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Finally gasping for fresh air, the 4 emerged from out of the collapsing Guild foundation.
"Right! Let's get to the street, and show them what we're made of!" Charmander shouted to the other three, as they made their way hastily to the town centre.
They turned a corner, and could see the furore that was spanning the entire length of the street:
Furthest away from them, they could see an entire unit of Sableye, each with the same black & brown assault rifle. There was no questioning, they were a force to be reckoned with. They were each firing and taking cover in exactly the same way. However, they seemed not to have noticed the four. They were more concentrated on, to their surprise, friendly forces.
Only 20 or so metres from them, about 4 Pokémon of their size and evolutionary stage were repelling (seemingly well) their foes.
Squirtle ran, and the others followed him to the large makeshift mound that had been formed to protect them.
"Hey!" Squirtle shouted. "Who are you guys? We were sent here to defend Treasure Town!"
The blue, dinosaur-type turned around to answer him.
"Hey! I'm Totodile! These three work with me, and we're the nearest defense unit available!"
He started pointing to each of the others who were with him.
"That's Sandshrew." he said, pointing to a brown/beige shrew-like Pokémon
"That's Nidorina" he continued, pointing to a blue dinosaur-like, second evolutionary stage Pokémon
"And that's Chikorita" he ended, pointing to the green Pokémon with a leaf on it's head.
At that moment, Esbby's perception of the world slowed down for a bit as he stared at her.
Fingers clicked in front of him, and he shook his head to see that Pikachu was trying to get his attention.
"Sorry." He replied.
"No problem" He assured, smiling.
"What's the situation?" Charmander shouted at Totodile over the sound of the gunfire.
"We're pinned down here attempting to stop them from getting any further!" he shouted back.
"How about the civvies?" Squirtle piped up
"They're back in the forest for now. They've set up a temporary camp back there, so they're good for now!" he replied.
"That's good!" Squirtle said. "Right guys" he continued, speaking to the Team. "Okay, here's what we're gonna do! Charmander, you and I are going to stay here with Totodile and his squad and support their fire. Pikachu!"
Pikachu's ears perked up as he eagerly awaited his orders.
"Hang on" Squirtle said. He looked round his shoulder. "Totodile!"
Totodile looked over from the gun he was firing and shouted back.
"What?!" He asked.
"Any of your guys know how to use a Shotgun?" he asked.
"Yeah! Nidorina! Get over here sharpish!" He shouted at her.
Nidorina bounded over swiftly.
"Yes? What do you want?" she asked politely.
"Squirtle here has an idea." he said briefly.
"Okay, Pikachu, you go off with Nidorina and make a flanking run and attack from their side until Charizard gets here." he informed him
"Charizard? You know a Charizard?!" Totodile eagerly bounced up at the concept.
"Yeah, he'll be able to clear out the whole lot, but he's making a strafing run, so he'll be here in about five minutes. They won't know what hit them." he said confidently.
"That's great news!" Totodile exclaimed. He then relayed the message to Chikorita and Sandshrew, each of whom took the news rather happily, then continued to engage the Sableye.
"Hang on!" Pikachu shouted, apparently bemused. "There's dozens of them out there! How can us two alone handle that lot?!"
"Alone you can't, but that's why Esbby here will cover you."
Esbby's ears perked up this time, but all together, he seemed nonchalant.
"Sure." He said.
Pikachu smiled, and so did Nidorina.
"Pleased to meet you!" She said to both of them.
"Same here!" Pikachu exclaimed.
"Mutual." Esbby responded.
"Esbby" Squirtle said. "You see that mound with that clump of bushes and shrubbery?" he said, pointing to a place behind them.
He turned round and saw said hill.
"The one about 100 metres away?" he asked.
"That's it." Squirtle confirmed. "You head back there, and use that there Sniper to cover their advance. We'll all be in Radio contact constantly, so... try not curse too loud if you miss okay?" He laughed, and for the first time in a while, Esbby did too.
"Fine." he said with a slight grin.
"Okay! Let's end this in time for DINNER!" Charmander shouted.
"Yeah!" Everybody shouted, and started moving. Pikachu and Nidorina headed behind the now-derelict buildings and started to observe from through the windows. Squirtle and Charmander headed beside Totodile and started to provide supporting fire.
Sandshrew and Chikorita were behind two trees and every now and then shooting, then returning to cover.
Esbby was joggin, somewhat casually back to the hill to set up his position and support his friend.
"Damn, what's with all the running?" he muttered to himself.
"Heard that." The friendly voice of Squirtle said over the radio on his waist.
"Quiet you." Esbby replied happily.


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Yes! A new chapter! *read read read*

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^^ I'm glad you're reading :3 It makes me happy!

Here! Have this cross-borehole, electomagnetic-imaging rhubarb!

It's the best I could get for the nest :3


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I was about to tell you, the blue victorian couch you got with the matching lamp? REALLY ties the nest together!

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Well I felt we needed a bit of Feng-Shui :3 I'm bored of tripping over tangles of hair, and felt we actually needed some seats :3


((Being back at school lowered my self-esteem. Never mind, I still enjoy writing this story!))

The 100-metre jog seemed a fair bit longer than the supposed distance. He stumbled every now and then over loose twigs and debris from fallen trees, grunting each time he did.
After sufficiently scuffing his foot enough times, Esbby eventually made it up the hill to the bush which was his lookout position.
He made his way behind the large-ish bush and went into a crouching position. Out of a small pouch which went around his neck, he pulled out 5 bullets, and as he went to load them into the rifle, he realised that they were too big. He panicked for a bit, but regained himself slowly and then messaged Squirtle.
"Hey!" He said into the walkie-talkie. "The Bullets are too large for the cartridge mate!".
Squirtle didn't respond for a few seconds, but the sound of the gunfire (and the fact Esbby could see Squirtle behind the barrier) told him that he was thinking what to say. He eventually clicked his fingers and replied.
"Check on the butt of the rifle." he suggested.
Esbby did as instructed and looked on the butt of the rifle. He spotted a small engraving and reported back to Squirtle.
"There's a small Lighting-Bolt on it, any ideas?" he asked.
He heard Squirtle laughing over the radio, then he responded over his own chuckles.
"Yeah, you're gonna like that. Slap the air just above the magazine, and see what happens".
"...Right." Esbby skeptically responded.
The radio went off, and Esbby held out his paw over the magazine. He drew it back, and then moved it through the air, stopping abruptly before hitting the gun. In that action, a jet of blue flame whizzed from his paw into the magazine. Esbby stopped, but still held the gun firmly. He slowly peered into the magazine, and saw a blue shell in the magazine.
He moved to the radio again and turned it on.
"Squirtle, what is this?" he asked
Quickly enough, Squirtle replied with:
"That's that, Aura thing you've got going on. In Layman's terms, you make your own bullets with whatever type-power you hold. Best thing is, you never run out of ammo."
Esbby was taken aback by this predicament, but he shook his head once more and grinned before looking at his gun.
"Awesome." He said.
Without further interruption, he re-assumed his crouching position and brought his eye to the scope.
Soon enough, some havoc would be wrought in the paws of the Human.

((Only short tonight, school and whatnot is sadfacemaking.))


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School makes me sad-faced too. Take your time with the stories Esbby. :3

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I feel I may as well get a story started. I've had the idea, and while I'm rather lacking in motivation right now, I know I'll be bugged by the fact that I didn't post it. It's a Fallout 3 fic, (but it still has referances to the previous games) dealing with what happened to my character (Good Karma) a couple of years after the ending of Broken Steel. I'll give it an intro/backround right now, and see if I can work on the first part of the actual story.)
(Please read the introduction in the voice of Ron Perlman. +1 FALLOUT GEEK JOKE!)

Here thar be spoilers if you haven't played the game, and or the DLCs, Broken Steel and The Pitt.

You can skip this if you know/don't care about the history of Fallout.


War. War never changes.

October 23, 2077. Possibly the darkest date in human history. On that day, humanity, constantly quarreling, this time over resources, scorched their own world. Nuclear bombs dropped, millions were killed or were transformed into the decaying creatures known as Ghouls. Mutations caused giant, wild animals to roam the lands. Those in the United States lucky enough to have access to the Vaults, underground shelters that could withstand nuclear war, were unknowingly experimented on, in the government's vain attempts to try and find a way to save humanity. They would fail, and soon all systems of government from before the war would crumble. Clans of Raiders, lawless, sadistic, cold blooded killers would rise and roam the landscape, waiting to cause death and destruction whenever they could.

But, even in anarchy, some semblence of order began to resurface. Survivors of the war managed to fight back the vicious wildlife and violent raiders, and create new factions. The Brotherhood of Steel for example, was an organization made up of descendents of the families of the United States military, created on the West Coast with the purpose of scouring the ruins of the world for any surviving technology, in the hopes of recreating the world before the war. The New California Republic, a collection of towns rebuilt by the survivors of a Vault, was created as well to try and create a new society that would deal well with what was left of the world. And the insidious Enclave, made by businessmen and U.S. politicians before the war to secretly run the country, had the goal of annihilating all humans even slightly affected by radiation and mutation, hoping to keep humanity "pure."

Despite this, the Enclave did not succeed, and the people living on the west coast of what once was the United States of America were able to keep pressing forward, seeing hope of a new world.

The people of the Capital Wasteland had no such luck.

The Capital Wasteland is the name given to the ruined city of Washington D.C. and most of the area nearby. Being the capital of the nation, it was a prime target for several bombs, which made rebuilding that much harder. Mutations were far more frequent in the wildlife, raiders seemed even more blood-hungry than anywhere else, and nearby, one Vault 87 made with the intent of experimenting on people with the grisly Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) ended up losing control of its subjects who became hulking, dumb, sterile beings known as Super Mutants. They began kidnapping residents and taking them back to the Vault and forcing them to be mutated as well.

With these threats to deal with, and no one strong enough to fight them back, the small communities and settlements of the Capital Wasteland had all but lost their wills to live. But thankfully for the people, a division of the Brotherhood of Steel had made the long expidition from their base in California to the East Coast in their search for technology. The Knights and Paladins of the Brotherhood were able to fight back the threats in the area, even pushing the Super Mutants back into the ruins of D.C. Setting up in the ruins and subterrenean levels of the Pentagon, now renamed "The Citadel," This detatchment of the Brotherhood of Steel, led by Owen Lyons, could keep the Wasteland as safe as they possibly could.

Shocked at how the Capital Wasteland was completely unorganized and its people struggling to survive each day, Lyons did something his superiors didn't expect. He told them in no uncertain terms that hs primary goal was no longer recovering technology from before the war, but was now the protection of the people in the Wasteland. This controversial act of defiance split the leaders of the Brotherhood down the middle when it came to dealing with Lyons. Should he and his force be expelled from the Brotherhood? Does he have a point? Eventually they came to a decision. Lyon's would still be recognized as the leader of the Brotherhood of Steel's East Coast branch, but he would no longer recieve reinforcements or supplies from the main base. The equipment loss he could deal with, but the loss of the highly trained soldiers that made up the Brotherhood would be a huge blow to Lyons and his force. Even worse, several members of that division of the Brotherhood resented Lyons' decision. They felt that he had no right to postpone the completion of the objetive he was sent all that way for. One night, they defected, taking all of the armor, weapons, and other supplies they could carry, and founded another base, and hoped to fulfill what the Brotherhood's main goal always was; The recovery of pre-war tech. Eventually they came to be called the Brotherhood Outcasts, a name they take pride in.

Due to losing so many experianced soldiers, Lyons was forced to recruit from the wastes. the denizens of the Capital Wasteland however, were of course, hardly trained at all, and often were killed not a few days after they joined up. Eventually, joining the Brotherhood was seen as suicide by the people of the Wasteland.

But even so, the Brotherhood did find one thing that they were hell bent on protecting. A scientist named James, his wife, Catherine, and a group of other researchers began something that could change the Capital Wasteland, perhaps the world, for the better. Named "Project Purity" The scientists hoped that they could use it to find a way to purify the irradiated water of the wasteland, bringing life back to the barren landscape. The Brotherhood almost immediatley opted to protect the scientists, and progress was good.

Until one day, specifically July 13th, 2258, a child who would also forever change the Wasteland was born. His parents were James and Catherine, but he never knew his mother. She died, just after he was born, going into cardiac arrest. Disenhearted by the loss of his wife, James took the child and left the project behind. Eventually the other scientists left as well, and the Brotherhood found new goals in the Wasteland.

Finding refuge in Vault 101, a shelter designed to stay closed indefinatley, James and his son lived in safety for 19 years. But throughout those years, James began to think about Project Purity again. If he could get it restarted, he could still succeed. The thought plagued him until on August 17, 2277, James left the Vault, without telling his own child where he was going. He only left a message for the boy, warning him not to follow, as the world above ground was too dangerous. Despite this, the now young man had to leave, as the Vault's Overseer was frantic at James' escape,and demanded the capture of his son as he believed that he knew what his father was up to. Once escaping the Vault's security, the boy traveled throughout the wasteland, with nothing except the standard issue vault jumpsuit, a 10mm pistol with a small amount of ammunition, a meager amount of caps, the currency of the Wasteland, just enough supplies to last him a few days, and the wrist attached Personal-Information-Processor (PiPBoy) searching for his father and what he had gone to do.

Slowly but surely, the man began to make a name for himself in the wastes, gaining a reputation and becoming known as "The Lone Wanderer." He helped the people of the Capital Wasteland as best as he could. He gained strength and experiance and people began to see him as a savior and a symbol that not all good in the world was gone.

Eventually, the Lone Wanderer found his father and, after convincing the other scientists that the project was worth restarting, began working on Project Purity. This new beginning as well as the reunification of father and son was cut short, by a returning Enclave led by the mysterious President "John Henry Eden" a voice on the radio of the Wasteland. The Enclave demanded control of the project that had been in the works for several years, and was almost close to completion. Locked inside the control room, the commander of the Enclave's military, Colonel Augustus Autumn, attempted to force James into shutting the project down until the Enclave could get a handle on it. The Lone Wanderer could only watch from outside the room, as his father, the one whom his whole quest was started for, sacrificed himself, flooding the chamber with radiation in a desperate effort to kill Autumn. With no time to grieve, the Wanderer evacuated the surviving scientists to the Citadel where the Brotherhood took them in, and told Lyons that Project Purity was being restarted. Surprised by this, but thinking it had a chance, Lyons, and his head Scribe, Rothchild, told the Lone Wanderer that the final piece in the puzzle to purify the water was to find a Garden of Eden Creation Kit. (G.E.C.K.) a device capable of creating life out of nothing, designed to be used only by certain vaults after the war. One such vault was Vault 87, the very same vault that was now controlled by Super Mutants.

Undettered, the Lone Wanderer fought his way into and through the Vault, and, with the assistence of a Super Mutant who had retained his intelligence by the name of Fawkes, aquired the G.E.C.K. Shortly after parting ways with Fawkes though, and on his way back to the Citadel, the Wanderer was captured by the Enclave, and taken to their base in the Capital Wasteland, Raven Rock.

Finding out that the so called "President of the Enclave" John Henry Eden wa simply a sentient A.I. who wanted to continue the Enclave's goals of recreating the United States government and the country as a whole, the Enclave forces took the G.E.C.K from the Lone Wanderer, and were in the process of installing it into Project Purity, planning to use the Capital Wasteland's water supply to control the area. What they didn't know, however, is that Eden's plan was to use a modified version of the Forced Evolutionary Virus to contaminate Project Purity and kill any "impurities" from Super Mutans, to Ghouls, to humans even slightly affected by radiation and mutations. Meeting with the artificial "President," The Wanderer used logic to defeat him, by convincing the machine that killing off 99% of the population would eliminate any chances of a government to form. Now without a purpose, Eden self destructed, and the Lone Wanderer escaped Raven Rock just in time, before the whole base collapsed on itself.

Returning to the Citadel, the Wanderer convinced the Brotherhood that, because they didn't have the G.E.C.K they needed to launch an assault on the Enclave at Project Purity in order to take control of it, and start purifying water. Using the newly repaired giant robot named Liberty Prime found in the base beneath the Citadel, The Wanderer and The Lyons' Pride, an elite squad of Brotherhood members led by Sarah Lyons, daughter of Owen Lyons, were able to get into Project Purity and, getting into the still massively irradiated control room, the Lone Wanderer very nearly sacrificed his own life to activate Project Purity.

Waking up, 2 weeks later, the Wanderer almost immediatley returned to action, fully joining the Brotherhood, and helped to take out a new threat. The Enclave had satellites that could barrage a target with bombs, and were even able to take out Liberty Prime, the Brotherhood's main advantage over the Enclave. Finding the Enclave's secondary installation, a former Air Force base in Maryland, the Lone Wanderer used the Enclave's own satellite bombs against them, destroying the Enclave, and leaving them helpless, against the Brotherhood, now raking in all kinds of technology from the ruins of the base.

But with the Wasteland free from the Enclave's oppresion, and in the safe hands of the Brotherhood of Steel, there are still a few loose ends that need tying up. Decisions made in past adventures that could haunt the Lone Wanderer for the rest of his life. An inner conflict, a war of sorts, dealing with his conflicting feelings of the outcome of those ends. And while this war may seem unique, as if it differs from the traditional view of wars, never forget;

war...war never changes.



I brushed off my hoodie in the hopes of getting the wrost of the chunks out of it. Another Mutie down, brain in several places at once. I used my PipBoy to collect a blood sample and left to find my way through the metro tunnels. I'd need to use abraxo on this again. Thankfully, I've been able to collect more than just a few outfits in my travels. Looking up at the cloudy sky, still seeing the light of the sun high in the heavens, and then down to the crumbling buildings of Washington D.C., I contemplated how quickly a nuclear war could bring an entire planet to utter ruins. Nothing would ever be the same, but, as the ever chipper Moira Brown put it. "Did you ever try to put a broken piece of glass back together? Even if the pieces fit, you can't make it whole again the way it was. But if you're clever, you can still use the pieces to make other useful things. Maybe even something wonderful, like a mosaic." That was the the closest I had ever seen her to crying. Really the only time I had ever seen her close to tears. Somehow though, she kept it together. She was able to stay happy, and that survival guide she got published would probably make a helluva lot of other people in the wastes happy as well.
Walking to a metro tunnel, and making my way underground the city, bypassing the debris blocking off many of the roads, I kept watch for feral ghouls, hunting rifle at the ready. Eventually, I found one, and snuck up on it, landing a direct headshot. That just pissed it off and it screeched. It was a Reaver. Instictively, I holstered the rifle onto my back, and immediatley started groping for the combat shotgun I kept right next to it. By now the ghoul had lunged towards me and, while I jumped away in time to keep a mortal blow from being struck, it still dug it's nails through my shirt, and in deep enough to cause blood to start oozing out of my stomach. I yelped in pain, but gripped the shotgun, swung it out, and fired a shot. The ghoul was flung backwards, but landed on it's feet and started sprinting back towards me, screaming. Another shot brought it to the ground, and two more to the head left no chance of it getting back up. I looked inside my rucksack, 3 more Stimpaks. Great. I injected one close to the wound, and it stopped the bleeding after a little while But even so, it still hurt like blazes. I made my way through the tunnel, shotgun in one hand, the other hand clutching my wound, and crouched as soon as I got back topside, holstering the shotgun, I did not want to have to deal with anymore injuries with minimum medical equipment. Fumbling for a stealthboy, I attatched it to my PiPBoy and pushed the power button. Cloaked, I made my way past Super Mutants, Talon Company Mercs, and other dangers. By the time the camoflauge wore out, I was already out of the ruined city, and traversing the wastes, well on my way to the Citadel.
By the time I got to the Brotherhood's base, the sun was setting, and the front of shirt was inundated with blood, looking disturbingly interesting in the light. Super Mutant blood tended to shne quite a bit longer than normal human blood. Making my way to the A-Ring, I borrowed some Abraxo Cleaner and spent the next half an hour in the den srubbing the shirt. By the time I was finished, I went into the Great Chamber, with Owen Lyons, head Scribe Rothchild, Scribe Peabody of weapons R&D, Scribee Bowditch of armor R&D, Scribe Jameson of researching history and knowledge from before the war, and the members of the Lyons' Pride, sitting at the table, next to two members of the Lyons' Pride, Spec Ops unit Gallows, and Sharpshooter Dusk. "What'd I miss?" I whispered to Dusk at my left. "Not much." She replied. "Sarah hasn't even gotten here yet and-" She was interrupted by the sound of Sarah Lyons, clad in her power armor like everyone except for her father, Rothchild, and the other scribes, and took her seat. "Exellent!" Lyons exclaimed "Now we can begin. Special news right now.. The first votes are in!"

To be Continued.

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Chapter 2.

In the three years since the Brotherhood gained full control of the Wasteland, due to the technology taken from the ruins of the Enclave, more and more initiates were able to spend more time being trained. As a result, the mortality rate wasn't nearly as atrocious, and people had much more faith in the Brotherhood, furthering the number of initiates. WIth this power, the Brotherhood called on any and all permanant settlements to united, and create a Government. The major communites chosen were Rivet City, an aircraft carrier converted into a large villiage of sorts, Megaton, another well sized town built with the wreckage of downed aircraft, it's name stemming from the (Thankfully 86'd) atomic bomb in the town center, Underworld, a community built in the D.C. Museum of History for civilized Ghouls, Canterbury Commons, a moderate sized settlement made from a ruined town north of D.C., and Big Town, a small colllection of shacks made for those who were too old for the child's community of Little Lamplight. I even asked the Lamplight kids if they wanted to partake in this government, even though I knew what their answer would be. They didn't trust us "mungos" and were plenty happy with their way of life.

"So what were the results?" Sarah inquired, eager, just like all of us, to know what our hard work had become. Clearing his throat, Scribe Rothchild took a large stack of papers off of his place at the round table and rose to his feet, and started his announcement with a disclaimer. "I certainly hope you all will pay close attention to this, as it will hopefully affect generations for the better. We have now, after months of reviews, revisions, and edits, completed the Wasteland Community Agreements." And with that, he began. He first spoke of what all of the communites unanimously agreed on, the emancipation of all slaves, not that we hadn't already been busy doing that, the idea of representatives from each community meeting to discuss current issues, and the idea of creating a military, mostly Brotherhood soldiers obviously, but also militias of less trained, but still well enough learned in combat, individuals. These militias would guard communities and assist Brotherhood members in missions where they could go where the Knights and Paladins couldn't.

All of those matters were read aloud by Rothchild and gotten out of the way, before he got to what we were all more interested in; The debated issues. One of the main topics was that there should be multiple representatives. It would be pointless to have a single representative from all of the communites, so the biggest argument was which communities got the most representatives. Rivet City argued that with a larger population, there was a higher chance of disagreement within, and multiple representatives for the bigger communites could help decide what the majority of the population was for. Big Town and Canterbury Commons argued that, as smaller communites, they needed more representatives in order to be seen on equal footing with the major population centers of the wasteland. Eventually, an agreement was settled upon. Each community would have the same amount of representatives, in order to make sure the majority of the community would agree, but still kept the smaller communites on equal footing with the larger ones. It wasn't a decision everyone liked, that's how compromising works, but everyone did accept it as a good enough decision for the time being.

Another major issue was Tenpenny Tower. It was a large eyesore of a hotel, that survived the Great War, and the hundreds of years afterwards. The settlment in it was founded by the rich , bigoted, elderly Allistair Tenpenny. Only allowing wealthy members of the Wasteland to live there, they were extremely snobbish and looked down on anyone who wasn't of their wealth, or social standing. When I first heard of it, a group of Ghouls led by one Roy Phillips were trying to gain entry. Despite being able to afford the high cost of living in that upper-class building, the ever prideful, prejudiced residents refused to let the Ghouls inside. As a result, Phillips started planning a scheme to get inside, hoping to kill all of the residents with feral ghouls that would enter an underground passageway leading to the tower's basement. Thankfully, I was able to convince Phillips to not act upon that urge, and went into the tower to convince the residents that it wouldn't be a bad idea to let the ghouls live there. A few of the most bigoted left in huffs, refusing to share space with ghouls, but most of the people I was able to persuade to give it a try. For a short time it worked. The two groups lived happily, until one day, the humans ended up dissappearing. When I asked about it, the ghouls refused to talk about it, but, searching the basement, revealed all of their corpses. Enraged, I confronted Roy Phillips about this, but even then, he still denied it. I don't know why I didn't kill him that day. I told myself that it was because I didn't want all of the ghouls in the entire tower attacking me, but there was more to it then that. Maybe it was because I didn't have the heart to completely ruin a community I had worked to unite, even though it was already ruined. Maybe it was my way of punishing myself for getting involved, so I didn't satisfy my urge for justice. Whatever the reason, now that there was a government of the Wasteland, and the Brotherhood had seen and exposed the bodies, we needed to know how to put this into our new Constitution, or even if it should be put in our list of laws. Most of the communities, and the Brotherhood itself were up for forcing Phillips and the rest of the Ghouls to face their crimes. But Underworld, full of the same people as Phillips, were no strangers to prejudice. In fact, only in these three years, has the Brotherhood stopped automatically assuming all ghouls were hostile. Underworld believed it was unfair we would be charging Phillips for a three year old crime, even if it was mass murder, because those who were murdered were "Prejudice scum who have no right on this planet." arguing against this, I had several still living witnesses who knew that the humans were living happily together for several days. Underworld, still said Tenpenny was a bigot, and would have restricted Ghoul rights, but they had no evidence to back that up. Eventually, another compromise was made. Roy Phillips and Tenpenny Tower, now a haven for all lost ghouls, would not be tried, but they would also not be considered members of the Capital Wasteland's government until further notice. Underworld and Phillips weren't happy about this of course, and tried to raise another fuss, but the Brotherhood and the rest of the communities stuck by their decision. Eventually all of the ghouls begrudgingly stepped down and agreed, feeling that they would never be able to get along with "No good prejudice smoothskins."

Those were the biggest issues, and we kept listening intently. By now, other members of the Brotherhood had stopped by outside the chamber to listen in on the reading, and at the end, when Rothchild concluded the speech with "I know we'll all have to face conflicts still, and we're not out if the woods yet, but this is a step foreward, and we will take it with confidence, knowing that we can and will rebuild." I was surprised when the room erupted in the hard applause of several Power Armored soldiers. "Time to get some rest!" Dusk said, after the clapping died down, stretching as best as her armor would let her when she got up. "Everyone except for me. I've got a couple errands to run." Gallows, muttered aloud, getting up and leaving for the outside on another one of his Spec Ops jobs. Everyone cleared the room, and got to their quarters, the lower ranks and the Lyons duo in the B-Ring, and us members of the Lyons Pride in the A-Ring. I stripped out of my hoodie and undershirt, briefly checking my wound, which had become nothing but a scar by now and only caused minimal pain when felt, and grabbed a blanket from a dresser in the corner near the end of the row of cots in the den. I climbed onto a bed near the dresser, before wrapping myself in the blanket, and hoped for peaceful sleep.
Unfortunatley, I was reminded of old, painful memories that day, and sweet dreams were not likely.

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The scene of battle unfurled before him, but this time through his scope. There was a maliciously good feeling about seeing his targets with a crosshair over them. It made him feel... dominant.
"Yeah, you're clear to fire" came Squirtle over the radio. This was quite amusing, as SB didn't actually ask for any prompt command to shoot, but now he felt really confident, and he laid the crosshair over one Sableye who was directly in the centre of the feud. He chose this target carefully; he was in clear view of all his fellow soldiers, and SB wanted them to see him fall.
He dragged the crosshair to the head, and pulled the trigger. Still as a statue, he watched as the Sableye was knocked back a foot and fell on his back. Immediately, all the other Sableye reacted in Shock and scattered, panicking and all running behind cover.
"Oh dear." Esbby said, quite evilly. "I've made quite a mess."
He was quite happy until he watched the body of the Sableye disappear.
"Wha?!" He exclaimed to himself. "What happened? Where's that Sableye?" he gasped into the radio.
Almost immediately, Squirtle responded
"Ah. That's respawn."
SB shuddered at this idea.
"Respawn?! We're not playing an FPS! This is real-life!" he shouted back, the idea nonsensical he thought.
"Yeah, well allow me to explain. When you 'kill' an enemy, they are actually teleported back to a preset area. Mainly, the commander chooses this area, making it strategically-effective, however by the looks of it, they're all the way back to the EWT area a couple hundred miles away. It's a good thing for us."
Esbby put down his rifle for a second, nodded to himself and returned the reticule to his eye.
"Good enough for me." he said.
He moved the reticule over to Nidorina & Pikachu's position and he watched as they conversed a plan, involving several hand gestures noting where and when to go.
He then moved it to Chikorita, who was shooting every now and then. It occured to Esbby that she seemed to like shooting, because that's all she ever did.
Then back to Totodile, Squirtle & Charmander, each of whom were volleying over smokescreens for Pikachu's advance.
Esbby then drew his attention to another Sableye. This one was slightly different from the others. He was positioned another couple of yards back, in a building looking through a window. He saw that he had several miscellanea in the foliage department covering his head. He noticed last that he actually possessed a rifle... with a scope.
Esbby gasped as he saw him pointing it in the direction of Pikachu & Nidorina.
"Oh no you don't... mate." He said, pulling the trigger upon his head. He smiled for only a second before cursing as he watched him duck before the bullet could hit him.
Almost immediately, he returned to the window and Esbby saw that the enemy was looking directly at him.
It was Sniper versus Sniper.


((Sorry for the poor update Schedule. I've been busy and just have trouble finding time writing this up))

The Scope pointing at Esbby from the house glinted from the sun's reflection, and at that time he could only think of doing one thing- He jumped backwards down the opposite side of the hill, and as he rolled down it's shallow contours (hitting a stone every now and then) he heard the shot from the enemy's rifle and saw it skim the top of the hill. He came to a grounding halt, and it took him a while to get back up, rubbing his backside to soothe the scratches made by the stones.
"Owowowow" he mumbled, jogging back up the hill. Halfway back up, he stopped, for he realised that the Sniper would probably be marking his position.
He stopped and put his paw under his chin pensively, thinking what he could do. He looked up to his spot and saw the Walkie-Talkie on it's back by the bush.
He clicked his fingers in revelation, got on his belly, and crawled up the side of the hill. Once he had gotten in range of the device, he pressed a button and said quietly to Squirtle:
"Hey, there's a Sniper in the left side of the street, in the pink building, you-"
But before he could finish, Squirtle was quick to respond:
"Yeah, he's already made our aquaintance. We can't shoot over without him firing back at us. We need a diversion, and fast lest they charge up the centre. Any ideas?"
"Nah." Esbby replied direly. "We'll have to- Hang on" He said, looking back up at his mini-supply kit at the top of the hill.
"Smokes." Esbby said.
"There's your diversion!" Squirtle said. "Throw the smokes over into the centre, let Pikachu and Nidorina cross, then they can take care of it! Good thinking blue one!"
"Cheers." SB replied. He turned off the radio and proceeded to crawl back up the hill and grabbed the smokes. He tore off the cap and threw it over the top of the hill, hoping it would land in the centre of the fray. When he heard the small bang indicating the release of smoke, he slowly made his way to the top of the hill and put himself in the foliage with his rifle in paw. To his delight, he saw only the embankment that Squirlte, Totodile & Charmander were in, the rest was enveloped by a large smoke.
He looked over to the rival Sniper and saw he was spinning around in the window, worried and trying to wave smoke from his face. He watched him try his best to re-establish connection with his rifle, but saw that just behind him, Pikachu had the Shotgun just beside his back. He looked away, but heard the shot that Pikachu delivered to his chest, and then watched the blue light emanating from his position.
"Very Well Done Pikachu." Esbby said happily into his radio.
"Thanks Mr. Perky." He said, chuckling.
Esbby smiled, and only smiled more once he heard the unmistakable roar of Charizard in the distance. His fight would be over soon enough.


((Every day since the last update, I've been thinking 'Update tomorrow!' But somehow, I've always put it off for indeterminate reasons :/ I don't think I'll be able to update for a week or so after. I'm off to Valencia on Thursday, another Exchange visit where there'll be many shenanigans!))

Esbby recoiled back into the bush, laid down the rifle and looked up to the sky, where a silhouette was hurtling down rapidly towards the battlefield. He then turned his attention to the rest of his Squadmates, who each took cover, all watching the welcome figure of Charizard blaze down upon the centre. As for the Sableye, they had already scattered, fleeing wildly and jumping down into temporary entrenchments on the other side of the street.
"Woah! Is that your secret weapon?!" Esbby heard Totodile over the radio.
"Yeah, say hello to Charizard. The West's favourite Eastern Dragon." Charmander replied coolly.
"Heh" Came a loud grunt over the radio. "I know plenty of other Dragons who would serve you better than I could".
"Say what you want Charizard" Squirtle replied, "But none of them are quite as polite as you."
Charizard's roaring yet modest laughter was easily coherent over the radio. Esbby felt it's warmth emanating from the radio. Or maybe because it had become so hot from the burning shell casings upon it.
He sighed and brushed them off quickly before picking up the radio and holding it to his mouth:
"So, what now?" he asked.
"Hey, he lives!" Squirtle chuckled back.
"Certainly, your Sniper lives."
"Heh, well, we just wait for them to all disappear skulking back into the forest- Charizard will finish that for us, and then we can just do a generic Sitrep."
"Sitrep?" Pikachu inquired over the radio.
"Situational Report." Came Nidorina's surprisingly charming voice (for a Pokémon of her build, her voice was quite high. Definitely not something one would expect from her rough aesthetics.
"Cleanup, picking any stragglers and reporting this to base." she finished.
"Easy enough procedure" Came another voice, also female.
Through the process of elimination, he worked out that this must have been Chikorita. The one he slightly fancied.
"Yup, that's about the gist of it." Finalised Totodile. "Shotgunners, Assault Veterans and Sniper"
"Gentlemen." Esbby said through the radio, amid a chuckle from each of the group.
"Let's meet down here and recuperate, it's been a long day."
So, in light of the abrupt end to the battle, Esbby picked up his kit, his rifle, and his radio, and made the short walk back to the allied entrenchment. Though the day had ended, many more were to come. And sooner than he would be ready for.

I woke up with quietly, fear gripping my entire being. Like I had predicted, another nightmare of days long since past. But this one was one of the worse ones I have. I started in the basement of Tenpenny Tower, looking at the corpses of those killed by Roy Phillips. Those whose deaths I was in a prime position to stop. I heard faint screams and cries, and over those, the shouts and gunfire of the ghouls who had killed them, and it chilled me to the bone. Then, suddenly, the scene shifted, and I was back in the Pitt in cramped, filthy slave quarters. "DAMN IT WERMHER! YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME WHAT THE CURE WAS!" I shouted. Wermher looked up at me, and, nonchalantly replied, "Look, if I told you what exactly it was, you wouldn't have helped me." A baby was crying. The baby girl I had given Wermher. Little Marie was the cure for the unique mutagen that had struck the Pitt, causing it's residents to become horrible deformed monsters known as trogs. I lowered my voice, hoping it would calm the baby down, but rage still seethed inside of me for what I had done. "And what's to stop me from taking her back and going to Ashur?" Wermher chuckled at the notion. "Oh sure, go ahead. 'Here Ashur, take your baby back, sorry for kidnapping her and all.' You'll be welcomed back into that stronghold with open arms!" I clenched my fists, and the only thing stopping me from clocking him was the baby he was holding. "You're no better than he is. He was trying to look for a cure you know? The only reaosn he didn't have one yet is because that's his daughter! He's got to be gentle with her! And I can tell right now that if I let you keep her, you won't have the same compassion." I snarlled, through gritted teeth. "Hey, it's not like I'm gonna cut the brat open and look for a prize inside. Now really man, we've got to get to phase two of the plan." I took a step forward. "I told you. I'm done, I'm not going through with that you sick fuck. You've already had me do enough things I'll be forced to live with for the rest of my life." Wermher set the baby down on a table before taking a step towards me, as if to intimidate me. "And what the hell are you gonna do? Like I said, Ashur and his wife ain't gonna be too happy that you took their baby and all, so you're kinda forced to work with me here." I promptly drew a sidearm and raised it at his head. "Get the fuck away from me. I told you. I'm done." I warned him. "Yeah, shoot me! Let your anger out! Then, when I'm dead, the rebellion's failed, and half the slaves are executed as an example, and the other half are worked even harder than before. You'll have caused that kid. You're in this, whether you want to be or not."

He's still not dead, Wermher. I thought, sitting in the darkness of my mattress. It's too late to kill him now. All I can do is move on, and keep going forward. But not even that could keep me from starting to weep quietly, and contemplate a syringe-ful of Morphine to help me sleep.

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39 Creation: in short on Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:20 pm

I've been kicking this short story idea around for a while, and since you guys are the people I know share my sense of humor, I'll show you it. I'm trying to write in an Adams/Pratchett voice, and suggestions, additions, and continuations would be much appreciated. I've hit a creative wall. Enjoy.

Creation, In Short

In the beginning there was Nothing. Then, Nothing realized he was blocking the doorway and stepped aside. In rushed Chaos, tripping on his legs and dropping his stuff, while Order walked behind him, making little sighing noises at Chaos while picking up his stuff. Then, through the doorway came God, an otter, and a Norse guy and his father, all ready to create the world. They all had a nasty shock when they found out Nothing had already made it. A brief tussle insued when each took credit for it. Eventually, Science came in and took credit for everything, which Nothing protested against. However, God was punching Chaos in the face while the otter and the Norse guy were having a Russian standoff, so Science went unnoticed. This continued for a fair amount of time until finally the earth drifted away. Science tried to follow it, but all of the sudden, the God slamed him in the stomach. The otter, wielding the Norse guy's arm, began to beat up Science as well.

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(Hooray for a terrible update schedule!)

Esbby decided to slide down the last few feet on the hill, for the excitement of it (and besides, who doesn't like sliding down moist hills like a hero? :3) before Commando rolling to the group, stumbling before shoddily arriving behind Pikachu and the already-moving group.
"Style & Finesse eh?" Charmander chuckled.
"He's all about it. He blows enemies heads out for a living." Pikachu responded, also humoured.
The Anubis regained himself, brushed the pebbles & dirt from his fur and made his way next to Pikachu.
"So where are we headed again?" Squirtle asked Totodile, who was leading the group towards the Forest North of the Street.
"Well, before we can give the all-clear to the civilians camping out half a mile from the guild, we have to check the immediate area from where the EWT infantry were coming from. Intelligence from HQ suggests that their Respawn camp is all the way back in the East, but there may be a couple of stragglers, so... It's better to be safe than sorry."
"Understandable." Squirtle responded. "I think we could all go for a good rest after this."
"Yeah" Pikachu added "Beating up bad guys is tough y'know?"
"Hear, hear!" Nidorina chuckled.
So the four made a reasonable pace to the end of the road, but along the way, they observed the damage done to the local businesses; Many of the establishments were stripped to their foundations alone, the others were in flames, about to give way any moment.
"Damn." Chikorita said in a concerned manner, pivoting to look at all the blazing huts. "How will this place recover?"
"Well, a job easily solved by a couple of Bibarel & Bidoof. The construction here is mostly wood." Charmander responded (matter-of-factly).

--Cutting here for now: It's getting a bit late here, again, apologies for the awful update schedule. But one other thing; I think Tuomey quite likes this, but he hasn't been round for a while. I'm really concerned for him, and I hope he's alright. I guess all we can do is wait. I'll try and launch another instalment soon :3 --

(Schedules: Who needs 'em?)

I woke up later that morning, at about 8:00, and threw on a shirt and some camo pants before starting to walk. The images of the nightmares still lingered in my mind. I stopped, trying to shake them off, not like that ever worked though. Those tough decisions weren't exaclty great for my psyche. Grabbing a bottle of Aqua Pura and a pack of apples from the lounge just outside the den, I made my way to the Citadel Laboratory, stopping to see Paladin Tristan. exchanging the Super Mutant blood samples I had for a bag of caps, I continued down to the lab, filled with all of the technology scavenged from the ruins of the Enclave. "Hey! Rothchild!" I shouted. He looked up from one of the Legs of Liberty Prime he was keen on fixing up. "I'm sorry, but I'm a little occupied at the moment if you-" I cut him off right there. "Any copies of the constitution from last night for me? Just need one for my Pipboy." He sighed, before directing me back upstairs to the Archives, and then returned back to work on rebuilding the robotic masterpiece. Making my way back up to the Archives, and downloaded the extensive work to the magical instrument on my wrist. You never know when a constitution to a post apacolyptic society will come in handy. I was about to leave the Citadel to go back out to dangerous territory., when Sarah stopped me. "Where're you off to this time?" SHe inquired. "Don't know." I shrugged. "And you're not taking anything with you? You realize that no matter how many members we have, it'll take a while before it's safe to take a walk by yourself out there."
"I've handled myself pretty well over the last few years. Raiders, radscorpions, mutants, Enclave soldiers, I don't normally brag, but I think I can handle anything out there."
"And because you've fought that many, the Enclave will just want you dead even more."
"With all due respect Ma'am, I told you, I'll be fine." Before she could say anything else, I left. In truth, I knew exactly where I was going. I was going to where I hadn't been in three years. The place I thought I'd never return. The solution to go back was simple, but I never thought I'd have any reason to do it. The thought never struck me too much in the last few years, but now, I just felt an overwhelming urge to do it. Maybe it was the nightmares,
I was going home.

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[quote="Dewmann"](Schedules: Who needs 'em?)

Exactly. I haven't written anything for months. Gimme a few days, I'll see what I can do.

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"Well, we can leave the Civilian stuff to the... Civilians." Totodile said. "But for now, we can focus on finding and dismissing any remaining forces."
"But of course!" Charmander replied, genially. "We better make haste."
"Well, we're already here" Pikachu said, quite exasperated by all the chatter - he pointed up to the foliage looming above them.
"Yep." Squirtle said, putting on a pair of triangular shades. "This is where they seemed to be coming from."
Esbby & the two females tilted their heads in Puzzlement at the sign of the glasses.
Squirtle, in return, winked and gave them a smile.
Nidorina slid over to Chikorita.
"You think he's a little weird?" she asked.
"Yep, but he provides some comic relief. I quite like his style." Chikorita replied.
Even quieter, Nidorina leaned in on her friend and whispered;
"What about that Blue Guy? Is he mute or something? He's so quiet."
"Yeah." Chikorita replied. "There's something about him that's quite nice though. Maybe he's cast in a shadow by the others."
Esbby's Receptors raised, but he quickly put them down, afraid that they would notice.
"Cast in a shadow?" Well, they may have offered sympathy, but they knew not of his predicament. But he wouldn't centre his thoughts around the human/mon fiasco. He needed a time without work, war or company. Only then could he delve deeper into the philosophy of it. But rather now, he might as well listen to the others
"Right. We go in, we get out. Tell the normal people they're fine to head back, report that to headquarters, go home, have cheese on toast. Got it?" Charmander briefed.
"Yep." was the collective response.
"We'll move up in a loose-Diamond. Pikachu & Nidorina at the Front. Chikorita, Charmander, Squirtle and myself making up the middle of the pack, whilst Sandslash & Esbby make up the back. Got it?" Totodile said.
Another collective 'Yep', ensued.
"Shall we?" Charmander said.
"Of course." Squirtle replied. He lead the 7 others into the forest.

Rivet City was doing well in the last three years. Tensions between the hanger deck and upper deck citizens eased, maybe because the new government was making them seem more like one complete "state," if you could call it that. Even so, the Common Room beds were still lousy, just as the upper deck bedrooms were exquisite. Nevertheless, I wasn't here for settling that matter. I needed help from an unlikely source. He was a drinker, a womanizer, "badass" who I had known all my life.
Butch DeLoria.
We were good friends now, but he bullied me when we were kids in the vault. But that was way back, and now, ever since I was banished from Vault 101 as my reward for convincing the Overseer to open up to the outside world, I didn't have a password to get back in. Butch, despite, as far as I know, permanantly leaving the vault, I still figured he'd know what it was. Making my way down below deck to the Muddy Rudder bar, where, through the cigarette smoke and chatter, I immediatley noticed him nursing a whiskey at the counter. "Hey, Butch man!" I called, walking over to him. "Huh? Oh yeah, hey." He grinned, slapping my hand as I passed him to pop onto a stool. "How's life? How's that gang?" I started off easy. "Ahh, you know. Same old. No one stays in for too long. They don't seem to get we ain't a travellin' gang. We stick here in Rivet City making sure they know who the real bosses of this joint are. They find it borin' but I ain't one for travellin' much ever since you nearly got me killed."
"Hardly. You chose to come with me, and you really should have known the Wasteland would be dangerous. Why else would people call it that?"
"Please man! In one day we went through a raider base, 4 deathclaws, and a group of Super Mutants! Are you trying to die out there?"
"Well I'm sorry if you can't keep up with my lifestyle." I chuckled, before ordering a whiskey for myself.
"So what'd you come for anyway? I don't figure you to want to just chit-chat with me for no reason."
Downing a bit of my own drink, I got to the point. "How's the vault? You ever hear from them?"
He hesitated before responding. "Why do you need to know?"
"It's where I grew up. The least you could do is tell me whether or not it's opeening up more to the outside.
"If you really need to know, then we're doing better without you. There!" He took a large swig of his own drink, finishing it triumphantly, as if he just ended the conversation right then. "Seriously Butch. Haven't you heard what's going on? The Brotherhood's organizing a government for the Capital Wasteland, and I was hoping the vault could join. If you're not going back there any time soon, you could give me the password, and I'd just be on my merry way."
"You know I can't do that. Amata's the overseer now, and she said you can't come back. Too bad, so sad, but them's the rules now. His speech was slightly slurred by now. Hopefully this would make things easier.
"This isn't about me going back to the vault. It's about me helping the vault better interact with the outside. All of the advanced tech, medical supplies, fresh, unirradiated food, all of that would be a huge benefit to the Wasteland."
"Plants are already growin'. They've got 'em by the purifier. And they're growin' 'em here on the boat too."
"And medical tech? You can't make that in too many places outside of a vault, can you?"
"You know, you're starting to get on my last..." He sighed, sipping his fresh drink. "You know what? Fine. If you really wanna go back and get bitched out by everyone for it, the new password's Jonas. Now get outta here."
"Thanks Butch. You're a good friend!" I tossed him some caps so he could order himself a couple more rounds, and left. I'd be able to reach the Vault before sunset if I hurried, and avoided danger. The only thing that I could think about was how they'd react."
Sticking close to a water caravan that was heading in a similar direction, I reached the vault around 5:00, and went inside the enterance tunnel. Looking at the giant gear door brought back memories. Memories of escaping, and memories of returning a first time. And here I was again. Entering the name of the years dead family friend, I covered my ears as the door screeched open. I stepped into the vault, briefly taking in as much sweet, clean undusty air as I could. "Susie? You're leaving already?" I heard the voice of Security Officer Gomez calling out, and his steps echoed as he made his way towards me. He stopped when he realized who it was. "I...thought you weren't allowed here anymore." He stammered in shock. "I've just got a message to deliver to an old friend of mine."

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Leaves squelched underneath their feet as they traversed the moistness that was the forest floor - leaving a trail of shallow footprints behind them.
They moved up, constantly checking every angle they could possibly be looked down upon from; The Canopies, the Roots, even wary of potential Spider-Hole traps.
"Keep you weapons at the ground, but always have them ready" Squirtle said, not facing anyone, but making it as a general announcement.
There was a clicking of Magazines and sights as the 'troupé' checked their arms.
"Those Easter Bloc-ers are no strangers to dirty tricks are they?" Totodile inquired to Charmander.
"Yeah, I've seen a lot of unexpected moves from their end in my time. Definitely have to be cautious whenever you get near them. Since they're so closed about everything, we're never quite sure what tricks they have up their collective sleeves." Charmander replied.
"Fair do's." Totodile responded.

--Brief Cut here due to time. Sorry! I'll get back on this tomorrow! :3--


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I hope this thread didn't deadpool, these stories are lovely.
I created this brief scene for my roleplay site, let me know what you think. It's been months since I roleplayed anything serious.

Pines vaulted from the frozen ground into equally cold, black skies like towers trembling in the wind, their silhouettes dark against the heavy storm clouds which bruised purple and swelled against the bitter winter winds, allowing little moonlight to abet any travelers that entered the woodland. The bereavement streams cried against the chill that froze their waters, ice splintering where the waters fought and pushed through currents, the turbulence echoing through the timber, cutting through the thick silence of the seemingly dead, overgrown forest.

But there was life in this world, strange and twisted creatures, cruel and compassionate, terrible and merciful, and just as sunlight was reaching with her long, warming fingers through crooks in the trees and groves in the mountains, twin cobalt eyes contemplated the horizon.

The creature watched silently, the strong built of her body rested comfortably in the deepening snow as the faint glow of the rising sun blinked wildly between glaciated branches that danced against the merciless breath of winter and reflected the light brilliantly into the creature’s gaze.

The wind left ghostly touches upon her pallid coat, ashen and bedraggled from living hard, disheveled years in unenlightened secrecy. Feathers that blanketed the foremost of her body quivered above tightly contrived muscle as she trembled, her hindquarters warm with clouded fur that smoothed along her sleek frame in brilliant hues of gray. Wings stretched, and the gryphon was awake once more.

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rare wrote:I hope this thread didn't deadpool, these stories are lovely.
I created this brief scene for my roleplay site, let me know what you think. It's been months since I roleplayed anything serious.

That was very pretty, Spooky! I wouldn't let this thread Deadpool if I can help it. I've just been quite busy :S I'll get back onto writing stories as soon as I can!


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Hm..I should really start working on Overture of the Clockwork Angels again...

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Believe me, I've been thinking about my story everyday, developing plot, but the problem is that I just can't string it all together. I have to get to a certain point before being able to write what I really want in my head, and in that space, I've been having such difficulty persuading myself to do it amidst work. If there's one thing I hate about myself is commitment, and my lack of it :/

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