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Hey evryone, I'm going to do a Pokemon story and this time I will freaking finnish it(hopefully)!
And for this one I will be useing gen I-Iv and, brace yourselves, Gen V.
Don't turn away now, I'm finnally looking into Gen V via Bulbapedia and I'm only doing it for some battles, they will not be used by any main characters. And it'll be episodic to, so I can just work until I'm out of ideas. Most of the epidsodes will not be with my signature writting style(upeat of soul and weak of heart rejoice! No blood, gore, dark overtones, and voilent twists[beond the usal Pokemon style] the for most of the episodes and there will be warnings when any of that is involved) and be more like the Pokemon anime while exploiting some of the more uncommon parts of it(human psychics for one).
I hope you guys will enjoy it.

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UPDATE: Alright, I'm nearing the half-way point of the first episode.
I will also note that I am not paying much attention to what moves the Pokemon tecnicly level up with, I'm paying attention only to types.

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Alright, I think I'll post this here instead of the MLP:FIM thread like the subject came up in.
RDxPP No, I'm kidding. This is basicly what the morning after Pinkemina's birthday party was like.

The room was dark, but this did not ruin the festivites of the two creatures within. The room was decorated in a very grusome manner, but this didn't change their celibratory activitys. Neither the blood stains on the floor. If anything, it inhanced it.
"It feels so good to be bad!" two voices sang in unison. The voices where vastly differnt, one a dark male voice, the other a rather perky female one that giggled like a manic after the last line.
"So delishous to be a dispicable cad!" the male voice said with a slight hint at dunkness.
"It's just so thilling, so fullfilling to give somebody the worst time they've ever had!" the female voice sang with a cackle.
"It feels so good to be bad!" they both sang.
The female voice let out a giggle of glee. It was nice to be able to spend time with someone like her. The male voice found himself laughing. He was enjoying himself.
"You know what? I really like you Katls. And I see that you've been working on those skills I taught you a long time ago," the owner of the female voice stepped out into the light, revealing a pink pony with a straight mane. She looked about at the decorations, seeing her work in comparison to the owner to the other voice's. There was a distintive differnence in skill level, but it was much better than it was when they got togather last year.
"Yes, I have Pinkie. I must say, that cupcake recipe you have is geinous and I've been useing it a lot, but mine are nowhere as yours. I went into the blood extacy with one of yours! I wish I knew how you did it," the owner of the male voice said, his claws cantracting and than splaying out from the memory.
"Well, I'll help you perfect it during my stay. I'm glad that I'll be staying for longer than before, Celestia has reconized my birthday so I'm not stuck with doing her ditry work. I think the two of you would like eachother," Pinkie said with a bounce.
Katls laughed. "I'd be more likly to be at her throat than me and her being freinds. I like Nightmare Moon much more than her."
"Well, Luna's not in that state right now, but I'll keep that in mind. I've overheard a plan to remove Luna from the equasion, but I'll be talking with Celestia to try and convince her otherwise. I really like Luna too you know," Pinkie said, her smile fadeing a little.
"I wonder what time it is," Katls said. He looked over at a nearby clock. "Wow, It's half after 9! We where up all night!"
"I'm personally confused why neither of use passed out from all that drinking we had or why we're still relitivly sober," Pinkie said while scratching her head.
"I think I brought the wrong keg. I think that was the one I didn't spike," Katls said with a dismissive shrug.
"Well, blood isn't that bad even when it isn't spiked. It's funny that I've got such a taste for blood. I'm a pony, but your a... what did you call yourself again?"
"Infested Terrain. A part of the Zerg."
"You really need to explain this to me later on. I've forgoten what you've told me before."
"Hey, I forgot to give you your birthday present!" Katls said while moveing over to a closet. He reached in and pulled out a thick black cord.
"This is my first conquest trophy. It wouldn't be much in your demention, but it'll be a rare commity none the less, these guys don't even exsits in your demention. What this is is a Protoss nerve cord. It inhances the Protoss' psyic abilitys. This belonged to the first Protoss leader I ever killed without Kerrigan's support. I ripped it off his head while he was dieing, which is a mortal insult to the guy's family and whatever troops he has. That was a good fight after that, my men ate well," Katls said.
Pinkie took the nerve cord and set it aside. "Thank you. I wish I knew what a Protoss was, but I'm sure you'll tell me later. I think we need some sleep."
"I don't need to, it's one of the blessings of being a part of the Zerg. It also helps with verious alments, includeing hangovers. I rather enjoy that perk. I'll help you go to sleep though," Katls said while walking over to Pinkie.
He put his hand on her head while telling her to hold still. He sang in a langauge that Pinkie didn't reconize and she had a strenge sensation, like somthing just brushed agaisnt her mind. Soon her world faded to black.
"Have a good rest Pinkemina." That was the last thing she heard before she passed out.

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So this is a thing I'm trying to do.


The bard awoke quietly. He rolled onto the floor with his eyes closed, still reeling from the events of the night before. A million firestorms bombarded his brain as he fought a valiant battle against gravity. Gravity won, as always the case with a hangover such as this one, and the bard slumped against the cool stone wall as he attempted to piece together the events of the night before. He could not even remember where he was, much less what he did. Thinking that some perspective might shine a light on his circumstances, he decided to open his eyes.

It was a small room not unlike a jail cell, with the same basic amenities. Despite this, the bard, by a superhuman leap of logic, decided that it was not a jail, since the door to his room was ajar. On the other hand, the bard considered, this could still be a prison and it is a trap to make it seem like I was trying to escape and they’d lock me up for even longer. On yet another hand, it could be that other prisoners broke it open so that later they can come in and kill me. Eventually, in the interest of safety, the bard slithered over to the door and pushed it closed. Seeing how he was stretched out again, he decided the best course of action would be to pass out.

His plans were interrupted by a knock on the door, and a woman’s voice. Being far too hung over for this kind of ordeal, he tried to shout for her to go away, but only managed to cough, vomit a little, and then curl into the fetal position in the middle of the room. The woman knocked again, and her voice became concerned and more than a little annoyed, probably at the prospect of having to clean up vomit. The bard didn’t care; her voice couldn’t penetrate the thick fog surrounding his mind. The water she dumped on him, however, could.

“Wake up, you dumb brute, I don’t want to have to clean up after you any more than completely necessary.”

What he thought was a witty retort sprang to the bard’s lips, but it turned out to be little more than a belch and some spittle.

“Why I bothered even dragging you in here in the first place I don’t know. You drunks are all the same. I doubt you’re even a bard. You sure couldn’t tell a story last night.”

“I told the best one I know!” The bard weakly protested. “At least, I told you the one I learned last. But that doesn’t mean it’s not the best one!”

“When we asked you to tell it, first you demanded an unreasonable amount of wine-“

“I only sing songs that I’ve lived! Moreover, you told me to tell my newest story! Of course I had to be drunk.”

“Then,” she continued, scowling, “When you finally were ready, you climbed up on my freshly cleaned table with those muddy boots-“

“Where else could everyone hear me?”

“-and still you refused to sing without more wine. When we finally got you to sing after you had gone through five more bottles, you loudly proclaimed you were going to tell the best story ever told, one that would make brave men weep and wise men tremble, and the ground would rise up, and the Undertaker himself would walk among us, and the heavens would part and shine on us. You then said, ‘A man was born, and then he died.’ You then burst into laughter, broke down into tears, curled up in a ball, and passed out. I then had to haul your sorry ass down here to sleep it off. I just have one question. Was that really the story? You spent a good three hours proclaiming how it was going to change all our lives. Then you just said, ‘A man was born, then he died.’”

“That sounds accurate.” He pondered for a minute. “Yep, I wouldn’t change that story at all.”

“That’s the story? All of it? You don’t want to add any bits in?”

“Nope. How do you think the man would feel?”

“Well, I’m sure he wouldn’t be happy with what you told. You left out all the parts of the story, besides the hero.”

“It’s a simple story for a simple man.”

The woman sighed. It was like trying to punch through a brick wall, if that wall was hung over, curled up on the floor, and a bard, and instead of trying to punch through it she was trying to convince it to tell a story. The bard just grinned up at her from his comfortable little sprawl on the floor. Or at least he tried to grin, he still hadn’t regained quite the amount of control over his facial expression he normally had. The result was it looked like his lips were two cats in the middle of a fierce standoff over who had dominion over his teeth. Currently the lower lip was winning.

“So who was the man?” The woman finally said.

“King Fenrir.”

(I might start a blog where I try to organize the world I'm making. That'd be neat.)

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The book’s cover is worn, battered, dirty, and bloodstained. The back cover has a hole through it about the size of a stick like that used in making tools with smaller protrusions branching vertically at the end. It was laying on the ground by a tree with bloodied sticks of charcoal by it. The pages are tattered, and occasionally have a blood stain on them, but the words can still be read.
Day One
Well, I have my house and the suger cane planted. I’m lucky enough to be nearby a beach that had it, I needed the paper to make this.
I’m keeping a journal so when I can find my way back to civilization I’d have a story to tell. I was torn away from my wife, kids, friends, everyone I knew and thrown out into a forest.
I still haven’t replaced the floor, I’m using the plank blocks to build a second floor. I have so much wood I don’t know what truly practical things to do with it other than build more wooden tools or expand my house. I have a furnace too, so I’m cooking basic wood to make charcoal so I can cook and write. I’ve been slaughtering all of the chickens around my home, and only after 5 days of being here I hate the taste of chicken, I’m just so tired of it. It’s really hard to sleep. All of those monsters out there, I can hear them. First night I couldn’t sleep at all. I broke my wooden sword on the skull of one of the many spiders that climbed through what was to be my roof. If I had slept
there is a blank line
Well, the good thing is that I am still alive. I’m scared to death of those green scaly things, and they can walk around in daylight. I don’t know how dangerous they are, but even the other monsters avoid them, so I’m not taking my chances with them. I have a bow and some arrows, so I don’t need to get close if they come after me.
I keep hearing footsteps outside my house. I don’t know what they are, but I’m not willing the check. I need to go out sometime soon, my food is running low, but I’m afraid of dieing out here.
There is signs of water damage on this page and it is wrinkled.
Day Two
I have the second floor walled, but I didn’t have the roof on last night. I woke up with a spider trying to force its way through the one-block holes that lead up to my roof. I killed it quickly, but I can’t risk something else coming in, so I spent a good portion of my day building that roof.
I still hear the footsteps. I have only 3 whole chickens left, and I’m running out of charcoal and wood. I’m staying up tonight, and I will see if it’s still there during the night.
Day Three
I feel asleep on my journal. I might had fainted I guess. Last thing I remember was something blinking into my house. It was black and had spindly limbs, and very tall.
I have found that my chest has been moved. It was moved to right next to my bed.
I’m scared.
Day 4
Those footsteps have doubled. I’m hearing more… things out there, and the other monsters are being more aggressive. I’ve heard spiders crawling on the roof, arrows pelting the side of the house, and every night I’m hearing a chorus of zombie moans.
They know I’m in here, and their determined to get in. I don’t know how much longer I can
There is a streak going down the page after the word “can,” starting out straight and moving down the page.
Day 5
I almost died last night. One of those tall things blinked into my house and tried to strangle me. I saw it’s face this time. I saw it’s purple eyes and saw these purple specs coming off its body that burned my mouth and nose when I breathed them in and tasted sour and smelled like rotted flesh. It’s mouth. Lord that mouth.
I was lucky to have my stone sword nearby, but now my house reeks of it’s blood and organs, but I can’t throw the body out. Me killing it has made it worse, now I’m hearing 12 sets of steps and the spiders, zombies, and skeletons have increased dramatically in numbers. I’m not going to survive this. I’m going to die out here.
But when they get in or I’m starving to death, I’m going to die fighting.
Day 7
I spent the whole day running yesterday. They broke in. One of the tall things ripped the door off of its hinges.
I heard it scream something. That voice sounded like the a dog in a meat grinder. Horrible. I think it said something in English, maybe “ Off our-“ I don’t know what it said after that. I screamed while clawing at the ladder to jump from the second floor while they where scrambling up the ladder after me.
I found out what those green things do. They blow up. I don’t know how, but they BLOW UP. There where maybe 20 of them chasing after me when I ran. I jumped into a tree and broke the leaf block that lead to the tree so they couldn’t climb up. They blew it up while I jumped to the next tree. I hid and waited to die, but they seemed to think that I was dead, and I heard hundreds of footsteps as the monsters left.
I have not even looked back at the house, but I heard footsteps over in that area through the night. I have not tried to build a new one. I won’t. I‘m going to hide in the trees during the night and find food during the day. I’m going to find my way home. I don’t feel safe like this, but it’s safer than staying here.
Day 8
I saw smoke in the distance today. I’m going to eat and leg it. Smoke means fire, and fire without lighting means at least another person out there. I saw where my house was while trying to find the source, but it has disappeared, just the grass blocks that made my first floor remain.
They moved it, the tall things. They took it apart and took the blocks away. I just know it.
Day 9
there is a hole straight through the rest of the book. The page’s damage is worse after this point
I made a dire mistake. I ran during the night. I was hit by an arrow. There where skeletons after me and more of the green things where chasing me, and the other monsters besides than the tall things where doing the same. I found the source of the fire. I found a shrine or something. There where those hole flint and steel saying something in some weird tounge. hole I was grabbed and bloodstain obscures rest of the page.
next page is torn”given” land and
end of page
hiding in a tree, but the spiders and Endermen are
writeing ends, but the page is torn, bloodied, and caked in dirt that would remove any chance of reading anything further

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Officer Johnson: “Interview with Dan Hopper started ten forty five AM. Present, Officer Stuart Johnson and Officer Mike Reilly. So, Mr Hopper, why don’t you just start at the beginning and go from there.”

Dan Hopper:: “Look. I’ve already told the other officer what happened, 3 times now, why won’t you just fucking listen to what I’m saying?”

SJ: “Mr Hopper, I don’t want to have to tell you again to calm down, other wise we’ll just have to stop the tape and start again.”

DH: “Ok. Ok. I’m calm. I’m calm”

SJ: “Dan just take it easy and tell us what happened. You got up at seven forty five as normal, and then what?”

DH: “I got up at seven forty five, got in the shower as normal, made myself some coffee as normal and got dressed into what I’m wearing, as normal, minus the blood of course.”

SJ: “For the benefit of the tape Mr Hopper is referring to the large bloodstain on his suit that runs from neck to groin.”

DH: “You’ve still got to tell me who is gonna pay for the dry cleaning, provided there are any dry cleaners left.”

SJ:” Just stick to the point please Mr Hopper.”

DH: “Ok. I got dressed into this suit and put on the TV. I had some Cheerios, drank my coffee, and made some comment to myself about what I was seeing on TV about Iraq.”

SJ: “So you live alone.”

DH: “Yup.”

SJ: “So then what happened.”

DH: “So then I danced a fucking fandango, I’ve fucking TOLD you what happened. The city is full of fucking Zombies and you guys care more about my fucking Cheerios than the fact that the city is being munched up by the bastard undead. Are you guys for fucking REAL!”

SJ: “Dan, you better just calm the fuck down right now. Otherwise I’ll put you back in the cell, and we’ll do this all over again in an hours time. Just like last time..”

DH: “ Ok. Ok I’m cool. Cool as fuck boss, cools as fuck.”

SJ: “Good. Right so you left your house at?”

DH: “Eight thirty.”

SJ: “You sure?”

DH: “Same every day. Eight thirty on the dot. It takes me twenty minutes to get to work.”

SJ: “So what happened then.”

DH: “I walked down 5th then took a left by the subway, just the same as everyday.”

SJ: “But it wasn’t the same Dan was it.”

DH: “ Yeah course it was I see Zombies every day you idiot.”

SJ: “Just stick to the facts Dan.”

DH: “I turned onto Main and there they were.”

SJ: “What are ‘They’ Dan?”

DH: “Zombies, the Undead, voodoo people, dead people walking around. Can I say it any clearers than that.”

SJ: “How, erm, how did you know they were undead?”

DH: “Oh I don’t know, maybe the fact they were covered in blood, dressed in rags and going oooooooooh a lot. Mind you they could have been Police I suppose, about the same intelligence I reckon.”

SJ: “Now Dan, we’re only trying to help, no need for sarcasm.”

DH: “How the fuck are you helping? Huh? The city is full of Zombies straight outta Day of the Dead or that World War Z and I’m sitting here describing what they look like. Why don’t you just wait a bit, you’ll soon see what they look like up close.”

SJ: “Is that a threat Mr Hopper?”

DH: “No………..just an observation.”

SJ: “So are you a fan?”

DH: “Huh?”

SJ: “Of Zombie films, books, games, that sorta thing.”

DH: “Whats that gotta do with anything?”

SJ: “Just answer the question.”

DH: “I suppose so. I like the George Romero stuff, saw the remake of Dawn of the Dead at the movies. No more than anyone else. I didn’t make this shit up, it fucking happened you guys were there. You musta been to have picked me up?”

SJ: “Ok Dan we were there. Just concentrate on what happened next.”

DH: “So I just stand there stunned for a second. There’s a few hundred just walking down the street moaning and shuffling along. They got blood dripping from them, just like in the films. I just stood there. Then I see someone on the other side of the street, on the other side of the zombies, just as a load of these…these things leap on him. Its weird you know but this guy is just like laughing as they are ripping into him. There’s blood everywhere and this guys just screaming like he’s being tickled, fucking weird man. So I take stock a bit and I see, like a crowbar just lying up against the wall in this alley, so I grab it. I mean I’m thinking I’m gonna help this guy or just defend myself. I don’t know what I was thinking to be honest………..you got a smoke officer?”

SJ: “ I don’t no. I gave up.”

Mike Reilly: “I got one. There you go. You got the shakes there Dan.”

DH; “Thanks man (pfft) yeah I don’t feel too good now.”

SJ: “ I know its difficult Dan but you are going into shock. Just tell us what happened and we’ll get you some food and a coffee, yeah?”

DH: “Ok thanks……….So one of these things sees me and comes shuffling towards me followed by a few more, and in his hand he’s got something. I dunno it looked like a liver or a bag with something in it, I dunno.”

SJ: “A bag? What? With blood in it?”

DH: “I’m not sure, it looked like a liver or something but it coulda just been blood yeah.”

SJ: “So this guy, erm, this things walking toward you and then what happened.”

DH: “I just hit it over the head with the crowbar, just caved it in man and it just dropped, so to be sure I just hit it again and there’s blood and some other stuff, white stuff, all over the floor, and he’s just twitching like I the films, you know? So they come running at me and I can hear screaming and shouting and I figure they got someone else and my legs are jelly so I just hit out again and drop another one, and they are grabbing at me and I’m screaming and I can hear sirens and people screaming and I manage to wriggle free and smash another one and it falls over clutching its eye which is hanging out its socket, and there blood everywhere and they are trying to hold me down and I think ‘this is it’ and I drop the crowbar and then I see a policeman and realise he’s pointing a taser at me………..and I think I’m dead……….I’m gonna be sick.”

MR: “Whoa there Dan, aim for the bin! The bin! Oh shit.”

SJ: “You ok now Dan?”

DH: “Yeah………..no…….”

MR: “Aw man, at least try to get it in the bin Danny.”

DH: “Sorry man, I’ll clean it up.”

SJ: “Dan its ok. We got people to do that. Mike give him another cigarette.”

MR: “Here you go.”

DH: “Thanks man its appreciated. (pffft)”

SJ: “So the next thing you know you wake up in a cell here?”

DH: “Yeah man, but they’re out there. Fucking hundreds of them. You got to do something officer. You gotta stop them. Someones gotta stop them.”

SJ: “You see Dan that’s where we got a problem. For the tape, I am showing Mr Hopper the flyers for this mornings ‘Zombie Walk’”

DH: “What? What the fucks this? Zombie Walk? What the fucks a Zombie Walk? For charity? Oh…….. Oh shit man……. Oh no…… I think I’m gonna throw up again!”

MR: “Use the bin Dan for fucks………oh never mind.”

note: I did not write this.

EDIT: This one too. I bet Katls would like this one.

He rested his head against the door post. Cold sweat formed on his forehead and dripped down his face. Through the closed door he could hear them breaking through the flimsy barricade he had thrown up in front of the living room door. He trembled. He always knew this day would come but he never expected it would come so fast. No news on the TV or radio. No time to prepare.

He always thought he would be better prepared to face this crisis. He had read all the books, had watched the movies and TV shows, and had looked up everything he could online. Heck, he had even taken a test to assess his chances of surviving something like this based on where he lived and even the kind of house he lived in. That was how he knew how hopeless his situation was without any time to get ready.

Well, he did have one thing going for him. While other fathers taught their kids how to play tennis or baseball, his father had spent their father-son bonding time on the shooting range. “A man has to know how to handle a firearm.” his father had always said, “A man has got to be able to defend himself and his family when the time comes.” He smiled at the memory.

He remembered a conversation overheard between his mother and father. “He is way too young to have a gun of his own.” His mother had said, “Maybe we need to wait till he is a little older.” “Hell, Gail,” His father said, “We have been shooting together for almost a year and a half. You should come out and see him. He knows it is not a game, He knows that a pistol is not a toy. Having one for his own will give him a little taste of responsibility. He will do just fine.” And that was that. For his birthday his father gave him a Sig Sauer P229 in .40 caliber. It was used but it was all his. “Make sure you store it high enough so your brother and sister can’t get to it.” His father has said.

The memory turned sour in his mind as he looked down at the pistol in his trembling hands.

He woke up this morning and knew it had happened. He did not know how he knew but he did. A look out the front window showed that they were already all over the street outside. A check out the back showed a couple in the alley behind the house and one already in his back yard. It was too late for his family to escape. They were already trapped. One person by himself might be able to get away but not an entire family, especially not a family with young children. He made his decision. He knew what he had to do.

He remembered standing beside his parent’s bed. “This was the only way,” he remembered thinking, “They won’t feel a thing. They will be spared the terror of a world where the dead walk and try to eat you.” He raised the pistol and sited on his mother’s head. Mom first, then dad. It was over quick.

He went to his brother’s room. His brother had been woken by the noise and stood rubbing his eyes. “What was that noise, Randy?” his brother asked in a sleepy voice. “Nothing Bri,” he said, “turn around and go back to bed, it’s going to be OK.” His brother turned around to get back into bed and he raised the pistol again.

He remembered finding his sister hiding in her closet. She sat all the way back with her knees almost hiding her tear streaked face. She was clutching a dirty ragged stuffed rabbit that she called ‘Mr.Sniffles’. As he looked at her his pistol wavered, then dropped. She looked back at him with terrified confused eyes. “I want my momma” she managed to say between sobs. He wanted to comfort her, tell her that everything would be all right.

He heard the glass shatter from the window in the living room. He knew they were coming, probably attracted by the noise of the gun. He knew he did not have much time. Fighting back the tears he raised the pistol again. “Shhhh” he said, “You will be with mom soon”.

He remembered seeing the misshaped outlines of them on the porch outside through the curtains of the now broken living room window as he came out of his sister’s room. He hastily pushed some furniture in front of the door but knew it was a futile gesture. Then he ran back to his room closed the door and leaned up against the doorpost with his pistol in his hand waiting, sweating, trembling.

“I did the right thing, it was the best thing to do.” He whispered to himself. “They would have wanted it this way.” He said. His voice sounded hollow in his ears. He heard them milling around in the living room. They did not know he was here.

Outside he heard the wail of police sirens growing louder. He knew any attempt made by the police would be futile but maybe the noise would draw them away from his house. Maybe enough would go that he might be able to get outside. He knew that if he could get out where he could move a little bit that he could escape. Maybe he was going to make it out of here after all. “All I gotta do is clear the hallway and the living room and I could make a break for it.” He told himself. The sirens wailed louder. They were his ticket out of this trap.

He opened the door and stepped into the hall and saw them clearly for the first time. Fear took hold of him. In the back of his mind he heard his father again, “Randy, there are two kinds of people, trained and untrained. When the shit hits the fan the untrained will panic. Those that are trained will fall back on their training and get the job done. That is why we train.” He stood riveted in place by the fear of what stood in front of him … then his training took over.

Breath in, breath out, bring the pistol up, site picture, squeeze the trigger, move through the target to the next, just like he had done a hundred times before on the range.

The first one he took down must have been a fresh kill. It used to be a woman. He noted that the scalp on the right side of the head was missing exposing the skull. Her right eye was missing along with much of her cheek. The front of her blouse was covered in purplish gore that was still drying. Her head exploded throwing a welter of blackish gore on the wall. The second one he took down looked to have been dead for some time. It used to be a man in a business suite. A hole in the chest cavity allowed a look inside the man to see shriveled and blackened organs. The businessman spun away and crumpled on the floor as a bullet tore through his skull.

One, two, three, four…. he counted as he moved down the hallway. It was important to know how many shots he had left in his 12 round magazine to be able to time the magazine change. He began to feel good about his chances. He might make it. He felt his heart sink as he got his first look into his living room. The room had a full dozen of them in the room and he could see more on the porch. He knew he was not going to be able to get out that way. They had stopped their random milling about and were fixated on him. They surged toward him. He kept firing to create space to let him get back down the hall to his room without tripping. Shoot, shoot, step, shoot, shoot, step. The ones he took down tripped up those behind them slowing them down but they did not stop. He made it to his room, closed his door, and moved the dresser in front of it. It would not stop them but it might buy him some time.

The window! Maybe he could get out his window. He opened his drapes and drew up his blinds. They were there as well. At the sight of him they pounded on the glass. He heard the glass break and they spilled into the room. He heard his door give way in a splintering crack as they broke into his room from the hallway. He fired into the growing crowd backing up until he felt the wall against his back. He knew there was only one way out of this now. As the ravenous horde closed in on him he pressed the barrel of his pistol to his temple.

“Please forgive me.” He whimpered and pulled the trigger.


The medical examiner stepped into the house and looked around. “Oh man,” he said under his breath. He moved over to where two detectives stood talking in low tones. “Bob?” he said.

“Glad you are here, Jimmie.” said the taller of the two detectives, “You know detective Ramirez?”

“Yea,” the medical examiner said as Ramirez nodded in his direction, “Bob, what do you have for me?”

“Well, I am not altogether sure,” said Bob, “I got two adults, one male, one female in the master bedroom, one preteen male in the next room, one preteen female in the closet of that room there, looks like she was trying to hide. They all have what looks like a single GSW to the head.

In the room at the end of that hall we got a late teen male with a GSW to the head that appears to be self inflicted. I figure him as a possible for our shooter. There is a pistol in there with him. My gut is telling me murder-suicide but that does not explain all of this.” He gestured around the room.

“This place looks like a war zone with all the bullet holes,” said the medical examiner, “What, did you guys shoot it out with him before he got back to his room?”

“That is the weird part,” said Bob, “The first units responding heard multiple gunshots coming from within the house. They thought it was a gang thing and called for backup. When they got inside they found this place already shot up. They had this place buttoned up and said no one got out. We moved the barricade at the front door and the barricade at the shooters door and did a quick walkthrough but we have not touched anything. This is pretty much the way we found it.”

“Well, OK, let me get my people to work and see if we can’t find some answers.” said the medical examiner as he pulled on a pair of latex gloves and started off down the hall.

“If you need me I’ll be outside chatting up the spectators.” said Ramirez, “Hey, when we put this to bed, you want to get a beer?”

“Can’t” said Bob, “I gotta go home and spend some ‘quality time’ with my son. We have been watching this show for the past five weeks and tonight is the season finale.”

“What, is it that zombie show?” chuckled Ramirez, “Zombies huh? I never figured you for something like that.”

“Eh, the show is all right, but my kid is really into it. You never know what kind of crazy stuff gets into kids heads nowadays. Go figure.”

“Yea” shrugged Ramirez, “Go figure.”

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Alright, I think I'm going to post all of my Doctor Whooves stuff here for now so that it'll be easier to find my posts for when I link all of the differnt parts togather via web link in the full story post. When I get further in, I will make a season post, and after that, a seires post.
Now, I have a little thing to post to give the few of you who care a little bit exicited.

Role: Leader + Assault Spearheader

Comparison in size to average pony: Celestia size

Intelligence level: Average during the beginning of Stone Cold's rule
Armament: Modified Cyberpegasus bodily weapons, advanced Cyberunicorn abilities, retractable blade in right foreleg, small percision energy burst weapon

Defensive capabilities: 12 centimeter titanium alloy armor, energy shielding
And she gets better as time goes on. As the Doctor continues on with his adventures, she gets more and more clever, and she gets stronger.

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Hey everypony, sorry about the lack of updates recently. End of the school year brings a lot of things onto my plate, and I have recently been trying to plot out how to get my dream job once I get out of high school. I'll do my best to get this series on it's feet as soon as possible, but I can't promice anything.

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Alright, so, Doctor Whooves FINALLY.
This episode's name has been changed to Blitzkrieg due to a change in the plot that I made becasue I realized that it would be for the better. I'm not going to do much with this post yet, but I''ll do more with it after I'm done cramming for tommorow's benchmark in English. This will be the first post of it's knind for me. You'll see what I mean later on. Might even make my own thread for it.
Now, for the feature presination(which still is in the works somewhat, German lines have to be screened, parts to be finnished, and things are being added a corrected in the earlier parts)! I'll seperate all of the parts into spoilers after I'm done cramming, then I will make it look professional as time goes on.

Part 1

The Doctor woke up. He was in Twilight's libray on the sofa. It took him a moment for him to remeber why there where streamers and confeti everywhere. It hit him, as did several standard symtoms of a hangover. There was a party for somepony's 21st birthday... who was it? It started with an D... Der... Derp... Derpy! Derpy's party was last night! Pinkie threw a party for her. For some reason, Pinkie was upset about the punch, but the Doctor didn't know why. It tasted fantastic, though there was a strange tang to it, and something about it made him come back and back again...
"Twilight? Are you awake?" the Doctor called out sleeply. He attempted to lift himself off the couch, but only acomplished getting off, falling off to be more percice.
"I'm coming Doctor! Sorry about the punch last night. Derpy spilled her wine into it and desided not to tell anyone, so you ended up getting drunk on it. Boy, when Pinkie found out, she was furious," Twilight said while makeing her way down the stairs. She did her best not to trip over any of the streamers, but "they" had other "plans," so to speak.
The Doctor, still with a fogged mind, didn't even notice when Twilight fell onto the floor. He did, however, hear Twilight gasp "Pony feathers!"
"Language," he said, his voice dimmed by his half-conciousness.
"'Pony feathers' isn't swearing! You really need to get out more Doctor," Twilight said while getting up and levitating streamers off the floor and out of her path.
"Oh, so it's like, 'son of a gun,' right?"
"What's a gun?"
"Nevermind. Just try and get my mind out of it's litte ditch please."
"I'll do my best Doctor, and after that you should be fine for a trip into town."
The Doctor looked up at Twilight, a confused look in his eyes.
"Why are we going out?" the Doctor asked as Twilight's horn glowed and his drousyness melted away.
"You've been traveling so much, you still haven't even seen half of Ponyville. It'll be good for you to actaully know the town you live in," Twilight said while helping the Doctor to his feet.
"I know what town I 'live' in, thank you very much. But I don't like staying in it for long," the Doctor said, but he still put on his coat. He'll go out into town anyways, sounded like a break from his usual trips in the TARDIS, if not less exciteing then them. Plus, he wouldn't have any companions for the trip. Derpy would still be celebrating, Pinkie was watching Sugercube Corner for the day, Dash was practicing, and Twilight wouldn't go with him if he turned down a trip she was takeing HIM on, so, he went with her.
Ponyville supects nothing of the mal-content visitors that will come down from the sky that fine day. Neither does the Doctor, and he will be glad that he took the trip into town. He will not only save the town, but he'll make a new freind. One who, in his eyes, will be one of the most brillant and strange ponies he has ever met. But, it's best not to go further on this subject.
Spoilers. Gotta be careful about them. We wouldn't want to take a peek at the end, would we?
Part 2

The Doctor shook his head. It felt like the town was a giant TARDIS, bigger on the inside then the outside, yet it was in an open space.
"Ponyville is a lot more complex then it looks. It looks like some small set of doll houses when you aren't inside it, but it feels as big as New York City here," the Doctor said, still trying to grasp why this was.
"What is New York?" Twilight asked, raising an eyebrow at him.
"Nevermind. It's not-" the Doctor said before he bumbed into Fluttershy. Not as in come across her, as in knocked into her. Fluttershy naturally let out a squeak while backing up quickly.
"I'm sorry Doctor, I really am. I was just trying to-" Fluttershy said quickly before the Doctor shushed her.
"It's my fault really. I wasn't watching where I was going."
"No, I'm the one who should be sorry. I mean, your the Doctor and I'm just-"
"Fluttershy, don't worry about it," the Doctor said with a sigh.
"Honestly, I'm just a shy old pegasus, and you're a Time Lord, I should take-"
"Careful what you say Fluttershy!" the Doctor said while takeing a quick look around, "You never know who's listening."
"Sorry," Fluttershy apoligized while shrinking down a little. The Doctor give a sigh of exhasperation. He liked Fluttershy for her kind side, but her constant submissiveness bothered him. The whole while, a pair of ears that shouldn't be there where listening. Well, they weren't ears. They where audio recepters.
"Time lord presence stated. Scaning for Time lords!" the owner of the "ears" stated, overtly loud for somepony hideing in the shadows. Well, it wasn't a pony, more of a cyborg of sorts. But I'm not going to tell you what it is yet, spoilers!
"Heartbeat sencers activated... confirmed, two heartbeats. Time Lord refered to as 'the Doctor.' Alert! The Doctor has been identified and located! Anounce that the Stratagem is to be put in motion! Delete the Doctor! DELETE!"
"So Fluttershy, hows things at home?" Twilight asked. About a half an hour had passed, and now the trio was sitting togather, eating at a local restaunt. Twilight and Fluttershy got salids, while the Doctor got a rose samwich as an inside joke to himself.
"Oh, the same as ever," Fluttershy said, still haveing a little bit of shakyness to her voice. Sure, she wasnt' afraid of him, but something about him made her feel strange. This feeling scared her because she didn't know what it was.
"Oh, you mean with Angel pushing you around?" the Doctor said bitterly.
"Doctor, stop," Twilight said sharply.
"I wouldn't call it pushing around exactly..." Fluttershy said timidly.
"You wouldn't? Then what is it called?" the Doctor pushed.
"Doctor!" Twilight snapped.
"Twilight, I want to try and help Fluttershy. She can't live being pushed around by a rabitt."
"Fluttershy's privet life is not YOUR concern!"
"Twilight, please don't..." Fluttershy mumbled.
"So, you would do the same for a freind, would you Twilight? If one of your friends was being opressed by somepony else, you wouldn't try to help?"
"Doctor, stop it!"
Fluttershy gasped and put a hoof over her mouth. Twilight looked stunned. The Doctor suddenly noticed everyone in the restuant was watching him. Everypony wore simlar expressions, apaulled.
After a moment's scilence, the Doctor wispered to Twilight "I shouldn't had said 'featherbrain,' should I?"
"Yeah. It's consitered racist by pegasi."
"That would had been nice to have known-" the Doctor said until he realized that Fluttershy was standing next to him. There where tears in her eyes as she slapped the Doctor. She muttered something before running off, stifleing tears as she galopped away.


Soon, Twilight and the Doctor had began the trip back home. He burned with shame thinking about what happened at the restaunt.
"Twilight, what does Earthfodder mean?" the Doctor asked, afraid of the anwser.
"It's an old pegasus term for Earth-bond ponies. We get buried in the ground when we die, them in the clouds. They used to refer to our burial methods as 'being eaten by the ground.' To this day, it's an insult that is equal to featherbrain," Twilight said, speaking low. "I never thought I'd hear Fluttershy say something like that, and I've heard some doozies from her when she's angery sometimes."
The Doctor hang his head low, feeling terible. It felt like being brought straight into the hands of the Cybermen would be paradice compared to this.

Part 3

The Doctor sat down on the sofa, feeling miserable. He had the "honor" of being possibly the first pony that Fluttershy referred to as Earthfodder. Man, he needed to keep up on the pony lingo, featherbrain was a terrible word to use in that situation. The library looked better then earlier, but there was still quite a bit of confetti. Spike had been working hard, but it was an irrational amount of confetti that was used in that party. It was amazing to him how much of a mess a 21st birthday could make. Clearly, that was still the last thing on his mind.
Twilight worked silently in the kitchen, doing her best not to look into the main room. She gave the Doctor some space, feeling guilty for taking him into town and not warning him about using a phrase like that. He wasn't even from the same dimension, how was he supposed to know? Twilight remembered with a sick feeling in her gut that she would have to be host to the Doctor for the of her life, as he was going to be stuck in this dimension for the next 100 years. She took him in out of sympathy when he showed up on her doorstep a few months ago. He didn't explain why he was stuck in this dimension, but only that he was to be bound here for a hundred years and he needed a place to stay. She thought him drunk, and let him stay for the night. Obviously, he proved not so, and him, Twilight, and some of her friends have been discovering things that where new to even him, even though he was 908 years old.

That last thought jabbed into her, giving her an idea. She may have had a way to cheer the Doctor up. She and the Doctor could find something new! There was bound to be something wondrous out there, and finding stuff like that made him giggle like a little school girl. She hurried over to him and told him her idea

The Doctor's hesitant agreement to the proposition would prove very wise.


"Now, I'll set this to random, so we can land ANYwhere in this universe. A lot of the greatest things that have ever happened happened by accident, and that might be the case now," the Doctor said, clearing his mind of the rough start to the day. The TARDIS seemed to purr when Twilight stepped on, as the power was starting to kick in as he calibrated the various instruments for the trip.

"I wonder where we'll land. Maybe we'll see a... kittysaurus!" Twilight said with a laugh.

"Kittysaurus? What IS a kittysaurus?" the Doctor asked while looking over his shoulder.

Twilight shrugged and beamed as she said "I have no idea. The word just popped into my head. I guess it's some weird mix between a cat and a lizard."

"Now your just talking like Pinkie. And I like Pinkie, don't get me wrong. She's honestly one of my favorertes."

"Well, I guess we won't see anything unless we get going, are we?"

"Get over here then. I need someone to help me with the controls."

Twilight beamed as she helped the Doctor set up, following his vague instructions like "Pull the red thing to about half way out," or "Move turn the green dial, but whatever you do, don't touch the blue thing."

She braced herself as the TARDIS's engine began whiring and and ship began to shake. She couldn't help but give out an excited cry as it kicked into full gear. She throughly enjoyed these trips. The Doctor was less enusastic about this particular trip.


Just like any of their possible destinations, where they landed was 1/1000000000000000000000000000000 chance of landing there(and the digits get even larger the deeper you look), but this destination felt even more unlikely then that.

"We've only gone 3000 feet into the air!" the Doctor exclaimed, looking at their coordinates.

"What?" Twilight said, speechless.

"Of all the of the places that we could go in this universe, we had to land here!"

"Um, Doctor?"


"I'm hearing marching outside."

Part 4

The Doctor looked out the viewer, and sure enough, the TARDIS was in a metal room. Since this was so high up in the air, this was without a doubt a space ship. Who it belonged to wasn't clear, but they clearly have something to do with a military if there was marching. There was something eerily familiar about the marching, but he couldn't put his... hoof on it. It's beat was unfaultering and the footsteps where in perfect timing with it, not a single 'man' out of step. They sounded like metal against metal, the footsteps. He couldn't even guess as to what it was. Until he heard the leader of this group speak.

"The Doctor has delivered himself into Cyberpony hooves! Seize the TARDIS!"

"Why am I NOT surprised? This day gets better and better..." the Doctor growled.

"Doctor, who are these... Cyberponies?" Twilight asked quietly.

"Well, if they're the same as the Cybermen in my universe, they are ex-ponies from an alternate demension, designed orgionally to be the final step to immortality, but the multiverse was unlucky enough to have one of the most power-hungry men in it to lead the project. He used them to almost take control of his world before I stubbled in, and while I stopped him, they kept their attitude of superiority and conversion of lesser beings into immortals stood in their minds, and now they are at war with the multiverse. But no! There had to be another project in THIS universe, so now there's TWO of the race!"

"How do you kill them?"

"There are a varity of ways to do so, but the only one we have available to us only goes so far agaisnt more then one."

"That is?"

"My screwdriver."

"We're doomed," Twilight sighed. "So, what do we do?"

"Well, we should find out what their leader wants."

"I thought you stopped him!"

"I did, in MY universe. But they have a nasty habit of picking up new ones anyways. Come on, I think they'd want to see us," the Doctor said while making his way to the door of the TARDIS. Twilight skeptically followed, afraid of what might happen when they step out.

As was expected, they didn't meet a very warm welcome. Most of the Cyberpony models where earth pony-based, but the leader was unicorn and a few of the members of the platoon of Cyberponies where pegasi. Unlike the Cybermen of the Doctor's universe, the Cyberponies' heads looked somewhat normal, just made of metal and with those unnerveing blank eyes and speaker slit for a mouth. Their antennae where where the ears would be, but they where tilted back instead of pointing straight up, and they didn't join together like they did in the Doctor's universe. All of them where watching the Doctor.

"Well, what do you know? The creator of these guys actually wanted them not to look so ri..." the Doctor trailed off as he saw one of the pegasi come closer. This one didn't have the mouth slit, and what replaced it shocked him. Perhaps it wasn't so good that they didn't look like their multiversal brethren.

Jaws. Horrible, knife-teethed jaws. It's wings where jointed blades with dagger feathers and a tail made of a cat-of-nine-tails weave of steel cables. Twilight looked ready to faint.

"Visual confirmation. This is the Doctor! Delete him! DELETE!" it spoke in the standard Cyberman voice for a moment, then roared at the last word. It lunged forward, only to be levitated by the leader of this platoon.

"Stand down! Alert the Fleshqueen, she wishes for them to be imprisoned," the leader stated, flinging the Cyberpegasus off to the side. The Cyberpegasus spread it's wings and landed with a loud thunk on it's hooves. The other Cyberponies stepped foreward, surrounding the TARDIS and a few postiioning themselves next to this story's heroes, ready to excort them out.

"Order acknowledged. Delivering message to Fleshqueen," the Cyberpegasus stated before galopping off.

"Deliver TARDIS to storge room. Deliver The Doctor and his companion to the brig," the leader stated before taking head of the group that was guarding the Doctor and Twilight.

"Who or what is the 'Fleshqueen?'" Twilight asked Doctor in a hushed tone.

"I don't know, but I would asume that she is the one in charge. Which is strange," the Doctor said, wishing that he could tap his chin right now, he couldn't without tripping, for their escorts where pushing them along.

"Why so?"

"Well, they hate EVERYthing that has to do with the the body other then the brain, and they even convert that into a sort of electric fiber when they get their hands on it, but if she's called Fleshqueen I'd asume that she's not converted. Don't you think that's out of place?"

"I don't even want to know what they have for a leader Doctor, I just want to go home right now.

Part 5

The iron bars looked very out of place in the white metal room, which was identical building material-wise as all the other rooms in the ship. Ethier way, they where a good way how to keep prisoners in there and still be able to watch them. Simple and pratical. No tricky forefields, no windows, just old-fashioned imprisonment. This little white cell with iron bars was where the Doctor and Twilight where being kept. Their guard was a Cyberpegasus, which looked just a ferice as the others. It watched them closely, crouching to dash forward each time that they move. It looked for every excuse possible to kill them.

"Is it me, or is this thing wanting to kill us?" Twilight asked.

"No, it wouldn't. It'd be going agaisnt orders, and they aren't programed to feel emotion, so it wouldn't want anything anyways," the Doctor said dismissively, watching it closely, waiting for it to step away from the bars just long enough for him to attempt the idea that had came to mind almost imedately after they where thrown into the cell.

"Who says that I am incapalbe of of feeling?" the Cyberpegasus hissed in a mare's voice. The Doctor was awestruck at this.

"Who are you?"


The iron bars looked very out of place in the white metal room, which was identical building material-wise as all the other rooms in the ship. Ethier way, they where a good way how to keep prisoners in there and still be able to watch them. Simple and pratical. No tricky forefields, no windows, just old-fashioned imprisonment. This little white cell with iron bars was where the Doctor and Twilight where being kept. Their guard was a Cyberpegasus, which looked just a ferice as the others. It watched them closely, crouching to dash forward each time that they move. It looked for every excuse possible to kill them.

"Is it me, or is this thing wanting to kill us?" Twilight asked.

"No, it wouldn't. It'd be going agaisnt orders, and they aren't programed to feel emotion, so it wouldn't want anything anyways," the Doctor said dismissively, watching it closely, waiting for it to step away from the bars just long enough for him to attempt the idea that had came to mind almost imedately after they where thrown into the cell.

"Who says that I am incapalbe of of feeling?" the Cyberpegasus hissed in a mare's voice. The Doctor was awestruck at this.

"Who are you?"


"Ze Doctor vas captured, ja?" the mare asked, addressing the Cyberpegasus before her. She was wearing a dark grey cloak that conceled her body, all but her grey chin and a single bang of her simalrly colored mane. Her acsent was a mix of Equestian and, what is by our standards, German. It was honstely an Eastern Griffon accent, but that's not important.

"Affermitive. He and his compainon are being detained as we speak," the Cyberpegasus replied.

"Good, very good... Send your fellow Cyberpegasi. Ve vill begin emilimating the Time Lords in Equestria now. Take the civilians as prisoners, but does not convert or harm them, zey are used as bait for our enemies," she spoke with authority.

"Affermitive, Fleshqueen," the Cyberpegasus confirmed and flew off, letting out a percing cry as it darted through the halls of the ship. The other Cyberpegasi returned the call, and began kongrataging in a large, empty room. About 100 Cyberpegasi where ready to rain down upon Ponyvile, which was none the wiser of the mechanical threat and far from prepared. Safe one pony, who was currently napping in the night club that she owned. She was one of the few unicorns in the town who knew how to fight, and also had the proper hardware for fighting Cyberponies otherwise. I still can't tell you who she is yet, spoilers.


"My true name is irelevent, my current designation is Stone Cold. I was once of the Borderline Mafia, the true rulers of the icy fringes that is know as the border between Equestria and Griffida. I was one of their faithful 'brusers,' and I made sure that our clients payed their dues. But one sour deal and I was thrown out into the artic wastes, banished from the border towns by them on the pain of death. I would had died if the Fleshqueen hadn't found me. She saved me from the cold, and gave me a new body that I am proud of! I needed not the programing of the other Cyberponies, for I see the beutity of this form! I am imortal!" the Cyberpegasus said, proclaiming the ending words triumphantly.

"That's rare. Most minds would shatter if they found themselves to be like you. You've lost your body, and now you have a metal shell to replace it, yet you rejoice in it," the Doctor stated in a very matter-of-fact way.

"Yes, I need not have shame for my new, blessed body," Stone Cold said while stepping away from the bars, much to the Doctor's sadifaction.

In a moment, the Cyberpegasi's call to war reverberated though the ship. Stone Cold joined in it, and as she let out her cry, the Doctor darted for the door of the cell, thinking about how lucky he was that the Cyberponies hadn't searched his coat. At the door, he whipped out the sonic screwdriver and quickly used it on the lock. As it swung open, Stone Cold attempted to bring her fangs down onto the Doctor's neck as he stumbled backwards from the doorframe. Only able to bite air, she let out another screech and tackled her prey, ready to rend him from head to toe.

Twilight had other plans, as the purple bolt of energy that struck Stone Cold showed clearly. While it did little else then anger Stone Cold, it gave the Doctor a moment to retaliate. As he brought the sonic screwdriver to Stone Cold's forehead, he whispered "I'm sorry."

Stone Cold let out a terrible, terrible scream that would haunt Twilight for weeks to come when the Doctor activated the screwdriver. In a few moments, she feel silent, her head hanging limp while her unbuckleing legs kept her standing. The Doctor shuffeld himself out from under her, and went over to Twilight.

"How are we going to get out of here? The TARDIS is hidden somewhere in this ship, they would had heard their comrade dieing, and we'll be killed on sight if they see us anywhere else then here," Twilight said, doubtful that they could work thier way out of this.

"Don't worry Twilight, I have a plan."


The Cyberpegasi watched as the wall before them opened into air. Below them, there was thier target: Ponyville. They gave one final cry as they took flight, cascading down upon it.

The Purgeing had begun.

Part 6

"Intitate the Purgeing! Capture Ponyville and delete the Time Lords! DELETE!" the lead Cyberpegasus spoke to the massive flock behind him. The swarm of Cyberpegasi flew in a subtle sycronation, making their wingbeats deafening as they came down in unison. Finally, Ponyville knew of the the treat that had been hanging over them for the full day. It was noon, and the Cyberpegasi where upon them.

Panic swelled quickly and the inhabitants of Ponyville ran around screaming as the Cyberpegasi circled above, like vultures over a dieing animal.

"Decend and gather those who will comply. Rouge elements are to be subdued and brought with others. Time Lords are to be deleted. Decend!"

As the Cyberpegasi began rounding the ponies, a few did make a stand. Pinkie was in Sugarcube Corner, Party Cannon aiming at the door. It wouldn't be the most effective weapon possible, but it was the best she had. Dash approched this in her normal way of dealling with problems, head on. In a fight that lasted for about 10 seconds, Dash manged to take down 12 Cyberpegasi before being brought down onto her knees by an electic shock that left her on the ground, paralized, as they dragged her off to be put into sorting. Rarity beat one savagely with a curling iron when it entered her room. Suffice to say, she didn't leave a scratch on it. Applejack succeded in blinding a few and Mac rolled through a few of them, but they where both brought down quickly.


Vinyal Scratch was awoken from her nap when the door to her nightclub was being broken down. It wasn't the sound that woke her though. It was the fact that a bottle of spirits had been tipped over by the force of the blows against the door, spilling it's contents on her face.

"I'm awake Mum! Sorry for... what am I saying?" the Vinyal said quickly before realizeing that she was in her club. She gave a grunt of annoyance has she heard the door being broken down. "My club's closed to thugs! Feathers, my face reeks..." She made her way to the back of the club as the door caved and a trio of Cyberpegasi marched in. She payed no heed to them as she continuted past her diskturner.

"You are now property of the Cyberponies. You will be sorted and will become superiour. You will be free of independent thought and of all of your body's weakness. You will become one of us. Rouge elements will be taken by force," the Cyberpegasus at the lead of the trio stated as they began marching twords Vinyal. She muttered under her breath as she made her way to a wall that had a small, round keyhole in it. Stupid constumed gangsters, she thought. They won't be too hard to deal with. She inserted her horn and the lock became undone, and the wall slid back to a darkened room. She reached inside, already knowing what she was looking for and where it was in that room, and whipped around.


She watched with a grin as each of the Cyberpegasi fell as the blue bolts struck them. In her hooves she held a rifle that was of semi-human make, with only a few additions to the origonal design. She didn't know how it got into Euqestria, nor did she care. She didn't even know exactly what it was, other then it was a fantastic weapon to defend her club with(the club wasn't the safest place in town, neighborhood-wise). She had a collecton of things that shouldn't belong in her universe, many of them weapons. Of course, it wasn't a secret to everypony. Celestia autherized her to store these for her, not knowing what to do with them nor, once again, what they where. Neither could name the gun, but to those who follow the Doctor's adventures in our universe would reconize it as a weapon of Darlek design. It's barrel was made of Darlektium, simlar in appearence and funtion as the Darlek's standard weapon. The barrel was mounted on a Thomson chasies, and there where only 51 in existience, only 2 in her universe. She felt rather priviged to have acess to these pacilaritys and things like them.

Her sunglasses slid down her snout while she napped, so she pushed them back as she said with a playful grin "Exerminate, motherbuckers."


"Halt! You have both have exacped our captivity, making yourselves rouge elements. The unicorn will be subdued, the Doctor deleted!" the Cyberpony stated as it aproched the Doctor and Twilight.

"Follow my lead," the Doctor whispered to Twilight. He walked forward with confidence, making Twilight fidgety with worry. She couldn't fathom what the Doctor planned to do, and this was a very, very dangerous situation, so if he messed up...

"Greetings, fellow Cyberpony. Don't you reconize us?" the Doctor said coolly. The Cyberpony halted, and with no true face, it was hard to tell what it was thinking.

"You are not Cyberponies. You are flesh, and you do not speak like us. You are rouge elements," the Cyberpony said after a moment.

"No, we are not. We are the new stealth units, our flesh is sythetic and we aren't suposted to speak like you, ruins the cover. Surely you would know?"

"Prove that you are Cyberponies."

"Tell me how to."

"I do not know how."

"And then we can't prove we are?"


"...and we'll be counted as rouge elements, won't we?"

"Affirmative," the Cyberpony said while moved foreward. The Doctor's face clearly showed that he had no clue what to do now. Somehow, that look made something click in Twilight's mind.

"Stop! I know how to prove to you, you thick, lesser Cyberpony that we are the real deal here! I'm going to ask you a question. One that any true Cyberpony will now the correct answer to. What is the Fleshqueen's name?" Twilight said with authortiy.

There was 30 seconds of silence that hung as the Cyberpony attemted to figure it out.

"Unknown," it answered finally.

"Exactly! She has told no one, not even Stone Cold! Now, would you think that an outsider would know that?"

".... Your argument is logical. You may proceed," the Cyberpony said before marching off. The Doctor and Twilight did so in the opisite direction

As soon as the Cyberpony was out of earshot, the Doctor said "That was clever of you. How did you know that she's told no one her name?"

"I didn't. It was a bluff," Twilight said, cracking a nervious smile. "Now, off to see if we can find the TARDIS!"

Part 7

Fluttershy was in her home when the Cyberpegasi came, and the heart of town was the main priority of the Purgeing, so she would be one of the last to be hit by them. She was being vistited by the CMC during this, so she comforted them while the invaders decended on the town.

"Doctor, if your out there, please help us. Save our town," she said quietly. She felt like she was praying as she struggled to stay calm, if not for herself, then for the three terrified fillies huddled around her. "It's ok, everything will be alright. Everything will be alright."

The minuties crawled by as they waited for the envitable.

"Fluttershy, are they going to come for us too?" Sweetie finally asked, shaking.

"I hope that this will be over before they can," Fluttershy said.

In the distence, they began to hear metallic marching with a robotic rythm. They also heard the more spastic in pattern of galloping steps agaisnt the dirt path and panting. As those hoofsteps drew closer, the youngsters pressed themselves against Fluttershy and she did her best to comfort them.

The door swung open, dispite being locked. A unicorn with a blue coat and mane, the latter having a white stripe through it, stumbled in. She was battered and had various gashes on her body, the one on her shoulder bleeding profusely and had the aprence of a wild animal having ripping out the flesh with it's teeth. She closed the door behind her, then pleaded to Fluttershy "Please, hide me! They're going to kill me!"

Fluttershy didn't know what to do. This unicorn without a doubt brought the invaders with her, and now there would only be one place to run to: the Everfree. But the Everfree was dangerous, and she doubted that they could flee quickly enough to get them off their trail if all of them ran. A question sparked in her suddenly, and she was afraid of the answer she might get.

"Please, tell me, are they killing everpony? I need to know if my friends are safe," Fluttershy asked hurridly.

"We don't have time-"

"Tell me!" Fluttershy snapped, her face growing furious.

"...Your friends haven't been harmed, at least not yet. But they're after me and my kind, and they aren't just going to kidnap me, I'm going to die if I stay here much longer. Just please, get me out of here!"

The marching became louder as the Cyberpegasi came closer. Fluttershy knew that the unicorn was going to die if they got their hands on her and she wasn't going to let the CMC be kidnapped by whatever these things are, but there was one factor that she didn't know about: what about herself? Not everyone could excape if there was nothing to stall the invaders, and whoever they capture they won't kill, right off the bat at least, so there was a chance for survial...

"Girls, take her with you. Run to the old ruins, and stay there until I come for you, understand? Go straight there, and don't look back, got it?" Fluttershy ordered the youngsters.

"What about you?" Scoots said, biteing her lip.

"Stay safe. I will come back for you, no matter what happens. Don't worry about me, run," Fluttershy said while turning to face the door. She heard them hesitate, then scrambled off through the back door. Fluttershy felt herself tremble, the unicorn's injerys comeing to mind. She still stood there, ready to do her best to hold them back.

"The Time Lord is likly to be inside! Breach the door and delete the Time Lord! Purge her!" the lead Cyberpegasus stated as the door began to be broken down.

"Time Lord...?" Fluttershy said to herself. That unicorn was a Time Lord? But the Doctor was the last, wasn't he? Come to think of it, Fluttershy didn't see the unicorn's cutie mark... could it had been an hourglass? The door splinted apart and the Cyberpegasi marched, the leader stopping dead cold in it's tracks when it saw her. The others did as well.

"Specail directive achived! Fluttershy found. Capture her, no phyisical injery is to become of her!" the leader stated as it aproched her swiftly. The others did the same.

"I don't know what you want with me or why, but I'm not going without a fight!" she said as she did something that she never thought she'd ever do(not that she ever even came up with the possiblity), she punched a robot. The leader lost it's balance, and the other two colided with it, leaving them all on the floor in a heap.

"Owwww...." she said while rubbing her hoof tenderly. Then the true implications of what she did hit her. She punched a robot. How often can somepony say that they did that? And she liked the fact somewhat(which naturally scared her a little, being the kind of pony she was).

She couldn't help but give a giggleing kind of laugh and she couldn't stop. She couldn't belive the situation she was in. "Some bloody good alien robots you are! Got your metal rears kicked by me, of all the possible ponies. Haha-" she said before she was struck in the back of the head by a metal hoof.


Pinkie figeted. Her muscles had gotten stiff, they weren't used to staying still for so long. She was the only pony that wasn't hit by these things. And she KNEW that they saw her, one of them looked inside and then marched along like she wasn't there. Why did they ignore her? Everypony else was taken, why not her? She would try and find out, but she was afriad to go outside. What if that was just a defective unit that saw her, and when she went outside she would be spotted and swarmed?

She gritted her teeth. She hated not knowing what to do. She sat down and did one of the few things that she could do: think. She thought about what these things could be planning with the ponies that they had kidnapped, why was there is "Purgeing," who was their leader ect.

She's lucky that she doesn't know who is in charge of the Cyberponies yet. Very. The truth would break her heart. She'll learn a long time into the future, but this wasn't the time for her to learn yet, or even have supision. She didn't know who the Fleshqueen was, but the Fleshqueen knew her well.


"We have found Fluttershy, Fleshqueen," a Cyberunicorn stated.

"Good. Get the four others zat I have told you to capture and bring zem here. It's time to see Pinkie Pie," the Fleshqueen said, saying the second sentence with a happy tone to her voice. It's been so long...

"Stone Cold, Bring ze Doctor und Twilight here. Try not to drag them her too roughly," she spoke into a mic that she had been handed, the Cyberunicorn already knowing that she would require it.

No responce.

"Stone Cold? Respond."

No responce.


No responce.

"Display her current status on ze monitor now!" she screamed at the Cyberunicorn.

"Unable to comply. No data is being recived from Stone Cold, the stream having ended several minutes ago," the Cyberunicorn stated.

For a moment the Fleshqueen shook and her robes swayed slightly as she fought back bitter rage. Her greatest creation, the best thing that she could had done for these mindless drones, gone. She could had helped them, made a fully funtioning race. That was part of her goal as their leader. Asention. Bringing back imagination to these brutes. She had failed the Cyberponies, she shouldn't had let Stone Cold take the guard shift watching the Doctor. The Time Lords only brought pain with them.

She moved to an intercom system. "Delete ze Doctor! Kill him!" she ordered.


"Well, I think they figured us out," Twilight said as the Fleshqueen gave the order.

"Sounds like a charming woman. I'd like to meet her," the Doctor said.

The Doctor and Twilight were lost in the halls of the ship. They didn't have to look long to find their freinds however. They could hear a mare struggling agaisnt her opressors. The two gave a guess that it was Dash.

"Le'me go, you bucking freaks!"

Yeah, it was Dash. The two picked up the pace. Soon, they found 3 of their freinds, Rarity, Dash, and Applejack. For each of them there where 3 standard Cyberponies excorting(or in the case of Dash, draging) them, one Cyberpegasus for each, and in the front of the group was a Cyberunicorn.

"We've got to do something, but there's no way how we're going to be able to fight them," Twilight said.

"I don't think we need to yet..." the Doctor said, motioning Twilight to follow his lead. They let the group pass by, and then came up from behind.

"So, what now?" Twilight asked in a hushed tone.

"I have a feeling that we're going to see this 'Fleshqueen' character."


Pinkie hazarded a step outside. She didn't see anypony, so she moved out further, only for the door to Sugercube Corner to be blocked by a pair of Cyberpegasi. Pinkie stumbled back when she realized this, and cowered, thinking that they where going to take her away, but they stood there.

"The Fleshqueen requests audence with you, Pinkamina Diane Pie," the first spoke.

"Fleshqueen?" Pinkie asked, still on edge.

"Our master. Your freinds are being brought to her as we speak. Complications have arized, and due to the newly arised rouge elements, we must bring you to her, insted of her comeing to you," the second answered.

"And if I don't come with you?"

"We can not promice that you will be safe."

"Alright, I'll come. I want to see my friends anyways," Pinkie said, a bit of submitence in her voice. With that, a lift of sorts came down, big enough for about 8 ponies, and she stepped on board.

"This is going to be be interesting," Pinkie said to herself. Some gal with comand over a robot army wanted to see HER of all ponies.

Part 8

Fluttershy forced her eyes open. She had come to about a minuite ago, but her instints worked against her, so her eyes stayed closed until now. She saw the metal walls and began to panic. She saw the Cyberpegasi who where dragging her behind them and then replaced her fear with a defiant additude. You don't take down three of something in one blow without looseing some of your fear of them.

"Where you taking me?" Fluttershy growled. When she recieved no answer, she pulled back one of her front legs a bit(which the Cyberpegasi where hanging onto). The Cyberpegasi, much to her sadifaction, nearly jumped. One of them jabbed it's hoof into her stomache and she felt eltricity run through her body for a flicker, agonizing pain following it.

"Bucking featherbrain!" Fluttershy screamed, then imeadatly bit her lip, feeling ashamed for her vulargy. She settled for a hateful glare, which was ignored. The Cyberpegasus that was leading the group had a loose-hanging jaw, which Fluttershy faniced she caused when she punched it. She felt a little shocked with herself, being so aggressive. But her shock was dimmed simply by her aggession, but she still wondered why the aggressiveness came so naturally to her.

"So, are you going to answer me or not?" Fluttershy said, her voice raising a little. Apparently not. She mummbled something about scrap metal, then fell silent. It wasn't long until Fluttershy could fight them again.


Twilight wondered how long it would be before either they got to the Queen's chambers or they got caught. There was a huge risk in what they where doing, but it was the best way she could think of saveing her freinds. The Doctor stayed by her side, silent. As Twilight watched the group in front of her, she realized something. Fluttershy wasn't there. That ment she was either not captured yet, the Cyberponies where still hauling her to the group, or, in all the confusion on the surface... she tried not to think about it. Poor Fluttershy wouldn't had been able to stand a chance if things turned violent...

"Doctor found! Delete him! Size his compainon!"

Twilight whirled around to see where Fluttershy was. She was being dragged like Dash was, her face before seeing her friends a mask of hatred for her captors, which turned to a look of relief, then fear, then hatred. The leader spoke though it's lopsided mandibles, the steel fangs bent slightly. Twilight's heart raced as she realized that now they where in double jepardy, being cut off from both sides. This wasn't too bad for her regarding her well-being, but the Doctor obviously had no way out of this. Twilight wondered if her teleportation spell would get him out of there, but where would she send him to?

Much to Twilight's amasement, Fluttershy provided a solution of sorts. As the leader of the Cyberpegasi excorting her ground the floor with it's hoof, about to charge the Doctor, she kicked its legs out from under it after twisting herself around. Even Fluttershy looked slightly atonished at how easily she did it. I'm scareing myself was the message her expression her face convayed perfectly.

The second Cyberpegasus put it's forlegs under Fluttershy's and reared up, lifting her with it. The first swung it's steel cable tail at her torso, making a sickening thud as it struck. The cable exposed bloody, raw flesh and tyhe blow made Fluttershy cough up some blood.

"Cease! She is bleeding! Subdue her with eletric shock," the leader stated as it picked itself up. Fluttershy let out a paniced cry, splattering the blood that had risen in her mouth in the optical sencers of the Cyberpegasus that was to administer the shock. It made a blind jab, strikeing the one holding her insted. For a moment she shared the agony with her restrainer as the electricity surged through both of them. The Cyberpegasus let out an agonized kind of "gasp" as it released her. Being free, she turned her attention to the Doctor, now was surrounded by Cyberponies. Twilight was almost unconcious from the shock that she had recived, and now a Cyberpegasus was about to dive for the kill on the cornered Time Lord.

"No!" she screamed as the Cyberpegasus let out an attack screech. As it dived, she took flight, flying to most desprately that she had in months. Dispite the fact that she was flying at breakneck speeds, the Cyberpegasus was closer, and it forced him onto his, sinking its fangs into the Doctor's shoulder. As she made a dive of her own, suddenly all of the fear left her, as did her anger, and all of the choas in her mind. Everything felt lucid as she began to make her decent. Everything slowed down for her, and her mind became cold and calculating. There was no stuggle in her like there normally turned violent, just a perpose that she still couldn't fully grasp yet, but the message was still understandable.

You have to save him. Lives are on the line, and you have a job to do. Don't let other's blood be on your hooves. She now understood why she felt strange around the Doctor, possilbly to a fault. He saved ponies all the time, everyday even. He saves their lives, and she wanted that. Her golden heart always knew that she wanted to do something better then to just take care of some animals, she wanted to make a differnce greater then just that. But she could never truely be the hero and still feel good about how she did so, like with the red dragon that she made cry, or how she helped Dash get hurt, Discorded or not. The Doctor changed that inside her just by telling her his story. The hero who still had to do things that she would had seen as horrible if not for the greater good. The man who saved the lives of everypony still to be born at a cost. He did what he had to, and it cut him deeply. He's not too differnt from me. i'm only a few steps away from him. I just need to be willing to do that, be willing to risk my life for those who will never know me and never get any reconition for it. I need to be willing to loose everything to defend what I love. she thought as she wrenched the Cyberpegasus off the Doctor. She tossed it off to the side and stood protectivly over the Doctor, doing her best to be able to block any blow directed at him.

"Get away Fluttershy! I can't let you get hurt!" the Doctor said while trying to move her away from him.

"They won't hurt me. They have orders not to. Those two broke them, I do belive. Lay still, everything's alright," Fluttershy said softly. Then she turned a defient glare at the Cyberunicorn aproching her. Her injury on her chest was still dripping blood, and there was some blood in her mouth still that was slithering down to her chin, which made her look even more threatening to her friends then the fury in her expressions. They found it hard to belive what they saw. Who would had ever thought that not only would they be in this situation, but Fluttershy wasn't cowering for a single moment?

"Fleshqueen, are we to delete the pegasus with the Doctor?" the Cyberunicorn said to apparently nopony. This question was the cause for looks of worry for the majority of the organic ponies in the room, from everypony but Fluttershy, who had a look of fear flicker across her face. Everything was still, the only sound heard was the quiet slideing sound of metal feather against metal feather as the Cyberpegaus hovered above and waited for the order to slaughter them both.


"No, she's a friend of Pinkie, and I can not do zat to her. The doctor is the only one of zem to be harmed, but take him here first. I vant to kill him personally," the Fleshqueen said into her command comunicator. She wished that she could just get rid of him, but she figured that killing him later would be all the sweeter. She hated the Time Lords, and none of them like she hated him. He had done more than what the others had done, he had killed Stone Cold. She was doing good for the cyberponies, and he threw it all away. Now, her hate for him was personal, no longer the duty that she had before. And no, I'm still not telling you why she hates Time Lords so much. Spoilers.

She picked up a large blade that was leaned agaisnt her throne of white steel. The blade was a cruel, wickiedly curved shape that simbloyized a heart blacked by hate, but with of the most elagent of designs etched upon it, one that caught the raw power of a warrior and the cleverness of the mare who owned it.

"Beutiful, just beutiful. You have to apprecate art ven you see it," she said, admireing the blade. She took a quick glance over at her Cyberunicorn that she kept in the throne room and added, "Well, YOU can't, but if I have my vay..."

She smiled to herself. Stone Cold could be replaced...


"Confirmed. Fluttershy is not to be harmed, and the Doctor is to be delivered to the throne room along with the others to be exicuted," the Cyberunicorn stated and the majority of the Cyberponies stood down, all other than the ones offically excorting or restraining the prisoners.

"Forget it! I'm not going to let him die!" Fluttershy shouted, crouching a little lower over the Doctor, which made him feel uncomfortable. Fluttershy was suddenly in the air, a white aura around her, and an invisable hand jerked her violently into the floor. She layed there, unconcious, and both her and the Doctor where lifted into the air by the Cyberunicorns' "magic."

"Deliver them to the Fleshqueen."
Part 9

As you probibly noticed, the Cyperponies are doing a HORRIBLE job at trying to keep Fluttershy from being harmed. Their programmer never thought they would need to restrain someone without hurting them, so it was a bit difficult for them not to. Fluttershy's condiction was horendous, the Fleshqueen would not be happy in the least, but they didn't have the individuality to try and think of how to even begin how to hide it, nor care. They had to drag her due to her being unconcious, so when Fluttershy woke back up, the raw skin on her chest hurt from being dragged across about 15 metal floors. She gave a bit of a whimper of pain at first, but she stopped herself, doing her best to not show pain.

As they entered the chamber, Fluttershy spotted Pinkie with he cloaked Fleshqueen and felt relived, but then realized that Pinkie was sitting with the Fleshqueen, talking with her, and her mind raced to find a logical explanation that wouldn't mean that Pinkie was, Celstia forbid, working under or even with whoever this horrible mare was. Not finding one, Flutershy felt a bit of dispear. She hung her head for a moment, but hse felt a presence in front of her that didn't make the least sence, like somebody suddenly appeared there. Fluttershy took a wild guess as she looked up. She was only able to before she was hoisted onto her hind legs and given a vice-grip huge around her chest, which irritated her healling, however minor, wound.

"Thank Celestia your alright!" Pinkie exclaimed, huging Fluttershy tighter after alright. Before Fluttershy could protest, Pinkie was off of her and doing similar to the rest of her freinds, hugging Rainbow Dash particularlly hard. Fluttershy suddenly realized that she was suddenly on her hind legs without cyberponies restraining her. She looked where her captors should had been, and saw them both on the floor trying to regain their footing. Pinkie must had knocked them over getting to her. All the others where being freed as well.

Fluttershy began to take off, but her wing was grabbed and she fell to the floor with a hoof pined to her neck. Much to Fluttershy's surprize, the owner of the grip was not metal. Much more to her surprize, the only other who appeared to have attempted to excape was Dash,, and she was being restrained by the Cyperunicorn that lead them in.

"You shouldn't had done zat, Fluttershy. Most of them had more than just the guards zen just the two holding them, so they had the sence not to try. Pinkimina, please try and be a bit more careful," the owner of the voice.

"I'm sorry, I'm just glad that they're ok," Pinkie said, supressing her obvious joy to prevent any more problems.

"Pinkie, why are you working with them?" Twilgiht said, trying to contain herself. She was confused, angry at Pinkie, and still recovering from the high voltage shock delived to her skull earlier. She didn't know what would happen if she lost her control, too many actons to take where in her mind.

"I'm not working for THEM silly! They don't even have any idea how to lead eachother, so they depend on a leader from outside their thrall that they bring in. And no, I'm not working for her, either," Pinkie said with a bit of a giggle.

"How did you know that?" The Doctor asked.

"She told me," Pinke said while pointing at the Fleshqueen. "We talked a lot while we where waiting. Boy, you and Twilgiht made such a mess of things! Though I wouldn't blame you, you probibly didn't know why they're here. You could help even! Sorry that you had to be dragged in here, but you faught them."

"Pinkie, I'm sorry if ah sound a litte rude here, but do you even know what's happening?" Applejack finally spoke.

"Duh! These guys are searching for a group of war criminals! The Fleshqueen here caught wind of the group being here because of one of her spys hearing them being mentioned in town."

"Pinkie, their kidnapping people!" Dash said from her spot on the floor, which she earned after spitting in the visual receptors of the Cyperunicorn, requireing her to be further restrained.

"Not kidnapping, sorting. Doctor, remeber when we where stuck in the city that was being searched by the Shadow Proclimation? They did DNA scans and such to find the aleins. Technicly, we where aleins there, so we had to hide for a bit. Anyways, that's what their doing. Everyone who isn't one of them is left on the ship until the criminals are found. Fleshqueen, can you please stop choaking my freind?"

The Fleshqueen took her hooves off Fluttershy to allow her to be restained by the Cyperponies nearby her, for which Fluttershy was greatful. She still didn't have all of the wind back in her, so she couldn't say what she had found out from the mangled blue unicorn. How did the Fleshqueen, aparently an earth pony, move so fast? It was only a moment that she was standing, and the Fleshqueen was by her throne. While the others continued to talk and she tried to regain her breath, she took a moment to admire the massive room. The white metal walls where adorned with intracet carvings in a mural fashion. The carvings where impossibly organic in it's curves, as if engraved in clay. She looked at a scene that was depicted upon the wall over the throne, which was about 8 meters away from where she stood, the wall being 10 beond that. The scene took up the upper half of the wall, it's borders drasticly differnet than the designs ectched on the other walls. The other walls where like vines and flowers, despite the fact that Cyberponies hated life. The border of the scene was jagged, like broken glass.

The scene itself was very darkly toned. It was as white at the walls, but something about how it was carved put a pressure on her mind, as if realizeing something horrible without knowing it. The scene told a story without any barriers between the sections of it, but she could still peice togather what order they went in.

"Can I ask something?" the Doctor asked. He seemed to had been looking at the metal mural since he had come in, which would be why he hadn't spoken yet.

The Fleshqueen shifted as if to say something, but Pinkie beat her to it. "Well, duh! Weither or not you're answered is up the Fleshqueen. Knowing you, your going to ask her the question. After all, why would you ask me a question if someone else obviously knows more than-"

"Pinkie, that's quite enough," the Doctor said. Pinkie looked hurt for the breifest moment, then she replaced it with a look of curiosity as to what could be asked. She appeared to be thinking hard to figure out what is was that the Doctor had on his mind.

"Wh-" the Doctor said before Pinkie interjected.

"Oo! Oo! I know! I know!" Pinkie exclaimed in sing-song. "Who are the criminals! That's what you where going to ask, right Doc?"

"... yes Pinkie, thank you." the Doctor said quietly. He hated it when he did that. And here it comes he thought, knowing what's next.

"I got it! I was right!" Pinkie sang and gave a little bounce. The Doctor loved to be around Pinkie, but it bugged him how well she could figure him out. He liked being around somebody who could think like he could(and yet soemhow be absolutly fickle in her maturity), but it distrubed him how easily she see through him, and he found it rather annoying how gleeful she was when she got him right.

"Vell, Pinkie, I must apologize for you to find it out like zis..." The Fleshqueen started while slowly moving over to the Doctor.

Fluttershy knew the answer, but she was still having trouble being able to speak. I swear to Celestia, I need to make a note to keep one of these bloody things in me closet for future payback. She scaned the mural again, trying to interpret it. First, there was what apeared to be a farmhouse, and 5 figures standing near it. There where round shapes on the ground of that particular portion, possibly rocks. The next, very short portion where 3 earth fillies, one of them walking way from the other two, one of them appearing to be packing food, and the other simply tilling ground, looking way form the other two. Next, the filly that was packing was laying down on a mountain-side, possibly hurt. The next scene left her baffled. That filly appeared to had grown wings, but the wings did not seem to be attached to her, just hovering over the spots where they should connect to the body. She looked strong, confedent. The next portion replaced the filly with a mare, the wings still hovering over her. She was at a long table with griffions, and, much to her revoltion, hippogriffs, the result of the crossbreeding of Equestrains and griffions. She always felt bad about being so repulsed by the sight of them, she being the element of kindness, but there was something inherently wrong about the fact they even exist. The mare was rasing a toast, and she was wearing a hooded cloak much like the Fleshqueen had on.

"Und you know, don't you, Doktor? You know the answer, so why bother asking?" the Fleshqueen said, her voice calm, but it had a very forebodeing tone to it.

"I'm afraid that I do not, hence why I'm asking," the Doctor said, starting to figure it out. Suddenly, the Fleshqueen shifted to the left about an inch or two, somehow without moving. It wasn't even a blur, it was just a suden shift in position while staying in the same pose. That was not the only differnce, there was a sword tied to her waist. How did she do that? the Doctor wondered.

"I know," Fluttershy said, her voice quiet as it was only now returning.

"Hm? You know, Fluttershy?" The Fleshqueen said while striding over to her. when she was about 2 meters from Flutershy, there was a familar blur of pink, and Pinke was face-to-face wtih Fluttershy.

"What is it? You can tell me before you tell her!" Pinkie said, somewhat worried.

"Pinkie, stund aside. I vill be her audence, not you," the Fleshqueen said.

"No offence, but you're a little too rough. Fluttershy has always been a sensitve soul, and I don't trust you to be easy on her," Pinkie said, giving a definent glare.

"Pinkimena Diane Pie, servent of the Gatekeeper, stand aside!" the Fleshqueen ordered.

"Alright, now here's a question for you, Miss Demandy Pants, how do you know that title? I don't even know you, yet you know something I don't even tell my closest freinds."

"Fantastic. I was hopeing that would shut you up, but it's only making it worse. Stand aside, I need to hear her before you if she lies."

"She wouldn't lie! Why would she need to?"

"SHUT. UP," Fluttershy said forcefully. Pinkie was a little taken aback by this. The Fleshqueen simply relaxed and looked over at Fluttershy.

"I know who she's going after, and I'm sorry Doctor, but it's the Time Lords."

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Alrighty, update!
Due to some discoveries about online translators and German, I will be removing the German lines are replacing them with my attepmts at a German acsent. In this update I will also be adding a few more little things to it.
Only a few more parts to go!

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This is HORRIBLY over-due. Part 9 is done. I mainly worked on it because I promiced Semi that I'd get the bloody thing done.

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189 Daisy Owl Fanfiction on Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:21 am

Quickly written unedited stream of thought and fanfiction level of quality (low) that I thought might be interesting to share. Should I continue? I thought it would be fun to try.

Mr. Driscoll, we have a new assignment for you.

He shifted uneasily in his chair, writing tablet poised and mounted against his lap.


I've watched this family for years, sir, I have to decline.

You know as well as I do that the Agency's not going to waste resources tracking another person's property. The damage from their last romp was three billion. You don't have a say in this matter.

Blare of white lights. He stared. A blue white flame lit in the middle of his field of vision, through the glass. On either side, guards, and to the far left the director from the fateful night. His arms were crossed against his back, gently shifting.

A piece of garbage was deposited by the conveyor belt onto the area. It disintegrated, pieces of ash suspended serene, and sucked into the vacuum of space.

The box slid one place closer. Driscoll clenched his fist. The director shuffled his feet, as if waiting could be that monotonous for him. Sliding into the light, the glass descended. Efficiently. Then ash, black, was the memories, the memories of those long nights drawing, staring, watching, and loving, sweet girl and family of Daisy Owl.

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Good memories they were, good memories, despite how fuzzy they were. There was that time when I first saw the world, and I saw it in a few shades of black and gray. They were still kids back then, and my drawing style was still a bit crude. But it did the trick, entertained the office each every once in a while. It wasn't expected very much of the kids, despite their traits. Babies, they were, and I watched them grow. I watched them grow over the years, the things. Let's get back on topic, shall we?

Here on the internet, time is a little fuzzy. Years of your life can go by if you're not paying attention, an ocean that you can never escape. But it is a beautiful place. I remember when they first escaped. I was watching them, and watching them I assured the director we were doing. Of course, it still took a few months for it to process, of course. Or at least I'm told. I met someone the other day who recognized me. Fanatic, named Daisy Owl Fan. He had been following me for the last few years, seeing each and every little change. I was both impressed, and a little frightened. Turned out the kid was just using a monitoring script. Strange times, eh?

Keep the fire going. Well, I was watching them, and the money was still coming. Thanks to the bureaucracy, I could watch anything as long as it was part of their property. Their extensible arms were ready to reach out into the world and trudge sludge everywhere. Despite the fact that they were a slow and lumbering organization, they were also a slow lumbering and rich organization that took years to fix any of the problems. The niche that they built for me was nice. I'll compare them to Vogons, then. Back to the story. I moved back to earth, and started watching the kids. It was monotonous work at first, but it got better. School came, and from my watching hole in their treehouse, I guess it worked out well. It was just my size, actually, and had nice little amenities, like a vent system for air conditioning. Thank goodness to whoever made that.

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They were a funny group, and I grudgingly came to accept this job of sorts that I was living. It brought home some bacon, I guess, but soon it became more. One day I scooted back against the backboard and suddenly to my surprise, it yielded, and I slid backwards to the outer edge of the tree. My awe at the strangeness was replaced with curiosity, and that falling feeling in your stomach as your world collapses around you. In fact, only the tree was collapsing.

Shock, horror, to quickly discover that I was, in fact, not dead. But wasn't there a crash? Looking to where the tree branch should have landed in front of me, I was amazed to discover a gaping hole. Waving my hand over it I hit hard against an invisible force and cursed loudly in pain, throwing my back as my knees fell forward, and my butt came to rest on the trees. The knees kept going at their speed and soon I was tipped over the edge of this hundred foot tree.

Looking down, up, down, uppitty up up then down and left again, then up down left down down down, I found to my horror that I was not plummeting to my death. Wait, what? No, let me say that again. To my horror, I found out that I was hovering in midair and my shirt had caught on something, hanging me up, and restricting airflow. I was also rising. Gagging, struggling, I squirmed and wiggled as I moved back up. The kids had also gotten home. Frak. I needed to hide before they saw me. Swinging back and forth, I eventually swung back and flew over the branch and hit my gut against the tree. Lifting up, I had some of that energy from younger years, and alot of steak. Mmm, that was mouth watering. Vegetarianism had taken something out of him though. But it had to do.

Gently walking back the hole appeared again. Moving my hand more slowly this time, I moved my arm and found it against something wooden in the air. Strange, I thought, and I rubbed it again. There was something appearing! Rubbing it intensely, his bruised hand fell back to the side as a shimmer appeared. Vast networks massive extending stories and stories and hundred of stories into the sky weaved together glowed as like a radar pulse illuminating the night sky. The time suddenly became night, and I became accustomed to the stars.

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He sat down, and stared. Had time really gone that quickly? His recorder was downstairs, and it was still keeping track of what was going on. He touched it again, and blue text came from right to left. "Ben Driscoll" it said simply, with a space underneath. Beneath his waiting fingers he naturally felt the sequence, like the patterns engraved in the wood. Enter. It whipps back again with a sweeking sound, glanced at his iris, and the tree began to assemble.

There was the tree beneath him, but there it was. Above him was the greatest creation that he had ever seen, manmade or natural and it seemed to reach into the stars themselves, parting gently as they passed. The hole disappeared, and a woosh sounded as a now visible branch reattached itself to the structure. An elevator door slid from the left to right, and a cool room looked inside. It fit one, and inside he went.

A whip and a zoom, the light traveled up the tower. The walls unfolded around him and revealed the interior of a sweeping console, leather like but yellow white. He was hundreds of feet in the air, and hundreds of buttons and levers of every possible usage was there, a mosaic of color and whimsy. It might as well have been a mosaic, but built with such structure and beauty, there was no denying that this was the device far beyond anything he had ever seen. The floor was transparent, providing a breathtaking view. Something else stole his attention, he sprinting forward. Atop the madness, a single rectangle, above all and glowing brightly, a face stared back. He smiled. It was Daisy.

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Looking down, a business card was on the table. Grabbing it, it read simply, "Good Luck. -T". Who was this? No time to pursue the matter. Looking up, he found his environment again a sleek white, black, and the windows looking out into the night sky. A city stood before him, through the floor, some kind of glass it was, a web of ants sprawled out across the infinite valley of the earth. Sprung from the side, grabbed a bottle of iced tea. Green, sugar. Shirt, hat neatly mounted on coat hanger, somewhat out of place with it's wood accents. The thought again shifted the environment. Looking around, frowning, before nodding, he walked towards the opening in the wall and lights snapped out of existence.

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A quick summary of what's happened so far.

Mr. Driscoll has been pulled off from his tracking project by an entity, the documentation for the Daisy Owl initiative are burned with the director of the facility watching.

Mr. Driscoll is now in front of a fire, it's flames licking his face. He's recounting the story to someone, and someplace.

Assigned to watch the Kids, he exploits the bureaucracy's inefficiency and greed to follow the kids to their house, writing reports satisfies the initial people in the long chain of people monitoring his work, apparently lazily, and apathetic.

He's taken to a foxhole inside a sloped hollow chamber in their house, (single room), one day while he's relaxing he falls backwards through the backboard and slides out onto the exterior branch. Investigating a hole, he swings his arm over the opening and hears what sounds to be the tree collapsing, tripping over himself and falling over the edge.

He finds himself suspended by what appears to be air and the back of his shirt, and rising. Swinging himself over to the branch, he finds there to be an invisible cylinder to be located there, logging in from intuition an elevator whisks him to an ever changing room and console adapting to each and every whim that comes to his mind. A strange business card is present. A television screen is focused on the family. Taking in his surroundings, he walks towards an opening and ends this portion, for the time being.

Does anyone have thoughts? Comments? Complaints? I apologize for the writing style, again.

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(Adminned your thread here, so it has other stories to play with)

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Hello, a Doctor Whooves update!
The last few parts of Blitzkrieg have gone the way of the tapes of the actual show's first episode, lost due to reason I will not reveal.
However, I am making the next episode now, and I have written it specifically in mind that nobody knows other than be what was to happen. Instead of fragmenting it into parts, I will post the entire episode here WHEN IT IS DONE.
Doctor Whooves episode 2 season 1: A Dead Mare's War, will "air" most likely towards the end of the month, but I can't promise anything with the various things going on in my house.
Onwards and Upwards!

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So, some back story to this. At my church, they had been working on a new building for a few years. Today was the day the main services moved there. The middle school and high school youth groups until this week had a little building off to the side that doubled as a Cafe, but it also, at one point, supported grade school classes, and I have had classes there since the building was half-dedicated to youth ministries. Now that the old sanctuary is dedicated to the high school youth group. Today was the last day I could ever walk into there without having to go in inbetween services, where there are never kids. I sat and cried for a bit, then wrote this on a couple of pamphlets.
I stand at the crossroad of youth and age.
On the cusp of 16 and the new.
I stand in the Calvery Cafe,
the old one,
where I had spent many a
Sabbath morn
for the better part of 6
I look about this room
where I had gone to church
and had fellowship
with my peers.
I fight back tears
as I remember quite fondly
the early years of our little
cafe ministry,
the old Coke machine
(whom, until I was older
nobody told me was empty)
the laughter of friends
and songs of praise.

We had to cut our worship
services by the time I got to
middle school.
I went to the sanctuary often
at first because I couldn’t
stand the kids, they were
so crude and primitive in my eyes.
I continued to go because it made me
feel like an adult, learning and singing with
who I saw as my true peers, my elders.
But now, I’m at one of the great landmarks
of life, when the line between childhood
and adulthood began to blur for a short and
“wonderful” two years.
We’ve “graduated” from the cafe to
the old sanctuary, I’m
almost an adult, and now
I’m going to be a part of
the worship ministry for the high schoolers.

Why doesn’t this make me feel good?
Why do I feel old and withered?
The new paving over the old should be
a good thing, but
it doesn’t feel as good when you realize that
you are no longer new,
and the only one mourning for
the old.
At 16, the line blurs because age
is working its hardest to
pave over the youth.
6 years is a long and short
time, but I’m finding it’s
getting depressingly shorter and shorter.
Death must not be the only
punishment God had for us
for the first sin, for youth is just
as much a curse,
for it is stolen from us just
as suddenly as it is bestowed upon us.

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⊰Welcome to Treehouse Tales!⊱
The section where the pasts of our members are documented in magnificent Technicolour Text! (currently available only in Black).

Well, okay, it's more a fancy front for a very brief story I wrote in a dull afternoon about the origins of Spooky and I's crime team


From Homeless to Hairnest: The creation of a crime-fighting duo

Ess and Spooky met back in the Summer of '73. The last U.S. soldiers had left Vietnam, the Watergate scandal had brought Nixon to his knees, and the Sydney Opera house opens in Australia, despite worries that it would fall off the face of the earth. One afternoon in June, in a dilapidated apartment block in New York State, a bee-cat heard a knocking on her door. Upon opening it, she saw a small blue dog thing. According to him, he hadn't a home, and had had no success in convincing any of the previous 43 residents to let him stay for while. After eyeing him up for several minutes, she decided that she wouldn't make it 44 - albeit with some suspicions. However, these were quickly dispelled. Within a week (and property damages exceeding $200,000 owing to his clumsiness), she had decided that the  jackal didn't pose any threat to her. In addition, he made a passable beef bourgignon, and didn't take up much space by sleeping in a box in the cupboard. However, things weren't always what they seemed - at least speaking for Rare.

A few weeks after meeting, Ess stumbled upon the queen of Bees in an entirely transformed living room. What had held a moth-eaten sofa, a small television, and several posters of not-boybands had been taken up by a giant screen, and a control monitor with ergonomic cat chair (and scented candles :D). Wishing that he wouldn't eventually leave this place with incriminating evidence, Spooky decided to be frank with Ess: She relayed in a long flashback that she was an aspiring super-villian - the niece of the great moon-stealer/putter-backer-er Gru, an honour student at the Academy of Malfeasance, and junior employee of the newly-established FOE: The Federation of Evil. However, aside from enterprising ambitions, she relayed to him that she had long wanted a minion of some form, to complete her villain credentials. With a third-class (online) degree from the Institute of Bumbling Underlings for Top Troublemakers (BUTT), he obliged; equally, the sidekick clause gave him payment in Panda Express noodles, and full dental sometimes).

Within the week, they had acquired (with fully questionable legality) the apartment block as a base for operations. Whilst the first months of crime were largely petty and formative for practical experience (stealing candy from babies, throwing paper aeroplanes at professors in lecture halls, and setting banks on fire), the first big break came when they conspired deviously to steal Scotland, and move it to the Caribbean. Unbeknownst to them, Scotland was at the time in league with the Federation of Evil, and thus their scheme was considered treachery. Also, Scottish people noticed that it was getting warmer, and called 999. With little success, and a ban from the FOE for life, Spooky and Ess went their separate ways for 10 minutes, in which the former won a Nobel Prize for Astrophysics, and the latter drank a soda on the beach.

However, they were swiftly reunited at the appearance of a greater threat to their livelihood: that which was recounted in the Futons! (and the later, lesser known Space Babies! saga, which was produced for Books-on-Tape, narrated by Morgan Freeman.) With the funds won from defeating their dearest enemy Someguy (alias, Charles, alias Captain Rescue) in TV tag - a sum totalling $14 - they decided to relocate. Though a difficult choice, they decided to install themselves in the top-secret facility of Hairnest, Nevada, where they lived somewhat happily, although in frequent quarreling over who lost the remote for the multi-purpose death ray, back-scratcher and bee-launcher.

Coming Soon to Treehouse Tales! (I hope!):

The Quést for Bechamel: How Someguy founded the French Canadian enclave.
The Tiny Hands-On Experience: The story of Gorgro!
Bamboozled: The journey of Tasha the Panda to save Gorgro by confronting the evil but alluring Polynesian Waitress Thel (Tinychat led to this :/)

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I implore you to make more of these, you magnificent bastard

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