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The Quest for Someguy's Sunglasses or Strike of the Beecat

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As the sun started ascending above the horizon, Dewmann stepped into an alleyway in order to try the phone. Rare already knew he was mobile so not calling anyone made no difference, but if Someguy somehow still had the other phone, and if the lines were back up, then he could get in touch with him and improvise a way to get through this.

Leaning against a wall, Dewmann waited, not exactly sure who would be answering.

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The three of them kept going down in the tunnels. At the end, a small staircase. The climbed up, and entered this small safehouse. Someguy quickly looked outside and noticed they were near his house. He knew this place; it was all the way down his street. He passed in front of it with his bike during the summer, but never paid any attention to it. If he followed a small bikepath near the house, he could reach Quebec City. He then looked at a clock, saying the time was already 4:26 AM.

Someguy was already planning on escaping from Emma and her pokemon. He had no intention of staying with two of his enemies in a house to meet peoples he didn't know and that could very well be enemies as well. Bell even straight out told him that they would turn him in to Rare if they get caught. If Rare was tracking him down right now, he'd rather be found running than surrounded in a house. He took an hour to fully plan his escape. If Bell used her "eye trick" (that's how he called it), his plan would be blown, so he did his best to look the least suspicious possible.

Emma was sleeping and Bell was watching TV with Someguy. It was almost 6 AM. He decided to start his escape. He asked the Mismagius:

"Hey, where's the bathroom in this place? I ain't feeling too good..."

The Pokemon, not suspecting a thing, answered that it was the third door down the corridor, and to hurry. The teen boy got to his feet and entered the bathroom, locking the door. Water was being poured from the faucet, but Bell paid no attention to it. Maybe Someguy was simply washing his face or something.

About ten minutes later, during a commercial break, Bell realized that Someguy has been in the bathroom for quite some time, and that the water didn't stop flowing. She started floating down the hall and knocked on the bathroom door. No response.

"Someguy, open up, right now." Bell demanded.

She kept knocking for half a minute before seeing that something was wrong. She backed up a bit, and, with a ball of purple energy, blew the door open.

What she saw in there made her wake up Emma in a heartbeat. The faucet was opened, yes, but that was so Bell couldn't hear Someguy open the bathroom window and escape.

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"We're sorry. The number you have called is not available."

Phone must have broke.

Dewmann cursed furiously, as nearby early morning joggers looked on in confusion. Now he had to either find another way to contact Someguy, or actually get to Quebec. Neither option seemed possible at the time. So for now, he had only one immediate objective.

1. Take out Rare.

He didn't want to use his trump card this early, but this hand was forced.

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Someguy was panting heavily. He was very tired, and the run he just did doesn't help his case. It took him a small while, but here he was, in good ol' Quebec City. He looked behind him. Emma and Bell were nowhere to be seen. He looked around him in the sky. Same thing for Rare and her beecat army. He sighed in relief, but he knew this wasn't over yet.

He walked down the sidewalks as the city started to stir up. He took a few detours here and there, to make sure no one was following him. After an hour or so of walking, Charles thought of what he should do next. He needed a place to lie low for a while, and where he could get food and some sleep without worry. A friend's house, for example. He suddenly knew who to go to. Just the thought about it made him smile. He entered the nearest building and asked for a phone. After the guy behind the counter of the store pointed a phone, Someguy picked it up and dialed a number he knew by heart.

On the other side of town, in some isolated and abandoned medical facility, a phone started ringing, waking up AwesomeMedic.

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King Under The Bridge
Tuomey knew that, although he was just another hobo to most people, those who knew him and most particularly those who searching for him could easily recognise them. He would have to go in disguise. Sneaking into a shopping centre again, he stole some clothes and headed for a nearby pub to get changed in the toilet.
He came out of the cubicle in some punk gear and, revealing his staff with a complicated gesture and a flash of light, tapped on the mirror to change his face almost completely. He examined and tweaked his new appearance critically; green liberty spikes with a bright pink eyepatch to hide the small scars he couldn't change. Well. No-one would believe he was a hoboninja turned wizard trying to stay inconspicuous. The city did have a thriving street punk population, after all.
Before re-disappearing his staff he added some grime to his clothes for the little bit of realism that means the difference between life and death, and headed for Québec ci-Dessous.

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The phone rang.

"Who dare to wake me up?"

"Ineed a place to stay for a while, please I'm in trouble!"

"Who's talking?"

"Its Charles! I'm in a building on Place Royale!"

"Ok, watch for my van, I'm coming."

"Thanks man!"

On the way to Place Royale, AwesomeMedic was wondering in what trouble Charles fell into this time and hope it wasn't another halucination from too much GTA.

At Place Royale, Charles started to feel a little less worried but it doesn't last long enought at the sight of Emma coming in is way. Suddently, he saw a van stop in front of the Subway.
AwesomeMedic opened the door.

"What's up Charles"

Charles hurried in the van.

"Drive, Drive, DRIVE!"

"What's wrong"

"Rare and the Beecat's army want to kill me!"


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Someguy closed the door to the Awesomevan as AwesomeMedic started speeding down the busy roads of Quebec, losing Emma and Bell, who almost had Charles. He sighed in relief. Now him and his buddy would go in the abandoned medical facility across town.

His friend wasn't always like this. He used to be a great doctor, making incredible cures in the facility along other doctors and scientists. He even used to be called Stef. Then, one day, while trying to find a cure for a terrible disease that was spreading across the country, he set off a toxic fume. Everyone got out, except for Stef. When he finally came out, everyone saw that he now had the uncurable Awesomeface disease, which made him lose his hair, get yellow skin and look slightly cartoonish. They were surprised, but Stef reassured them that he would still be researching cures and that this minor setback would bother him at all. He stayed there for another year, along with the other scientists, and continued working on cures, but the Awesomeface disease made him think completely differently than before. His new discoveries were unothordox, but incredibly awesome. The results weren't the best, though, and Stef kept trying to use leaches as a cure. The governement didn't enjoy, and the facility was closed down. All the scientists left, except for Stef, which everyone, including the news, now called AwesomeMedic. He still has the keys to the old facility, and the Governement allowed him to live there. He keeps working on different ridiculous cures, and even goes around trying to cure peoples, much to the distress of the police. AwesomeMedic and Someguy met one day as the medic drove up to him and tried to help him lift a box by applying leaches on Charles' arms, saying they would become stronger. While anyone else would've been annoyed, Charles found it funny, and the two of them became good friends.

Someguy sat down on the passenger seat of the Awesomevan. He always did like his friend's car; it was a simple white 2005 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van that the medic tuned up a bit. The Awesome face was painted on both sides, with the words ''AwesomeMedic: Medical medic for all your medical needs'' under the faces. The van always had some secrets to it; some lever or a button that Stef would press. It would always get him out of trouble in some way. Sometimes, if you pulled the right lever, the van had a speed boost, and sometimes, when you pushed a certain button, the van could now drive underwater. The van had different things, which all did something to get the driver outta trouble, and it was always awesome.

They were now heading for the facility. Charles breathed a bit easier, but he knew he wasn't out of the woods yet.

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suddenly a cloaked figure rushes out in front of the vehicle, it seems to be panicking and is on fire.
although the awesome medic hits the brakes as hard as he can the car still hits the figure sending it flying 50 feet away.
someguy awesome medic get out of the vehicle.
"What in the world..." someguy starts but cant finish his sentance.
"wanna know something strange someguy?" awesome medic asks his old friend.
"What besides the fact that we just hit a person who was on fire?"
"Well, the car only has a few dents, nothing's broken." awesome medics face was forever in a weird looking grin.
"I suppose that's a good thing, but shouldn't we check on the person you hit?"
"Meh." the medic shrugged.

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"Are they ready yet?" Dewmann inquired.

"Still need to work out a few commom errors between them. Maybe by next week..." The voice on the other end of the phone responded.

"By then it might be too late. It's very likely that by the end of the week, a key player of this game will be dead. If we can get them ready and out into the field, we might be able to stop that." Dewmann argued. "Can you at least get me a way into Quebec?"

"That, yes. Where are you right now?"

"O'Hare Airport."

"Good. I had someone placed there just for such in occasion where you needed to move. He should be standing by the main entrance, and he'll be wearing the insignia. He can get you there."

"Alright. Thanks."

"You don't need to thank me, just make sure you succeed."

"I intend to."


As he ended the call, Dewmann stepped through the doors of O'Hare Airport, and began looking for the man he was told about. It didn't take long, and Dewmann found himself speaking to a man wearing casual clothing for the day, the only uncanny part of it being the golden tree emblazed on the shoulder of his shirt. Puropsefully stepping towards the man, Dewmann addressed him.

"Do your bees have a real cat problem?"

"Not for long, I'm getting rid of 'em both." The man replied, nodding at Dewmann.

Together they made their way through the bustling airport, the man flashing credentials to any guard questioning them for not going through standard procedure like all other passengers. When they saw his cards however, the security would immediatley back off, and allow the two to pass.

At the gate, the man wished Dewmann good luck, before departing, leaving the boy on his own in the plane.

Taking his seat, Dewmann decided to have a nap, as this would probably be the last reprieve he'd get in a good long while.

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King Under The Bridge
Tuomey took out a strange tool that had once been a swiss-army knife and unscrewed the little Hydro-Québec cover so that he might lift it from the pavement and drop down the hole into the area buzzing with electricity. The air buzzed with energy, lethal to anyone not completely ready to pass it. A self-authorising test, the first to pass into Québec ci-Dessous by this entrance. The energy focused; a whole block's lights dimmed and a door opened in front of Tuomey.

The next came soon after the little metal cover slid back into its place and the street punk-glamoured Tuomey continued on into the underground. Several guards, armed to the teeth and ready to die for the defence of the city below, patrolled a smalled guardhouse the little path went through. They looked up as a young street punk approached then stepped back as he reached their campfire suddenly, holding his hands up and empty.

"I wish to pass; I am no threat," he stated, calmly and with no particular emphasis.
The guards were taken aback but didn't reach for their weapons; this was a technique you could learn here and thus, probably, at least, being used by a friend.

Soon enough, Tuomey trudged through Québec ci-Dessous, looking through the market stalls and the occasional underground shop, selling all kinds of weaponry, armour and even "skyside" properties and vehicles, not to mention the many other goods.

He felt strange; he was not used to trudging about in those cities below - it was the skyside in which he lived on the edges. Here he would march through the market, gaining the best deals and knowing his shops would do well - he had extensive properties Below and made sure to stock well and at a fair price. Some wanted to unite Québec ci-Dessous and yet others were talking about an alliance with Montréal en Aval. Tuomey was content to make a living and try and ensure people could eat. Now his shops were doing poorly and half the guards had disappeared, further confirming his suspicions. Someone had worked out to run things Below.

Tuomey was coming close to the edge of his market and his goal; soon he went through the understated arch leading into Hoboton tunnel. A little research and exploration was in order, he felt. He gripped his daggers discreetly and kept up his trudging, wary-tough pace.

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''Alright, let's just get back in the car, man, there's nothing we can do for that guy anyways.'' Charles said. They parked for a second and looked around for the burning figure they hit, but it was nowhere to be seen.

''Yeah, you're right...'' concluded AwesomeMedic.

The two friends slowly walked back to the AwesomeVan. They reached the car, got in and started driving off. Silence fell between the two as they kept heading for the Medical facility. Someguy looked outside, like he usually does during long car rides, but saw something that made his eyes widen a bit.

A bee. It flew near the window and left as quickly as it came.

Maybe it was a simple coincidence, he thought. There's really no need to wo-

The boy suddenly saw a swarm of beecats coming his way. And in the center of the swarm was Rare, sporting his sunglasses.

''Ummmm....Stef?'' Chuck said as he turned to his friend.

''Yeah?...oh.'' Stef answered as he too noticed the beecats. ''Hold on tight!''

And with that, he stepped on the gas, going way over the speed limit, but still managing to avoid all the traffic around him. Rare and her army started giving chase.

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The next few days that passed remained relatively uneventful to the blue thing. Most of his time was spent cleaning up the cobwebs and dust which lined the cave. Every now and then he'd catch wind of a new development on the happenings in the nearby Canadian area, but for the most part; he would just be watching Cooking shows, or playing about with the weight bench that his friend Spooky would use on an irregular basis - besides, 'who needs a gym when you're already that powerful?' he'd think on her behalf.
He felt kooked up in the large cave, even feeling that he lacked the space he should have. Perhaps is was the fact that he was free to go out, but he wouldn't; bearing in mind he had to stay true to Spooky's word and not blow the cover of their super-secret base.
On this particular evening, he had found himself, once again, laying down on the sofa attempting to read books (reminiscent of those that he read in his childhood) in French.
'Who needs language skills, when you're kooked up in this place?' he thought. But he would continue to read and go over the silly-sounding words in his mind, just to keep himself occupied. The Radio was playing the music of 'Trust' quietly in the background, as the churning of the abnormally large washing machine twisted round - Needless to say, he'd had his investigation of the inside; only to come out with ridiculously puffy fur afterwards, regretting it all the same.
But yet again, as the clock struck one o'clock A.M, he decided to put the book at the bottom of the sofa, and curl up in the corner to rest, as he listened to the Radio play at sweet Jazz tune, and the lady on the Television was discussing how to make a perfect Sponge Cake...


Sponge Cakes aside, the next day was yet another frolic in the underground base; most of his time was spent playing Wii on the wall with a projector that had come the post, from Chatot, three days earlier. He was glad to see that the company hadn't skimped out on the deal when they mentioned that it displayed 50ft images. All the characters on the wall were maybe twice his size! It was more action than he'd had in the past few days - but comparatively little to what he'd been up to a few months ago; Jewel Heists, fighting Pirates and playing Pinball, were among some of the things that he used to do on a regular basis. But it was quite normal for him just to pad about the lair for a few minutes, get a drink, read the paper, then fall asleep on the sofa. He hadn't lost faith in his partner returning. He would always think that she would return the next day, or the day after.
He would climb up the steps to the door to the cave, and would look out onto the vast expanses of snowy mountain & small settlements, where the large city in which most of the action was going on was only a distant blur.
This particular visit to the top, he had put on a scarf and brought up a mug of hot chocolate. He opened the door and sat down on the cold snow. Snow flakes got lodged in his fur, and he shook himself to remove them every now and then. Even once, and dumping of snow left him submerged beneath it, but he got up with his upper torso free, and took a sip of Chocolate drink.
Sighing, he decided to leave the snow, and make his way back down to the lair, and go for another sleep.

The peoples who were eating breakfast down in a small cafe in a street in Quebec were wrong when they thought they could have a normal, quiet meal. They had to litteraly jump out of the way as a white van came driving towards them at top speed, making tables crash and coffee fly. But AwesomeMedic's response to a windshield full of caffeine was to turn on the windshield wipers. Him and Someguy definitely weren't going to stop.

After avoiding the crazy driver, the citizens thought about going back to what's left of their meal, when suddenly, weird creatures, what seem like giant furry bees, flew near them, guided by some pink cat-like creature wearing sunglasses. Rare didn't pay any attention to those peoples, though. She definitely wasn't going to let Someguy get away.

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Dove in the Moonlight
Rare pushed her sunglasses up the bridge of her nose and raised an eyebrow. She saw the scenery flash by her but her psychic prowess allowed her to concentrate. She spotted the rushing white van and casted Calm Mind over herself, feeling her power and endurance build within her body, and with a flick of her tail, ordered commands to her bee creations around her.

She was a particular mew, one who didn't appear in front of those with pure hearts, unlike her other mew siblings. She wasn't one to play up with the mythos, or act mystical. She was seen all over the region, despite her name, but prided herself in being wild and powerful. She had never seen the inside of the pokeball, nor felt the hand of a trainer.

Hundreds of eyes watched in awe, shock and disbelief as the mew flew over their heads, leaving a small wake of destruction in her path. She was careful about containing her powers - innocent civilians wouldn't get killed on her watch.

The bees broke into formation - three large, hand sized bees, enhanced with the power of their mew leader, teleported in front of the van, while the rest of the group appeared suddenly at all sides of the vehicle, just as quick and swift. The bees began to circle the van until they were nothing but a blur, a blur that the naked human eye couldn't see as single individual bees, but one large mass of color, and suddenly, with a loud whoosh of air, a giant blue energy bubble entrapped the van and lifted - and Someguy - into the air. The mew narrowed her eyes, and hovered nearby, eyes glowing white with energy. She had her prey.

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The van started raising slightly higher. AwesomeMedic kept steeping on the gas, but the van didn't move at all.

''Shit, shit...umm, hey, you don't have anything? Any gizmos or anything in this van that could get us out of this trouble?'' asked Someguy, visibly panicking.

''Not that I know of, but I can still check, this van surprised me more than once, you know...'' answered his medical buddy.

Charles looked out the window and came face to face with the last person he wanted to see in the last few hours; Rare. She was staring at him through his own sunglasses, obviously mad. Chuck did a small nervous laugh and said:

''..heh, heh...ummm...hi, Rare...h-how's it going?''

The mew kept staring at him, completely silent. She then quickly took off the glasses, to show the already terrified boy her angry, extremely serious pink eyes. Sweat started forming under Someguy's brow. He turned to his friend, and asked:

''T-t-the doors are all locked, r-right?''

''Yeah.'' replied AM.

''Well, I guess that's gonna protect us...'' The bees gathered closer to the van. Someguy turned to them and finished his phrase. ''...for a few extra seconds...''

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Dove in the Moonlight
Silence. All Rare heard was silence. She felt the angry waves of air emitted from her swarm, but within the energy field she casted out, the world had paused. She thought she sensed a flicker of power outside her own, but it was gone before she could register it.

She closed her eyes behind dark, cool sunglasses.

The small creature moved forward, using her inner eye to guide her. Her paws rested loosely by her sides, her long agile feet dangling freely beneath her. She flicked an ear, and rested a tiny paw on the cold van. The bees were still. The air stopped moving.

"Someguy.." Rare's eyes snapped open, glowing bright blue with power and eagerness to finally get revenge against the only human to ever shame her, tried to fool her, to have the audacity to attempt to outsmart her. She raised her paw, and adjusted her glasses. With a snap of her fingers, she teleported the van.

The van was gone.

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Stepping out of the plane and into the Aéroport international Jean-Lesage de Québec, Dewmann immediatley knew he was arriving rather late to the party. His flight had landed just in time, as it would have been delayed if it was any slower. People were panicking in the airport as security, and the Sûreté du Québec officers tried to keep order. Dewmann heard murmers of violence, possible civillian casualties, families worried for each other, but what struck him most were reports of a floating, catlike creature, donned with a pair of shades.
And if she was here, so was Someguy.
Making his way past security at the gate by flashing the golden tree badge inside his jacket, Dewmann thought getting past the rest of the officials would be a breeze. Flashing the police at the exit of the airport, he stepped past them, only for one to firmly grab him and pull him back.
"Young man, all civillians are to stay in the airport until further notice." An officer rattled off, as if his orders were to specifically say exactly that.
"With all due respect sir, did you not see this badge?" Dewmann puncuated his question by again, flashing the golden tree.
"It's a very lovely little trinket. Now please, get back inside, these are serious matters."

"Do you have any idea what this badge means?" Dewmann's voice raised, obviously irritated that he was being held from his objectives by someone who had no idea just how big the picture was.

"No, I don't, and to be honest, I'm losing my patience. You can either get back inside, or we can take you."

Dewmann sighed, pinning the tree back inside his jacket. "Well, I'd hate to go against authority."

"That's what I like to hear." The policeman said, his tone softening a bit. "Now just head back inside, and eventually, all of this will be taken ca-OOHHHFFF!" He was interrupted by the unexpected fist slugging into his solar plexus, and doubled over. The one other officer nearby tried to grab Dewmann, but the boy took advantage of the officer slightly going off balance, and placed his body in such a stance that he could easily grab and shove him into the first officer, still reeling from the punch, when they both went down to the ground. Taking advantage of their momentary confusion, Dewmann grabbed at the officers before finding what he wanted, a nightstick, just in case. He thought he could have grabbed a gun, but the idea of actually shooting anything made Dewmann sick to his stomach first off, and second off, he had already been slipped a small caliber, .22 pistol by the agent back at O'Hare, as a last ditch tool.
The confusion of the officers fumbling with each other in order to get up and give chase gave Dewmann a decent headstart, and he took full advantage of it, sprinting away and towards the commotion, the sounds of screaming crowds guiding him.

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not too far from the rampage of bees and their queen, a dog was sniffing at an unusual pile of junk in an alley, looking upwards he could see that the roof had caved in and this pile of junk was the result of it. he leaned in and sniffed at it cautiously.
suddenly a metallic arm erupted from the debri causing the dog to leap back and skitter away. the arm reached out grabbing a hold of a support beam that had fallen on it and with strength inhuman flung it aside. then the leaned on another part of the debri for support allowing the rest of the creature to raise itself. the cloak from earlier had burned away leaving only a few scraps of cloth that the mechanical person brushed aside.
the metallic skin had a soft shine to it that reflected a few rays of light as it clumsily and weakly steeped away from the debri. it was leaned partially over, and truthfully it was damaged, so much so that some of its limbs gave off an electrical discharge.
there was little time for that though, so the android shutdown its sensors for a brief moment.
"engaging self reset." the android stated. it slumped over and almost fell again before its systems restarted. it opened it eyes and straightened up. "system restart complete, loading memory... done." the android looked around at the debris then at its metallic arms. "Well... at least i'm not on fire anymore." then it thought back contemplatively. "No what was i doing..." a memory was accessed and revealed the scene of a fight that took place about an hour ago. the android had been switched on at that point by a small pink creature that floated around. the creature stated that it was this androids master and that it wanted the android to stop another creature, that the pink thing called someguy, so that it could complete some sort of plan... the plan didnt matter to the android, only its objective.
but in the process of completing its objective it had seen a clown, and unfortunately the clown took presidency over its objective. clowns were the complete evil that must be destroyed at all costs. the clown had cast a spell called "clowny fireball" and had set the android on fire causing many of its systems to overload. but there was a pressing matter.
"ok so who hit me with a car! i mean really!" the android leaped upwards and after gaining a foothold on one building it used that to leap higher untill it reached the roof. observing from above it saw a swarm of bees around a blue bubble, the pink creature floated around the bubble then it snapped its paw (momentarily the android tried to figure out how that was possible but disregarded it) and the bubble disappeared.
the android leapt to another rooftop and headed towards its master.

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In some deep, underground cavern, completely closed off from the surface, a giant blue ball of energy appears. Moments later, a white van pops up, appearing a few inches from the ground. The car fell with a small thump, but other than feeling a little odd from their first ever teleportation, Someguy and AwesomeMedic were unharmed. The two boys looked at their surroundings from the comfort of the van. It was an open area with wallks and shapes surrounding them. The area was dark, but not dark enough to be unable to see. AM turned to SG and asked:

''Hey...where are we?''

To which the teen responded:

''I don't know, but it looks awfully familiar.''

The two Quebec kids got out of their car, the light from the open doors lighting the area a bit more. Charles took a few steps towards some huge shape towards him, before realizing it was a 10 foot tall statue of a Mew. It was badly destroyed though. He kept looking around and finally realized where they were. How could he have forgotten? He used to come here a few times before.

''Hey, Stef, I think we're in Rare's old lair.''

''Rare's old lair? She had an old place?'' asked the Medic.

''Yeah, this was way back when a webcomic introduced me to the Treehouse. She used to invite me and some other members over here when she wasn't so powerthirsty. Why did she sent us here, though? It used to be a really nice place...''

''Hmmm...well, why did she change lair?''

''Well, she had to close it down because of that-''

Charles' face suddenly looked scared. Oh fuck, he knew why they were here now...

''Because of that what?'' aksed his friend.

Someguy turned to him and slowly finished his phrase.

''Because of that...futon incident...''

''Futon incident?''

''Yeah. Futons are dangerous matresses who seem to have gotten a mind of their own. Real bloodthirsty bastards. Rare wanted to make an army of those along with her army of beecats, but they were unstable, and sometimes tried to attack the members. She placed them all in here, and closed the entrance to the lair. They stayed down here ever since.''

As soon as Someguy finished his phrase, he heard a small growl coming from somewhere near them.

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After about ten minutes of sprinting, Dewmann finally rested in an alleyway, having given the cops the slip a block or two back. Catching his breath, he made his way even closer to the signs of crowds and damage. He was extremely dissappointed when he saw that the commotion had just about died down, knowing that this meant he was too late, and Someguy was still on his own.
What sparked his interest back up were fingers from the crowd pointing up at a figure hopping from rooftop to rooftop.
"Good enough." He muttered to himself, and Dewmann started running agian, hoping this was a lead.

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the figure on the rooftop was gleefully unaware of prying eyes. but as it leapt happily from one rooftop to another it misjudged the distance and smacked into the side of the building. the android was already damaged from being hit with a car, and before that being set afire by clowns. the figure was up quickly and yelled at nothing in particular
"DAMN YOU CLOWNS!" and then it stood still fora moment. its blue eyes dimmed for a moment. "accessing gps... data not found... crap!" the android blinked and returned to reality, it threw its hands up in the air. the gps was busted and the rare master had already left.
"stupid psychic powers." it muttered to itself. it was at a loss of what to do now. without a master there were no directives, without any directives there was no point in being.
a sudden sound caught its attention. the footstep of a boot, the breathing of the human lung, and a four chambered rate that went with that. a human it decided, this brought an idea to the android but also worry.
humans didnt react well to the android, why it didnt know. but humans were more scary to the android, they were unpredictable and emotional. both those things acted as unknown factors in this place. the things it did know about humans was that they were soft, breakable, and flammable. those were factors that it understood.
despite that there was no reason to harm a human unless it acted dangerously of course. so the android decided not to flee the human, perhaps this one could be helpful.
the android tuned and watched the human as it turned the corner. it was a male of the species, and it seemed young. but other than that it was no different from others the android had seen.
the human did a double take staring at the android, obviously not expecting to see it here. but the human regained its composure and crossed his arms.
"i know a ninja, and you're no ninja. your obviously not even human."
"Hi i'm tacobot nice to meet you." the android smiled the way it saw humans smile. for a moment he seemed at a loss for words. so the android continued. "i require the use of your gps. oh wait..." the android slapped it forehead when the human gave it a confused look. "humans dont have those installed on their hardrives do they? ok forget i said anything." tacobot turned to leave and started to walk away but the human called after it.
(your turn dewman!)

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"Hey! Don't leave just yet...Tacobot..." Dewmann could barly comprehend the fact that he was saying this. "I know that you have some relation to what just happened here. I need you to tell me where Rare is."

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the android knocked on its metalic head, it made a hollow sound. "gps is busted." it said cheerfully. "i was actually hoping you could tell me... and i just got here. i know rare was here, i saw her telaport a bubble with a car in it somwhere and then she and her army telaported to. stupid psychic powers."

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"You mind if I tag along with you then? Do you need that gps to have any general...idea...of where Rare might be?" Dewmann questioned the synthetic being, and contemplating whether or not a synthetic being could have "ideas."

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