screams of some and the surprised, furious glares of others. She was still a Mew, but she was no longer the cute creature that Mews are defined as. Her pink fur was caked with blood and was standing on ends, her normally blue eyes were now red with hatred and pride, her usually playful smile was now undecided on whether it should frown at all the scum she had to see, or grin cruelly at the thought of cleansing it off the face of the earth, and her power corrupted psychic energy was growing fast in her paws as she looked down at AwesomeMedic, who was staring back with a poker face.

"YOU CAN'T SHOOT ME, I'M WEARING A SOMBRERO!" screamed the unlicensed doctor as he suddenly pulled a bowler hat out of seemingly nowhere and quickly placing it on his head. The Goddess, not caring about this human's "sombrero law", blasted Stef with her power, making him fly back at least thirty feet. Her eyes then turned and faced Charles, who was still bleeding, and she gave him a slasher smile as her energy grew again.

To everyone's surprise, the half dead, bleeding Canadian slowly and painstakingly got up, staring back into the Mew's eyes. His muscles were all sore, his body was covered in sweat and blood, and the wounds in his chest didn't want to heal. But, with a loud, furious battle cry, the boy pushed his body past his breaking point as he charged towards Rare, who was caught off guard by his sudden charge. This bold determination coming from this broken mortal made most of the Gods in the area join in, charging and attacking the Mew from all sides, who had to protect herself with a psychic bubble. Most of the Gods still busy with trying to hold the castle back used a fraction of their power to try to heal Charles as he kept charging, but that fraction was more than enough to speed up the boy. Rare, her smile replaced by a horrible frown, shot a few blasts towards Charles, while still protecting herself. Only a few of those shots hit the boy, and all of them felt like the impact of a speeding car, but what had sent Dewmann and AM flying backwards only made Charles slow down a bit. The protection from the surrounding Gods absorbed most of the psychic impact. When he was in range, Charles did the next thing that Rare had not been expecting: he leaped and held onto the Mew, who was still floating in midair.

"GIVE ME BACK MY SUNGLASSES!" he screamed as he desperately tried to grab the shades off of the power hungry Mew, with most of the Gods and even Rita trying to help Charles.

A small distance away from all the commotion, a small group suddenly appeared out of thin air. Somerabbit, blinking and looking around, turned to the Awesome Hatter, blinking.

"Since when did you have a teleportation device in your pocket?" asked the small rabbit, adjusting a much, much smaller version of the sunglasses Charles and Rare were currently struggling over.

"Since when have I not had a teleportation device in my pocket?" the Hatter said with a grin, putting a small remote control back in his pocket. "I call it 'The machina, version Deus ex.' I quite like it."

Before Somerabbit could reply, Tacoline crashed headfirst into the ground beside them, her rocket thrusters still activated and flailing around wildly.

"HI GUYZ!" she voiced out, muffled slightly by the dirt her head dug into. March Esby and Door Chikorita quickly pulled the robot out of the ground and helped her get back on her feet. The group then looked at the large battle happening a small distance away.

"Isn't that the Red Queen right there?" asked Somerabbit, pointing to Rare.

"No, that's Rare. She's my creator even though I was actually made by Aperture Science but she's still ok although sometimes I help her enemies LOL." said Taco, to the group's confused faces. Taco suddenly lit up. "Oh! I remember that something happened with a chesmire Mew and all that and I think I have something to do with this big story but I kinda forgot. Ah well. WHO WANTS A CUPCAKE?"

The Castle was now about 5000 feet away from solid ground.

It will collide with the earth in exactly two minutes.

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AM was boiling with anger because Rare broke the sombrero rule. No one as ever break it, even the filthy clowns.


Am: I DO! I DO! I DO!

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It took him several seconds to comprehend the fracas he was hearing.

Several more to even open his eyes, and even more still for his visual clarification to match what he was hearing.

He remained on the ground, unable to find the energy to even turn his head, which was faced away from the confrontation between the two icons of the light and the darkness.

He heard Medic get hit, and saw him land right in front of him.

He still could not gather the strength to pick himself up. Or rather, he did not have the will to rise to his feet. The amount of energy coursing through the ground made it feel warm, inviting, and it made him want to go back to sleep, maybe forever. When he was asleep, he didn't feel the pain. He didn't have the burns all over his body, the cuts and bruises marring his already haggard and filthy face and arms, the open, bleeding sores on his feet, exposed by his tattered shoes.


Maybe he could sleep forever.

Except, just then, as he was about to drift out of consciousness, he heard a voice. The voice of the one he had sworn to protect.


The agonized grunts and pants were enough to keep him conscious, but once he heard the shout, and the inspired yells from all those surrounding him as they made a final charge to save the world, he remembered why he was here.

He wished he could say he was back up in a heartbeat, but it was just shy of a minute before he finally steadied himself on his feet, and many more moments before he had fully surveyed his surroundings.

He looked behind him to see Medic racing towards Tacobot and a group of figures he did not recognize. He looked up and saw Gods holding up the once sacred and holy castle, now threatening to annihilate the very world it overlooked.

But what he took the most notice of was the sight directly in front of him.

Charles clung to Rare, screaming demands for the sunglasses back, assisted by the remaining Gods as well as Rita (Indeed, he had to note her tenacity in particular.) The mew shook violently, but Charles held firm, and each time he seemed to lose his grip, one of the Gods would do something to keep him holding on, pushing him against Rare, grabbing onto Rare themselves, or even shooting point blank hyperbeams at her.

Even so, the sunglasses had not yet been relinquished, which meant that the hope of the world was still nothing more than a glimmer right now.

All the while, he never really noticed what was different. Just as well, as if he had, it may have slipped away from him.

He did not feel the self-loathing he had felt before, as he was not thinking for himself. His limits did not perturb him, as he was not thinking of what he could or could not do. His rage had cooled, solidified, coalesced into a purpose. He now ran on a feeling of determination.

And that determination fueled one effort.

Help get those sunglasses back.

Dewmann took a shaky step forward.

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Dove in the Moonlight
(I tried to make the action in this one move quickly, so it might read differently from my other posts).

Charles blinked back the pain that threatened to seize his body, his bony human fingers gripping desperately to the floating Goddess that radiated power. Below him, Dewman forced himself back into consciousness, and was welcomed with a cacophony of flames and chaos and blood. This whole routine was starting to become rather tiring to the Mew as her eyes glanced to the recovering human who took shaky, awkward, but confident steps forward.

Startled and unaccustomed to seeing the Goddess struggling so opening, seemingly so mortal, Dewman was unsure how to proceed. His ears burned and drowned out the sounds of the battle around him, giving him the impression time was slowed. He blinked harshly, struggling to regain full control of his senses. He was no use to Charles if he was in shock. He saw in high definition the blood and sweat that caked the floating God, but despite the crazed frenzy in her eyes, the labored breathing, the desperate attempts to shake her attacker off, the God showed no signs of slowing down as she focused her entire attention to Charles. Dewman finally found his chance to strike.

Esbiate landed with expert precision, just several feet from Rare and the scene that was unfolding. He quietly counted the losses that affected not just him, but the whole of everyone as he gazed at his comrades, stopping when he caught sight of Rita. He paused for a moment as he watched both Rita and Rare, choking down a little bit of sudden sorrow as his heart was split between two loyalties.

Rare watched Charles with unwavering severity, their eyes filled with a combination of bewilderment and savagery as they continued their midair dance of power. Charles cringed as pain blazed through his body - lungs dangerously in need for air, body gravely in need for sleep, fingers slowly loosing their grip on his target.

The ground shook.

"Rare was aiming for perfection. It happened a long, long time ago. This incident..we call it the S7 Incident, but no one mentions it when she's around. Rare was trying to manufacture beecats, trying to get the perfect traits from each beecat type. Some lived, long enough to die long, torturous deaths."

The ground began to crack.

All the research was destroyed, and Rare was never the same after. Ever since then, she's been pushing her army hard, trying to make the naturally made beecats as strong as the manufactured ones. Sometimes it makes me question if she really cares about us.

Something winged, twisted and deformed crawled from the depths of the exploding battlefield, loud, painful, torturous screeches echoing in the chilly air.

But some say, she continued the experiments, and that you can sometimes hear the screams of the created beecats, as they escaped and roam the tunnels.

"Forgive me, my Queen."

Rare glanced up as Charles yelled, her eyes had already blackened over once more, the anger and pain as her power surged uncontrolled. Charles felt his body tear apart from fatigue, his voice filled with the rage that had built up from the beginning of this ridiculous mission, this almost fruitless endever to protect an Earth that would never know of his name, his sacrificed.

Rare cried out as her power ripped through her skin, and Charles cried out as he pushed himself one last time, pulling himself upwards and wrapping his fingers around something smooth and cool.

With the last of his power, he let go of the mew, the Sunglasses of Power gripped tightly in his hand.

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A minute left before the Earth shattering collision.

Charles landed a few feet away from Rare, who was still blocking a few Hyper Beams and elemental attacks coming from the surrounding Gods. His tired, numb body landed in the soft grass, right under the Castle. A powerful breeze blew across the ground as it came closer and closer, with the screams of help from the Gods still trying to hold it back. But as Charles stared at the scene, his vision faded just a little.

He was so tired. So tired in every sense. Physically tired. Emotionally tired. Tired of all this stupid fighting. And this grass...this grass he was laying on...it was so smooth, so soft...maybe he could take a small nap? Or...at least just close his eyes...just relax, just a little...

Before he could drift off to sleep, a powerful hand rose him up softly back on his feet.

"Not yet, Charles." said Jehovah as he helped the boy back on his feet. "We still have to stop her."

Charles looked back at the human God, blinking. His body was shaking a bit, and he felt dizzy from being placed back on his feet so fast. He looked beside Jehovah and saw Arceus, his hind leg still broken, as he was blasting the most powerful Hyper Beam of the group of Gods straight towards the Mew, who seemed to have a harder time keeping her protective bubble up without the sunglasses on her nose.


The sunglasses.

Charles looked down in his right hand. In them, his most prized possesion gleemed back at him, as if they themselves were glad to be back to their rightful owner.

Without a second's hesitation, he placed them on his face.

He glew for a second, and the same sort of pain he had experienced years before, when he first placed them on in the bathroom of his house, went through him. It quickly passed, though, and then he stood there. His bare feet were digging into the soft grass. His pants and shirt, which were both battered, dirty and ripped, was now a clean, white as snow judo outfit, held tightly by a strong, black cotton belt tied around his waist. His hands were now covered by two black fingerless gloves, the last gift given to him by his mentor, Ted.

"NO!" screamed Rare angrily as she stared. Someguy came back. She tried to rush towards him, her bubble still holding, but barely. Before she could reach him, though, Dewmann stepped between them, his hatchet branded menacingly. Rare couldn't believe Dewmann could possibly have recovered that fast, but the answer to her puzzlement came as AM's heal beam was connected to Dewmann's chest. It wasn't fully curing him of all of his ailments, but it was helping. The Medic shout ''I'm fuhhy chahged!'' through a mouth full of cupcakes.

"Keep that bitch away from me, guys!" he said to his two companions before turning back to Jehovah. "...uh, sorry about the swearing." he added shyly.

Jehovah laughed, waving it off with his hand as him and Someguy raised their hands in the air, using every bit of their energy to slow down the falling Castle. It began to slow down considerably...

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The thing that may have once upon a time been a beecat rose from the abyss it had torn itself out of, making agonized mewling noises that caused an involuntary shiver to run along Dewmann's spine. He estimated it to be 20 feet long, and 5 feet wide. Its stinger was as long as Dewmann's arm, and its wingspan was about how tall he was, give or take a head. It was coated with mottled and filthy fuzz that, in addition to its yellow and black coloring, also included numerous patches of red, brown, and green. Its eyes were almost totally crimson, and its mouth was filled with teeth that seemed to have been painstakingly, not to mention painfully, sharpened manually. A fang was missing, black gums being the only thing in the place of it.

The thing thrashed about, barely capable of keeping its balance, while its wings looked like they were making a pathetic attempt to move fast enough to get it off of the ground. More than a few of the Pokemon took notice of it, and began attack, though only from a distance. The thing practically shrugged off the lesser attacks, such as large rocks being thrown at it, and even though it was off balanced, it still refused to fall even as it was blasted with fire, water, and hyperbeams. It began making its way towards its attackers, now making much more menacing sounds.

Dewmann's focus on all of this was cut short by a ball of psychic energy narrowly missing him. Rare was about to launch another when she was forced to divert her attention to attacks coming from three attacks all coming from different directions. her eyes were ablaze with uncontrolled fury, and something else that Dewmann couldn't quite place. He hoped it was fear. Charles had told him to hold Rare back, but with the arrival of the abomination, Dewmann couldn't decide which foe was a higher priority, and with the forces of the Gods fragmented, he wouldn't have much time to decide.

Your fight is still with the mew young man. the voice in his head confused him at first, but it didn't take long for Dewmann to realize that Arceus was speaking to him. The PokeGod was now diverting his attention to the shrieking monster that had risen out of the ground. I will handle this affront to all that is natural.

This reassured Dewmann, but even then, he knew that Arceus was weakened, and even with the combined forces of a decent sized group of Gods, it was still not certain that they would win the battle.

Even so, Dewmann heeded the God's words, and, once he was sure that Rare's attention was still not focused on himself, he looked back at AM. "What was that about being fully charged?"

"I have another Ubercharge ready for you. This one is different. It won't last without me continuously charging you with it, but it should be much more stable. I think. We'll see!" Stef grinned with this quip, and Dewmann couldn't help but return the expression.

"Yeah, I guess we will. So hit me wit- wait!" He looked around for Rita, and saw her struggling to get Rare into her vines' grasp, only to be knocked backwards with a quick blast of energy.

"Rita! The Medic and I have a plan, but I think we could use your help! Could you hold on tight if you wrapped a vine around the two of us, tethering us together?"

Though she was slightly dazed from her landing, Rita quickly recovered and answered Dewmann's request with a vine winding around himself and Stef, pulling them a bit closer together. Now there was less of a chance for them to be seperated, losing the charge.

"Okay, punch it-OOF!" Dewmann felt something hit him hard in the stomach, causing him to lose his breath. He looked up at Rare, who stared back, her rage almost palpable. She had just fought off another attack from the Gods, whose forces were now almost entirely devoted to stopping the grotesque being on the other side of the battlefield. She said nothing, instead charging up another ball of energy.

She launched the next one at the Medic while he was preparing to activate the ubercharge. It hit him in the chest, and he stumbled back a few steps, but recovered in decent time. Even so, Rare was not yet finished. Until something else grabbed her attention, she was now intent on killing the runners-up on her list of biggest nuisances.

More of the projectiles slammed into Dewmann and the Medic, causing them both to fall to the ground, the vine keeping them close together. Rita attempted to distract Rare with her other vine, but Rare was still powerful enough to ward it off without even turning her attention away from the two young men. It would have taken something truly outrageous to make Rare forget her current goal.

Thankfully, such an outrageous thing happened to arrive at that moment, in the form of a taco-themed android with feminine features and jets on her feet.

Tacobot slammed into Rare while alternating between dramatically declaring her intention to defeat the Red Queen and gushing over how exciting this was. "You insipid little thing! Why are you not yet destroyed?" Rare snarled, struggling with the android in midair.

"Well I kind of was! Except that was only me being deactivated, but now i'm back with a vengeance! And also a shiny new body with jets in my feet!" Tacoline rambled on, still holding Rare in a tight hug.

Throughout all of this, Dewmann and Stef managed to get back up onto their feet, and Dewmann once again braced himself for the charge. Without any further delay, Stef hit the trigger, and Dewmann seized up. An aura of red-orange began to run down his body, and once he started to relax a bit, he opened his eyes, which began to glow a bright and ominous yellow.

"Stick close Stef." He said, his voice taking a more determined quality. Rita tightened her grip on the two of them as they began to approach Rare, ready to take the offensive.

On the far end of the battlefield, the visitors from another dimension still had little clue as to what their part in all of this was. "Uhh, was anyone following what Taco said before she ran off?" Somerabbit asked the group, who responded with a simultaneous head shake.

"Great," he muttered, "what now?"

"Well, that gigantic beast thing looks like it could use some extra attention." The Dewpillar, suggested. "Maybe we could offer our assitance."

"Well if we're going to take on that thing, we'll need a plan." Door Rita offered.

"I suppose the first thing we could do is-" March Esbiate began, but was quickly interrupted by the Awesome Hatter.

"CHAAAARGE!" He shouted, sprinting towards the abominable beecat.

The rest of the group groaned, before following suit.

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Dove in the Moonlight
(Luckily I think I remember what Taco and I had set up!)

A sob. A single cry of pain and defeat ripped through the mew's throat as she felt her body slowly tear apart from her ignorance - the power she had no hope of controlling on her own controverted into thousands of tiny sparks that slashed her fur and skin, sending delicate drops of crimson blood to bead onto the battlefield just a few feet below.

The queen barely felt the cold, robotic touches of the Tacobot, who now worked with uncharacteristic determination - gripping the mew desperately, the robot opened her eyes with renew purpose, and Rare grimaced as she realized what had happened when her robot was away from her side.

She had rebooted.

"So we meet for the first time for the last time, this time, red Queen!" [Taco Announced]. there was no mistake, this was definitely the red queen, the evil pink creature that had betrayed her freinds and nearly destroyed wonderland, using CLOWNS no less! tacobot took the vorpal blade from her magnetized back, and pointed the sword at the mew, the robot's metal skin glowing brightly from the heat. "i figured out who the white queen is, and my friends and i re going to put her back in charge."

Rare could only stare in silent horror as the eyes of her robot minion changed from her usual neon blue eyes to one of more intelligence and know-how. The White Queen.

"It's...not...Possible..." Rare's voice was barely above a whisper as the robot reached up and grabbed the empress around the waist, mouth set in an unhumored smirk. Except Rare knew this wasn't Tacobot anymore - it was the part of herself she had slipped into the robot many years ago, before she had turned evil....

"There's something you gotta see!" Esbiate yawned as the voice of his companion woke him from his deep slumber. He could see sunshine through his closed eyelids, but this didn't tempt him to wake any faster. "Esbiate wake up!"

"Okaaaay~" Esbiate groaned and rolled over, glancing an annoyed look at the mew that floated just inches from his bed, but the wag in his tail gave away his true mood. He pushed himself up from where he laid, and shook the sleep almost literally from his body - the longer black ears flopped around his head as his shorter blue ones twitched as they caught the slightest sounds from outside. Yellowhammers were greeting the morning with their songs.

The mew giggled in the high pitch laugh all mews shared, and placed her paws over her mouth as she did so. Esbiate grinned and jumped from his bunk, and looked up at the legendary pink cat that floated easily in the air through psychic energy. He crossed his arms and tilted his head in curiosity. The dog Pokemon was slender and had a beautiful shine to his coat, which he prided in. The mew was just as slender and shiny, and her innocent aura made all Pokemon instantly like her. Another trait all mews held.

"Are we gonna make ice-cream brownies today?" Esbiate's tail wagged harder and his eyes became as big as the mews. She laughed again, and did a twirl in the air, her tail lagging behind her like a floating ribbon. Esbiate scratched his head in thought, as the twirling action was often Rare's way of saying, "No, silly, guess agaaaain!"

"Are we going on another assassination mission?!" The anubis's eyes grew bright. "Taking down another bad villian in the name of all things cute and cuddly?!"

"Almost!" Rare fled the room, or rather, teleported so quickly it would make an abra jealous, and reappeared seconds later with something in her tiny pink paws. It was folded cloth, and Esbiate paused in his tail-wagging as he tried to make sense of the cloth. She shook it so it unfolded. Large rainbow letters with two drawings of a Riolu and a Mew was printed on the white cloth. The letters, although written in Pokenese, read, "Kawaii Killers! We are cute, and dangerous!"

"A flag?" Esbiate grinned and was picturing the flag tapped on their Catmobile.

"It's to show the world how serious we are in catching criminals and making them pay! Cutely, of course."

Esbiate laughed and shook his head. "It's perfect, Rare!'

She suddenly went quiet, and floated slowly down to her friend's level. She placed the flag gently on the ground and suddenly held a sad expression.

"There's another piece of news. I have to leave for a little while. Possibly, for a long time. I found a ritual that will give us the chance to really change the world. Do you believe in me, Essby?"

Esbiate was quiet, and held the same sadness Rare did. Finally, he nodded. "Of course. I'm always going to help you. We are the Cute Justice that rings in the night!"

Rare released the breath she didn't know she was holding and smiled. "Thanks, partner."

Rare's face was full of a barely constrained fury as memories and emotions flooded through her as The White Queen became stronger and more evident. She knew, now, all the pain she had caused, and that her until cause was flawed. But that's not to say she wasn't angry. No. She was furious. She wanted to inflict more pain until she became right, until her mission had meaning and her life was purposeful again. She wanted to attack the very core of her suffering - she wanted to attack herself.

"Rare. You have disappointed me." Rare dropped her paws to her sides and watched as her fire evaporated against the breaking dawn. "Your intentions, although understandable, are not plausible."

"Esbiate." Rare replied with a small voice that didn't match her God status.

"You swore to protect me. Mankind." Esbiate's voice was stung with anger, but there was something else in his words. Sadness. His face softened as the last of the fire floated into the sky, burning brightly against the breaking dawn. "This is not how it was suppose to be."

"Esbiate." Rare repeated, but with more strength in her words.


The mew threw her paws back into the air and grabbed the fire psychically that was rotating like a cyclone above their heads, and the fire slowly took form of a fire breathing dragon from ancient times. It was an illusion, but the fire was real and as dangerous as before. Rare looked at her creation, than back down at her partner.

"Join me. We finally have what we wanted. A way to cleanse the world of evil. We can rule everything, everyone!"

"We never were suppose to have that power, Rare! We are the Cute Rouges, Adorable Lawbringers, Justice with a side of Cookies! Not Gods that are feared worldwide! What happened to your innocence?"

"My innocence? I locked that away long ago. It was the only way I could convince myself turning evil was the right thing to do. And now, I fear I shall never get it back.."

The White Queen stared into the eyes of her other half, the pathetic and lost soul that was ripped apart years ago. She had to fight through endless torment to reach this point - the uncooperative AI she was placed into, the virus of The Red Queen that prevented her escape. But it was all coming together. Slowly the vespal blade appeared into its owners hands as if it was always there, and Rare watched as her other self, her better self, raised the blade like it was a salute to the end of the apocalypse. A flash of sadness and despair appeared in The White Queen's eyes, but it was gone as quickly as it came.

She made a slash with the blade, Rare moved in to block it, but that turned out to be a false attack, and before the queen realized what had happened, the tip of the sword pierced her stomach like a key entering its lock, and the mew fell from the sky.

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Charles screamed in agony, using every bit of energy he had left to stop the gigantic castle from crashing down onto the Earth. He knew that the Gods around him were all powerful, but they had all used the vast majority of their power attempting to stop the pink Goddess from taking over, and despite being Gods, they still needed to rest. He and Jehovah kept their arms extended, grunting in continuous effort as the Castle was now only 100 feet away from the surface, and, thankfully, was slowing down considerably.

Trying to take his mind away from the pain he was experiencing and his bones that threatened to break, Charles looked over to his right, just in time to see the one and only Tacobot...plunging a sword into the Rare's chest. He couldn't believe his eyes. There was something so...different about the robot. As if she had been overtaken by some sort of powerful spirit. As the Mew fell to the ground, Charles noticed something else: despite how the sword plunged into the Goddess' body, there was no blood seeping out and no wound, as if the sword had been made of light...

The next thing Charles noticed was this...thing that Dewmann, AwesomeMedic, Rita, the Gods and these newcomers that he had never seen before were fighting. The monstrous beast was screeching and flailing around, desperatly trying to kill his attackers, who were all much too quick and much too numerous for the beast to take on. But it kept trying, hoping to sting or squish any of these small creatures that were attacking it.

Charles only looked back up at the Castle when he felt something gently rest against his extended hands. He looked up, and almost collapsed in shock as he saw that him and the human God of creation were holding back the entire Castle by themselves. It had finally stopped moving, and was hovering over his head, being held from crashing down the remaining 6-7 feet.

''Holy shiiiii...'' Charles almost said, becoming quiet without finishing his word. ''Wow...we...did it! We better put it down, then...''

(part of me wants to throw the Castle at the abomination and squish it because COME ON HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE, but the other part of me wants Dewmann, AM and the others to have a significant part in this ending battle)

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The monstrosity that emerged from the depths of the Earth was still screeching and flailing at its attackers. The remaining Gods were dishing out as much damage as possible, and the odd newcomers were offering a considerable amount of assistance, but while it seemed like they were making progress in wounding the beast, it still was putting up quite a fight, and the numbers of the God began to dwindle even further. Dewmann, Stef, and Rita raced towards the fight, while Esbiate sprinted towards the falling Rare, catching her just before she hit the ground.

Dewmann took this sight in for a moment, before turning his yellow tinted gaze back at the monster beecat. The horrid thing would have intimidated him, had the ubercharge that was still applied not dulled his fear and heightened his determination. Unlike before however, he wasn't boiling with fury. He knew his goal was to kill the thing that towered over the battlefield, but also realized that blind rage would not be effective. If he was to be any help in this fight, Dewmann would need to plan an effective strategy.

Unfortunately, he had no idea where to begin planning said strategy, and he also knew that AM wouldn't be able to hold the charge forever. Deciding that immediate action would ultimately be better at the moment, Dewmann shouted a command back at Rita.

"Throw us both on top of it! Can you manage that?"

Rita's face was muddled in confusion for a moment, and then shifted into uncertainty. "I don't know if I can toss you both that high! No offense, but you're both kind of heavy!"

"Then..." Dewmann's mind went into overdrive, trying to find a way to make things work. "Just throw me as high as you can onto it! I'll climb the rest of the way!"

"What about the charge?" Stef asked, a look of worry gracing his normally maniacally gleeful face. "I won't be able to hold it from this far!"

"Just break it off then! I'll be fine!"

Stef was still nervous, but he just gave a silent nod of agreement. "I'll hold the charge for as long as I can! Good luck!"

The pokemon was still visibly apprehensive, but she still tightened her grip around Dewmann, and began to lift him off of the ground.

"Alright Rita. Whenever you see an opportunity."

As if on cue, the monster stomped back in the direction of the group, pushed by a combination of a hyperbeam and a blast of lightning that came from the staff of the Dewpillar. Before Dewmann could even shout "NOW!" Rita was already on the ball, pulling him back and then lobbing him forward, into the beast.

Dewmann grabbed some mottled fur, and it was just as he was getting settled in his footing when the beecat screeched and moved again, and the ubercharge began to fade. His fear returning to him, Dewmann began to climb, shouting obscenities. One thought was on his mind.

What the fuck was I THINKING!?


On the comparatively quieter side of the battlefield, Esbiate held Rare tight, the two of them shaded by the ruined castle levitating just above them. The Tacobot landed just beside them, knelt down to face Rare, completely ignoring the riolu.

"Be as you were," was all the android said, before the serenity and elegance of the Tacobot's expression faded, replaced by a familiar bubbly expression. "Oooh! Wast that the White Queen? I haven't seen her in like ever! What'd she have to-"

Tacobot paused, and looked down at Rare. the wound in the mew's stomach was glowing an unearthly white, and this glow gradually became an aura, surrounding her.

"She is returning...the White Queen is returning." Tacobot said, her voice unusually quiet.

"What are you talking about? Is she going to be okay or not?" Esbiate asked, the irritation in his voice belying the tears that welled up in his eyes. The answer to his question did not come from Tacobot however, but instead from Rare herself.

"I'm more than alright Esbiate." Her tone was different than before. Her voice was still weak, but it was also something else. Compassionate. It was the first time in years that Esbiate had heard Rare use such a tone, and it brought to him an enormous sense of relief, though this was also followed by numerous questions.

"What...what happened to you? I missed you. The real you. Why this? Why all of this.?"

"I'll explain it all later my friend." Rare reassured her old friend. "But for now, I start on my redemption. I don't know how much time I have left, and that thing will take all of our efforts to defeat." She gestured towards the hulking beecat.

Esbiate wanted to say something else, but he feared that he would become overcome with emotion if he did. The Tacobot on the other hand, was already immediately rocketing towards the battle, shouting some kind of war cry that she had probably gotten from a movie.

"It's good to see you again." Esbiate managed to say, blinking back his tears. Together, the Kawaii Killers followed the android, ready to ring cute justice once more.

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